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BLUR Think Tank Blur have always come under close scrutiny: never accepted in the same way as mortal enemies Oasis. was it Damon Albarn's mockney credentials or ‘Country House' that sidelined them to the pretty-boy pop end of Britpop? Still. it helped them shift units by the bucket-load.

1997‘s eponymous album and 1999's 13 tried to redress the balance. proving their ‘rock‘ credentials. “Song 2‘ was always gonna be a good start. Now they come under the microscope yet again with their first non-Graham Coxon effort. A messy divorce and a great loss - he was one of their defining elements and a quintessential part of the Blur experience. his fret-work taking them to new heights.

Buggering off to Morocco and drafting in Fatboy Slim was a fair attempt at cutting the apron strings. Has it worked or have we ended up with the worst world-music-meets-indie crossover ever seen? Opener ‘Ambulance‘ and current single ‘Out of Time‘ a slow burning slice of melody draw you in. The Fatboy Slim-produced ‘Crazy Beat‘ almost works. but jars due to concept over content (‘Gene by Gene‘ fairs better). ‘Caravan‘, meanwhile. is a thing of fragile beauty. a less forced ‘Tender‘.

The Arabic punk thrash 'We‘ve Got a File on You‘ shows they still have balls. but the free-jazz leanings of ‘Jets‘ really should have been reined in. Closer ‘Battery in your Leg‘, Coxon's only contribution, suddenly reminds you how much you missed him as his guitar stylings resonate throughout the track. An understated, more considered Blur, then. but only time will tell if they can survive with one limb severed. (Henry Northmore)

Blur ponder over a non-Coxon future

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