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like these blonde bimbos, but they’re not for me. Where’s the challenge in that?’

C' H' d d EI' b th M G d ‘f ‘A let Of the iaran m s an :13 e c ovem won er I - they’ll ever get a date for Thursday the 12th Honywoocj pans

‘I sound like a loony.’

‘You get so busy fannying around in different pairs of trousers in tunnels and rivers that there really isn’t any time to be intimidated.’

‘Lucienne Day made her “1e 1 2m Of iconic name with Calyx, a radical fabric design which was first shown at the Battle of Britain in 1951.’

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I When rs a TV drama not a TV drama? When It's Thursday the 12th. Made rn 2000. thrs polrtrcal» rntrrgue and murder-mystery whodunnrt from the pen of Paula Mrlne was rnrtrally due for transmrssron on l'lV rn March 2001. only for rt to he shelved on account of a general electron looming In May. Does. Insrder wonders. the ‘l' rn IW not stand for

‘rndependent'? Anyway. after a vast wart. the drama was penCIlled In for late Aprrl thrs year. only for rt to he put on hold ,' A .. I 1 W , ,1 again. The reason: the pr’()vr$ronal date was a hrt too close to the local electrons. There's somethrng ot a pattern (‘GVQ‘OWQ "0“?- ‘Obviously, I’m irrelevant. Is

any artist relevant?’

I lnsrder has found out that rn an all tnrs. not as a ."(?(I():'l‘ll‘r(?."(ltllrtfli to .m ’i(>ll‘;‘,lltlt;- All.“ a attempt to convert the good people of see the film rrt's cheap crap that'll pack see ‘The Scottish film industry is the l lrghlands and Islands to therr prohahly never make rt :r‘to ' pcturer held back by a need to keep garrulous gospel. Arab Strap set out (:rnemas. hut lntrzrestr".gl.. 7'» people in their place and an to lsook a tour around the country for a hecause It's {rst’s outgcrng lrln‘ “l kent your faither” ten-v months' trme. lrnagrne therr as hI/arre as ed:tcr has (:e'r‘r >r|t:'l mentality that goes right to conlusron and drsar)porntment as then an‘, trlm a t;1."l‘-.'l‘(?r those the marrow 0f the boneo' attempts to land a grg on Orkney were lnsrder has l)!(3‘.r(,”.’. :r‘. the st.le “"51" (3"r' 5"‘7'; fem-“'1’”WW“ "’“t‘ thwarted. not hy the church elders. hut seen rn a long ot lop lrurr‘ps “W ""3 Ml" 3"“,“(3’ """”""“"AW} hecause Scotland's other ‘(l\,'hgllh|(: trme: thrnk Evr/ playrrrg cards [)o ‘O‘V’ (W duo'. The Proclaimers. were [)eao meets great mrnds ther ‘U I d . . I , already hooked. Irrragrrte too the look [he (if) alrke'r’ Now. all we on Granny's lace If she were to head to Comeback —. need trorr‘ the lrori rs ' 'l MM” " '

(1': the Hm; Hmrrrrgr the grg expectrng the raunty srngalong Spec/a! meets a a good show Insr’ler NW.”leWV / of ‘500 Mlles' and got the hrlrous rant Cam, on lag.s a (I note on It of luckrng l rttle Bastards. Scream/mg. \Just herng rust that, tunnecessarily callous}

had to share that wth . 1m; 8mm} ,asfmr;

I lnsrder attended the mrdnrght someone. . I [)undee's mast .‘Jr'grrvra'rr', (Jr/“xv r Haw,“ screenrng of the recent [)(2;1(ll>\. Dawn fan‘ous son. actor rta,, It;110""?“7(“U/fl?Jenni/25H) horror trlm testrual's closrng movre. I lnsrde: was Interested to let's cal! hrrr‘. frl'r‘sta' H0875 l'r’l'l'll") '.()’ll”?rfll7‘l Bubba Ho-Tep. The film purports to hear that rn the BBC's 20 Max. Brian Cox. has heen "‘Ll<;ll r". the (“W-"7 7"“ he the true ston, of what r'ea||\ hroadcast of R14)! Crtt. Libby news of ‘afe. Takrng fl‘e pltrrr‘ rcle '2‘ “'Hmw‘l" \' I happened to Elxrs Presley It features McAdhur rs the suhrect of an I Saw egrl rt‘astern‘r'm rn X f/ren g9. Lox has [he Eu/ Dead stat Bruce Campbell You advert. In the shov.’ McAr‘thur. lrke heen expiortrng trs rrotorret;, to pla\rng an agerng Krng \.-.'ho's (tonlrrred most people who spot themselves Il‘. ad'r‘rr'ahle effect. tur‘hrng ur; at the to a lexas retrrement home. where the an Sau'. You ad. comes oxer all (:‘tar‘rt‘, prerr‘rere o" the HP at the

orderlres thrnk hrn‘. rust

excrtahle rsee \‘Jarner Vrflage “:rnerr‘a v" Erlrrrhargl:

.ast week. Procee’ls frorr‘ the prerr‘rere

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'()(3l‘""'<‘i'0'- V‘“ “gm UP -‘“‘.“"“"f:'_ n' I had I Glasgox'. '5; Tree Dundee research tacrlrt, tr, dasr:o.e' MOi““-‘~’l“'0- 4‘” 1|“:“113‘:.h-llllxml‘ltlL‘L‘l'lalnl) Theatre .s reali‘. cures for drseases :ncl:.drrrg mararra EEMW‘” “WWW “<15 h:- m\ o_\ \tcr. YMMV-i gettrng hehmd rts and drahetes. .mhrci" was launched rIsen from the dead to ' new productron of 'ece'rtl, :1, Cox. ltlrr‘fml" has suck the souls of the Patrick Marber‘s Deaer's ,"otre. :lrahetes. Cox. who has recentl, retlreh‘erlt home's eldeth denrxens. Of runnrng 29 Mzi\—l-1 June. The show. a added UL] Anemia: or? and 25?" course. ol' EP's haxrng none of this gurcktrre prece of theatre. aherr‘. How to " s :r"press'.e

and so teams up will a hlack man dealrng wrth poker ohsessrxes. rs hezhg frlr"<>gr'a:;fi,. s currents

who thunk he's JFK to get ml of the promoted ‘.'.’rih a c|e.erl{. -desrgned "',e’ ‘= "meg; the tiaflflklxr‘fste'

undead menace. lnsrder rs tellrng tOu teaturrng pop-out playrng cards We. Brad Pitt