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BBCZ, Fri 9 May, 9pm .0.

Few stories; rn the history of British eSpronago have rrtatchod the Blunt.

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Ell Al llY lV TRUST ME TEENAcEd Channel 4. Tue 13 May. 9pm 0000


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When it comes to moments of insufferable tedium, few things in modern life rival the traffic jam. Except, perhaps, newly appointed transport ministers pontificating about underfunded public transport, inadequate infrastructures and congestion charges. But even they couldn‘t predict the horrors portrayed in Day that Britain Stopped, a docu-drama which may well prove prophetic if road. rail and air use increases at the current untenable rate. Starting with a fatal train crash at Edinburgh's Waverley station, which prompts a 24-hour rail strike, the imaginary events of 19 December 2003 spiral out of control with terrifying velocity. Two relatively commonplace crashes on the M25, roadworks on a diverted route, a big game at Old Trafford and extensive pre-Christmas traffic all conspire to produce a tragic accident which leaves

over a hundred dead.

Through news reports, family home videos and witness statements, the day slowly unfolds, demonstrating how perilously close to gridlock Britain sits at any given time. On paper it sounds absurd - how can a pile-up on a London motorway cause international air chaos? But as one policeman says, it wasn’t so much a question of if such a catastrophe could happen, but when.

The subject matter is bound to touch a collective nerve: speed and ease of travel are two of the supposed blessings of our time, and almost all of us rely heavily on the transport network. But the programme-makers have assembled such a wholly believable cast of victims, officials and journalists that you end up utterly devastated. And waiting for the whole inevitable disaster to begin in earnest.

(Kelly Apter)

'ti. Attor .‘JElItL'lllttl tootago of tho No‘xrllos; at l‘orr‘o. tho foonago 'rnontors;' s;ot about <l(:‘.'rs;Ing 'ulos; to hot; forgo dornos;tr<; bliss; Will Jacob. tho ,otirt<_;os;t. ox'or ‘bo hoard? (Jar: (‘loorora dot oft tho sofa? ‘./"."l‘.o .‘JlH s;tor; S'rnons; rrtoanrno’? (Jould rhurn ho ‘orr;od to ourt t)()f}f;r"tl and slad atop tolling; such bad Jokosfl Vital ss;:;uof; art: at stako. But tho r'ronto's; tako thorr .ob f;(3rrouf;.‘,' arxd aro Irr‘bros;s;r\.ro rn ttxorr rntuztron. Crying Jacob a rrtogabhono turns; out to boa rnasstors;trol<<:-. Compelling. funny ar‘d at times touching. Trust me. I'm a journal'st. rRuth Hedges. POLlTlC/ll DOCUMENTARY

Channel 4, Thu 15 May. 9pm .00

One of the memorable: details; about the

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