FIN/(ll tier McQueen. Cl '1‘)’. an lacroix, Chloe. M 'a' Jc'rzit‘ar Sat: '1‘:", Wm“,- ',‘f "a"‘-" or a ' ante couture yl~ur,i,i~; ilfil 2f c." .2‘: lllllllf/li') ear only dream. He Ewes the life, yet lib". will], 1/1,;

lhe Glasgow born designer is proof [)f)f;lll‘.'f: that lffllllft‘, illi’l fashion are two Sl(l(:f$ of the name much feted coin. Starting out as a product ll(:‘,|f_lll student at ()lasgov." School of Art. friaunrlers transferred to textiles in his third year. where he four‘d lll‘,l;7l(lli()ll in fashion relate/l. ferriinine printed textiles. Moving tc l onrlon f(,l|()‘.‘.’|ll(} graduation. Saunders worked .‘lllll lacroix. studied for an MA at St Martins i‘lt'f; a great environment to find yourself.’ he

saysi and his; acclaimed MA feath(,>r-print I (,()||(}(le()ll of '.‘./oinen'i; eveningwear found

favour Wllll McQueen. * :5.

from there Saunders collaborated wrth ltalian hackers to produce his first own label range. but he's most excited about the recent London l ashion Week where he unveiled his 2003 autumn winter collection through Fashion East.

With a burgeoning contact list, a range for Chloe still to be launched. and growrng recognition from his peers. \ aunders is naturally excited about the future. 'I love working, I love setting up the business and the whole ins; and outs of it.' he says. Undoubtedly a household name in the making. Style ethos ‘lypically high-end of the market womenswear, With the emphasis on striking. colourful prints engineered around the body. Celeb credentials Style bible Vogue is running a feature on Jonathan in its June issue ~ expect the glitterati to flock thereafter. I Jonathan frrm/ances for Alexander McQueen and Chloe. and produces his own label through Fashion (East, www. fashioneast. co. uk


Dundee—born Caroline Sievwright saw fashion as the best way to express her artistic creativity and so she deCided to study fashion at Edinburgh College of Art. This proved a good career move as she won Young Scottish Designer of the Year when she graduated in 2001. But as every fashion student knows. Sievwright found it difficult to find paid work—experience. In an attempt to get the much-needed know- how. the 23-year-old is about to start a new Job With Diadora. based in Macclesfield. working in product development.

Sievwright also plans to deSIgn Clothes in her spare time while she gains a good solid background at Diadora. Influenced by her travels to the Far East. Japan and SOuth Korea. Sierright acknowledges that her deSigns have become more commerCial. partly due to make ends meet.

Keep an eye on her websne. which she plans to update in the near future.

Style ethos Oriental-inspired womenswear. I See Carol/he's work at

Fashion Special Shopping

Stella McCartney didn't go from ambitious tea-maker to designer-royal overnight. Watch out for these students who are all making strides into the fashion world . . .

Shonagh Kay Edinburgh College of Art ‘Sexy, modern and Quirky' descnbes Kay's approach to tailoring, which concentrates on the female fOrm. Her final collection also includes Japanese- inspired garments.

Mia Nesbit Glasgow School of Art Nesbit is Currently conSIdering the new textiles as fashion MA at the college. Her work IS print-based and utilises digital technology.

Keith Wooldridge Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Des/go If 2fst Century Kilts successfully made the kilt cool then Wooldridge aims to do the same for the kimono.

Lyndsey Scott Edinburgh College of Art ‘Surly. Stroppy and Withdrawn' is the title of Scott's final collection a mixture of feminine clothing with a maSCuline edge.

Sheila Hope Edinburgh College of Art Unusual architecture and the work of Christo have pr0vided the inspiration for Hope's final collection. She creates a very organic. sensual look.

Anna Stride Glasgow School of Art Stride focuses on vintage techniques smocking, patchwork and Quilting yet gives it a fresh and contemporary twist. Stride plans to work with ECA Student Lyndsey Scott after graduation.

Nicky Keenan Glasgow School of Art Scarves with hand- drawn images of retro items (bags. shoes. irons. hairbrushes and

the like) are Keenan's ; ( stylistic signature.

I Edinburgh College of Art 2003 Fashion Show takes place at the college, Wed 14-Fri 16 May. Call 0131 221 6000 or go to for more information.

‘1 z/ ‘.‘::. '/'. I: THE LIST 113