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Experience the dizzy heights that Paris has on offer

Je t’adore

The A—Z of France’s beautiful capital. \"-."orrls: Anna Millar

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How to get there

We l.rst flew to Pans Beauyars courtesy of Hyanarr‘. Book now at ‘.'.’\'.".‘.’_l\,’£lllittl'.(l0lll Where to stay

We recommend the Hadrsson SAS Hotel Charrros Elysees. Uesrgned wrth a tyorcal l-lausnranran facade. thrs rntrnrate houtrque hotel boasts ‘15 exclusrve rooms and one surte. Best of all. rt has a superb locatron rn the 8th arrondrsernent. leayrng yOu a small walk from the heautrtul Arr: de Trrorrrphe and the effervescent Champs Elysees. Book now at http: pans. radrssonsascom


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Excess Baggage

Festivals. flights and fabulous fares

BUM D YOUR OWN HOL IDAY wrth onlrnetrayel corr‘. ‘.\t‘rt‘t‘ has trros to Pans, Arrrsterdarn and Bart‘elv'x: conrrng rn at as irttie as {We A‘ternatnei‘, log on- hargttrr‘rholultrxscorn tor great last rnrnute deals. rnclut'lrng; tlru'rts nrrlx to Majorca trorrr E‘tit). sexen rrrghts rr‘. (:(‘sta [)orgtda tor H 1‘). seven rrrghts .n Agra Nana based on two shanrrt; for S‘t?:’> or lenente tor

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