The Front


:Wlmmw ' h Militant Martin?

Hail oihe hypocrites

Are Radiohead, U2 and Coldplay making career moves out Of pOIItICS? Words: John D McGonagle

adiohead's new album is to be titled Hail to I/lt’ 'l'lii'iji. in reference to

(ieorge Bash and the 'stolen' ['8 election. My. how outspoken. 'l'heir fans

might get the poim. but what about the general public'.’ Will they think: ‘()f course. Radiohead are making a subyersiye allusion to the fact that (ieorge 811in is president of the l'SA despite w inning less than 50‘} of the Vote.”

.\'o. If anything. they'll think: ‘Boring albtnn title.’ Radiohead aren‘t playing games with silly song names in order to make the world a better place. 'l‘hey’re doing it to delude their fans into believing that they're political. so that they can sell more records.

Somewhere along the way it became accepted that to become a truly great rock band. you lime to be politically aware.

Perhaps it‘s because of Bob Dylan “ml Pm!“t mugs, perhaps it's because of Joe Strummer

and the (lash. But what is definite is that hands

pursuing credibility need to discuss politics. Noel (iallagber was rebuked for calling anti-

war protests pointless. I’m not qualified to

comment on the quality of the man’s music (I were

fall asleep after the first few seconds). but you have to admire his honesty. A few months ago b - ~ ack

lots of rock artists got im'ol\'ed in ‘anti-war~ gigs. but for what purpose'.’ You can rest assured that it had little to do with the people of Iraq. It was to do with their career. (‘baracters who hadn’t got near soap for most of the decade. neyer mind a decent tune. were suddenly back trying to shoVe their opinions down our throats. Protesting against the (ioyernment of the day is pretence of rebellion. a shameless career move. If I were a rock star I‘d be desperate to play the militant too. desperate to utter the same meaningless phrases as Bono (‘l)rop the debtl'i and ('hris Martin (‘Pree trade!‘ l. desperate to play the rebel like Primal Scream and .\logwai . . . until beer and clothing companies (resiwctiyely) offered me sponsorship. And if I felt a pang of conscience as I sat counting the millions in my bank account (earned. incidentally. by

producing songs for capitalistic multinatioruil corporations). l'd remind myself

about the time I gaye the government a right good telling off during my acceptance speech.

I always find it amusing when celebrities launch an anti-establishment rant upon accepting an establishment award. ('an't they see how hypocritical that is'.’ Dissenting is about mil conforming. Bono appeared to say nothing about the forthcoming war during his ()scars performance. althouin he later revealed that he'd subtly altered his lyrics to express his discontent. What a craftsman!

To return to .\'oel (iallagher. I'd have to say that he's wrong. Political protests do haye a point. Tell me. how many (iranunys haye Radiohead. ['3. (‘oldplay and eyery other rock band with a cml-political agenda won recently? Lots. How many haye ()asis won‘.’ lixactly. .\'one.


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