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{Summer Studies Specifl

Learn to dance W in 1 night! - Learn to partner dance to any music, Jive, Latin, Charts... ' Come alone or with friends (no need to bring a partner). - Complete beginners welcome every week at all nights.

GLASGOW: Mondays: Maryhill Community Hall. 304 Maryhill Road.

Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni. Union. 32 University Avenue. West end. Mondays 8. Thursdays:

Marco's. 55 Grove Street. Tuesdays: St Stephens hall.

St Stephens Street. Stockbridge. Thursdays: City @ Sportsters.

8 South Methven Street.

Mon. Invercase hotel. 371 Perth Rd Wed. Ollie's cafe. The Olympia leisure centre. Earl grey Place. Tuesdays: The Culter Mills Club. Cairn Road. Peterculter. Thursdays: The Loft @ O'Donaghues. 16 Justice Mill Lane. Aberdeen. STIRLING: Tuesdays: Opening soon...

For all classes doors open at 7 15 Beginners mass at 7 30pm AdmiSSIOii IS £6 00 ((5) 001 l.’-emt)(:r$hi;) :5 £1 00 payable On first night





000m ‘til 1 00am - GLASGOW: Second Saturday of the month

- EDINBURGH Last Saturday of the month

- ABERDEEN: Third Saturday 01 the month '

- DUNDEE: First Friday of the month WEEK- END WORKSHOPS:

- REGULAR weekend worksboos for all levels .ncluding (;()n‘.;)lel(3 beginners

Tel: 01324-613 209 - E-mail:


to?) le


Scottish Arts Council

Registered Charity No. SCO 29502

Saturday 2 l st - Sunday 22nd june ’03 STOW COLLEGE, West Campus, 75 Hotspur Street, Glasgow - as part of the West End Festival

Classes will include Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar,

Whistle, Low Whistle, Step Dance & bodhran.

Levels - recent beginner to advanced.

Saturday evening session/ceilidh - Individual lessons c0uld be available bookable in advance.

For up to date information please check our WEBSITE - contact administrator on 0I360 55l303.

120 THE LIST 8—22 May 2333

bop technlcpes trom Peter King

out 01 the tram w Keith Tlppett Bradllan rhythms w Marlo Canoe

It you are 15-26. call 0131 467 5200 or 455 6374 Or Ermll:

tmdod by City at Ednburgi Council Arts and Lotus Depart'runt - Youth Development find.

I Tai Chi, for relaxation. ll) w eek beginners course commencing Wednesda) 2th Ma}. 8.15pm at Morningside ('hrisl (‘hurclL lIoI} (’ornei'. l‘or l'urthei' inl'oi'ination. or to enrol. please call 0| 3| 3.37

‘II 15 or 07990 532 92 I.

I T'ai Chi Chuan. ll) weels new beginners course starts Honda} 5th .\la_\. 6-7.3” pm St Helen's. 7 West ('oates. lidinburgh. l-'or lurthei' inlormation call Audicia (ll 3| 557 595i). www.audiciacom

Private Tuition

I Piano tuition by espericnced qualilied teacher'. ()I'I'ers popular. classical. theor} and accompanimeiit. l-‘lute tuition also asailable. All standards and ages welcome. 'l‘el: til-ll 333 ()484 Mobile: 07960 563 897.

I Learn computer programming. Java language. Programming pi'obleiiis'.’ Absolute beginner'.’ liscellent teacher. l‘lexible times. Single lessons welcome liltl/hrl. Discount for multiple. limail: brueedarb} (0

Tel: ()l3l 337 I994.

Online Creative Writing for all. Short interactive online writing courses for all le\els beginning this [faster and Autumn terms. Beginners especiall) welcome. Phone: 0131 554 1857 or Email: marianne

I Singing lessons. Breathing. Posture. (‘lassical All Ie\els. Phone Daniela on OH] 423 ()831.

I Learn to sing in a relaxed. supportive ensironment with an experienced s'oice work practitioner. (‘urrently running group classes and individual tuition. All levels welcome. Tel: ()l3l (157 3702.

Private Tuition

I Cello and piano iuiiion b) esperienced. lriendl}. pl‘iilt‘ssliilitll teacher and pcrtoi'mer (‘liildren and adult beginners. re-learners and admnced students all welcome, ('reatise. lun and supportixe learning 'l‘el 01 3| 55l 4531

Enjoy yourself! learn a language l-rench. Spanish. Italian. lil-‘l, l’i'ixale. small group. onsite or distance. lel: oHI ‘63 I955 lilllttlll enquiriestu IIIC’IIIIIL.I\IIIIII\II sclioolcotik. Communicate with confidence.

I Singing Lessons by esperienced. prolessional teacher. ()llel's posture breathing technique in classical musical st_\les. .-\ll ages and le\els welcome. Tel l.ilids;i}i 07930951 35o.

Language Lessons l’rixate. indis iduall) -tailored lessons with a qualilied It'llltlIC bilingual instructor l'rom ('osta Rica. based in Morningside area. £l5/hour Call 07947 271 078 for further details.

Vocalcoach ('oiitemporar) singing st}|es and breath technique. Sing in a ci'eatixe. relased em ironment. BA llIUlls). Mtlxlc L'\pel’lcnce includes International touring and recording.

0141 338 6096 madroxahotmailxom

I Improve your French with qualilied name spealser. I‘or com ersation. grammar. w riling slsills. All lesels welcome. For l'urther details call (ll-ll 332 2049.

I Viola and violin lessons with friendly prol'essional teacher and performer. All ages/abilities. Location and hours to suit you. Adults welcome? Tel: (ll-II 882 ()536/07855 9-18 312. (iIilsgti\\'/RCIIITL‘\\‘\IIITC area.


I Barcelona. Beautiful flat in prime site between cathedral and La Rambla. 5 balconies. church bells. sunshine. Sleeps 4/6. (ireat value week. Tel: ()l 22-1 573 596 (etc. w/d) / 0798-1 2()() 989. clitelsempetrI

To advertise in TRAVEL call 0131 550 3060 or email

Don't Miss Out on Fun

Dinners and Events tor

Single Men and Women wit

h |~/\l'l;l l. 5 0141 333 1321


- adventure sports 0 parties - pub-nights 0 dining 0 hill- walks 0 films 0 theatre 0 dancing & lots lots more. Glasgow 07050 248164 Edinburgh 0131 332 1342


I Demo CD‘s produced and recorded to pi'olcsslonal standard tor singeis/ songwi‘itei‘s/lhinds. lop session musicians tl\;lllttl\It' lll neededi to help create _\oui unique sound. In house guitars. basses. latest kt'}bo;ii'ds. \' tll'llllllsll etc. Promotion and marketing awiilable. 'l'el John: “HI 337 2 35H. I Glasgow band New Ros} Jewels looking lol' drummer. We ll;t\t‘ studio space and material released. sou can hear Us on w w wbulakacom l’hone (iraham: 07936 947 3(19.

pen friends. Ages 3 to ts’l) all mer the world. Details from: |.l’.l".. llli New (’it} Road. ( ilasgow (i4 9| )li.

Book-keeping services ('harilies and small businesses. l’a_\ro|l. \'.-\'l' returns. management accounts. S:\(ili training. Arts sector specialist. (’onlacl Nada Iludson. Tel: 0131 466 0138 Email: n121 161C

I Unknown comedy chaos. w riter other I} pes coined) light/ drama lor hire Iilltl onl}. .-\lllcrlctinised stories. II _\ou need ol someone lllsc me. then phone lilJl 573 ()277.

Is there a journey you regret you never made? ('ould )ou tell us about it'.’ Replies to: Kohoutek liilms. l3 ('ircus I’lace. Glasgow. (i3l 2]]. Or email: