I Saw You ousoow

V I saw you very sexy blue- eyed aitd blond-haired young gtiy with rtice blue Saiitoa shoes. lovely sportwear arid 2 gym bags - on early ntontirtg liriday I ltlt April on tlte train to Wemyss bay!! Yoti left Branchtort statiott :-t (‘ait't hpr tltinkirtg about you sometimes! Me: cute brown-eyed short hair frenchie ntan. we were smiling at eaclt others. Would love to meet you again'.’ [J/467/4l V I saw you Artthony. witlt your sleeves all rolled up at the break iit bread gig at the QMU. Your frotit Perth - yoti said I was the hi-lite of your ttite so call me. [l/467/42

V I saw you iii the Arcltes bar 27th. Yellow trousers and fiery red hair. Lets meet soon. [l/467/43

V I saw you long. brown. You are my best friend! Small. black x. [3/467/44

V I saw you Hey Paul - Saw you while at Nice 'it' Sleazys! Wish you'd notice me. X. [l/467/45

V I saw you Jon Bon being an arse. . .rio chaitge there tltert! [J/467/46

V I saw you 4 at a table in the Arches. 3 bboys arid a bgirl - Ah Yea. U/467/47

V I saw you Miki. leaving me to go to lidirtburgh for a week. l'iit going to miss u so lturry back. I love you Mr Mark. Mwaalt xxx. [1/467/48 V I saw you and your band Dioptre. You were tatooed l was smitten. You fiend you rocked my world you hairy beast. [J/467/5l

V I saw you cute curator (at Barfly. come collate my collection... [l/467/50

V I saw you Captain America. I think you're the sexiest superhero this side of the gayto! Love you and your superstar DJ beats xxx. U/467/49

V I saw you blortde l.T. professional with pacifist vibes 8.: a creative flare with fabric paint. you're (0‘ Barfly & u have (iRliAT shoes! [1/467/52

V I saw you on liaster Saturday. Buchanan St. You - boy with dreadlocks in red t- shirt doing sottte street survey. We - 2 foreigners charmed by your smile. What about a meeting? U/467/53

V I saw you Pow-mitt! Mama ittia. I saw you at Barfly - You are a fine piece of work let me make you scream like a pig! U/467/54

V I saw you Sunday at the Tron playing your trumpet. You were cool + sexy. Glad you are there every week. maybe I'll say hi next time xxx. U/467/55

V I can you Alistair you sexy fashion-monkey in Urban Outfitters. Tall. hairy chest. deep blue eyes. smile that breaks hearts. Me: tall. dark. shaved. always browse. want to you borne! U/467/68

V I saw you and wondered ltow you fell front heaven and landed irt Pizza lixpress. Maybe the l)evil's iit you artd that's why you're so ltot rigltt rtow. Anthony. [.7467/56

V I saw you electrifying blue eyes. Piano bar (0 ('orinthiait. Browtt leather sofa arid white wine. I had your kisses all to myself. Ya really are something. What are you'.’ [.7467/6‘)

V I saw you Susie - former manager of Tinderbox - iii Braehead! Why"? We want you back! I + R. [3/467/57

V I saw you pixie girl irt Barfly. you are leaving. we are sad. llope Singapore is fab! [.7467/58

V I saw you with your specs on. Byres Rd l‘opp. You were into your .lazznova. I wanted to jazz you...Penfold lookalike. I will be your Dangermouse. X. [1/467/59

V I saw you my bestest friend Sharon 1.. I keep you close to my hean always 'cause ur precious to me. [3/467/60

V I saw you cute Polo barman sweating it out on the exercise bike. coiite sweat it out with me next tinte! (‘ollect my number at the turnstyle. (‘ x. U/467/6l

V I saw you cute. dark- haired barista in Starbucks Royal Exchange. How many times did you clean those tables? Me: tall. white shirt. black vest. pink wristband. Fancy joining me next tinte‘.’ U/467/62

V I saw you flame haired girl at Barfly - stop your ntoaning. I'll give you all the family you can deal with. [.7467/63

V I saw you Toiit You're a babe & l'itt glad to be livin with you again! U/467/64

V I saw you (‘hris . Tron bartttart. Heard you like photography arid surfing. I'd love to take your picture! Like your celtic wedding band! Xxxgroovy chick!xx U/467/65 V I saw you Toad - looking good as always! You just need a kiss frottt Prince Charming - maybe you'll find hint at N'n'S - Luv M] xx. [E/467/66

V I saw you rock chick. redlights at Barfly - come set my bed alight! U/467/67

V I saw you sister 2 sista Hynessy. your fathers daughta - come do soiitethirt' you shouldn't aughta. .. [1/467/70 V I saw you at the Barfly after Primal Scream. Blonde hair. longish. black leather jacket. looking all kinds of good. Jon Bon Jovi-esque... U/467/7l

V I saw you Miss Sally R. Rehearsals for panto Nov 4th. knew we would be forever friends. Love you beyond the stars! Happy 22nd birthday sweetness! Love and hugs Izzy xxx. U/467/72

V I saw you (iillian. stunning black haired hairdresser. outside Bamboo (26/04/03). cart I have nty ltat back please" I kinda like that ltat lol! [7467/73

VI saw you iii the (i[ ' computer lab. You w ere registering on wwwl'nisl 'ititedcom looking for a lioveMatch zmd so was I i great minds think alike!) Hope you added my name to your w islt list because you're oit mine! [7467/74 V I saw you scuba-diving Yorkhill children's ittirse on Startsted-(ilasgow liasyjel evening flight 29/04/03. Dinner with talkative cricketing art- lover whose courage failed him at critical moment" [7467/75 V I saw you r ritessage. and...'.’ Roz x [7467/76

V I saw you instructing the future generation at the llunterian Museuttt on 23rd April. I was fascinated. Your furniture rearranging was equally enthralling. Any chance of a drink‘.’ X [.7/467/80

V I saw you Rachel. 24. front New Zealand. iit firewater on the 2 l/()4/()3. We played pool then I left to buy you art easter egg btit you were gone when I returned. Pete [7/467/81 V I saw you foxy blonde mountain biking girl on a hill near Aberfoyle prit Stiit 27/4. Me. (M) walking with pal. You. gorgeous iit shorts artd purple jacket. Pedal off together soon'.’ [J/467/78

V I saw you Mr B. (Mi. oh for about the 5th time now I thiitk'.’ l'iit not on the trairt this time. so cotite sit next to me at the [J(i(‘. [J/467/79

V I saw you New York subway (A—train). April 25th. a beautiful African-American girl with gold locks. you were all black (leather coat. skirt artd high boots). you asked me for the time. I have lock artd I wear a beige jacket arid jeans. [1/467/82

V We saw you Andrew in (iAP 16/4 and we love you. (‘ome back artd buy more things so we cart oogle at your beauty again!!! ;-) [.7467/83

V I saw you Roz ages ago on her horse at liasterton stables. [J/466/24

V I saw you boom! Tall. athletic. black haired bar man irt Brel. Are you really in the BOMB squad'.’ (iood call. L‘l466/25

V I saw you gorgeous htiitk in black tank-top with fire logo, ditch your girl-friend + be mine. You look like u would be good in bed. U/466/26

V I saw youj'ogging on Great Western Rd then in Barfly. You blonde and foxy me in the Black (‘orsa. I smiled at the lights! X. [7466/27

V I saw you Simon (0 Friday Street - what a night that was.--- Can't wait to have you beside me + inside me. L7466/28

V I saw you Hi .\landy l

w aitt you sooo much. (’olin xxx [7466/2!)

V I saw you sexy blond steward ((1 Barfly - You cart kick me out anytime! [7466/30

V I saw you dancing about 7 yoti need some new dance moves - The sexy housework dattce needs a iiew step added [i/466/3l

V I saw you you once w ere blond. rtow your browrt. btit you always look gorgeous Ito matter what you do. You know who you are J-l.otiise xxxx. [7466/32

V I saw you the my stenotis lx-ijx'tacled man w itlt the jet hair aitd deep oliye cotitplexioii. I bet you thought noone would recognise you. I did. The moustache arid khaki gave it away. [7466/33 V I saw you l‘iona. arid nobody consulted itie so » see you later - when are doors" Miaow' x [7466/34

V I saw you at the Arches munching oit a block of Wensleydale. you cheese pervert. ('an I be your cracker" [l/466/35

V I saw you iii your scrubs looking sexy as hell all [wet Scotland - got 20 minutes to spare'.’ Xxx. [7466/36

V I saw you I've got a shine like l-iona McL. Saw you in ('til de Sac over summer now you working behind bar iit Brel. .. [7466/37

V I saw you arid fell iit love with you instantly. We've been through a lot btit things only get better! As were still together. I love you always Dawn. [7466/38 V I saw you your smouldering eye brows iw itched with masculinity as you artgrily put me iitto a queue at the (ill. I ltist for you '.’ xxx. [7466/39 V I saw you Joy of my life. I love you forever. [7466/40

VI saw you smoking cheap liastent liuroperm fags at the bar iii Brel on Wed 3rd April. You couldn't keep yo eyes off me habee. Well. ("nton then. [7/466/4l

V I saw you funky blonde punk girl behind bar at Barfly. Please need me as I need you. [7466/42

V I saw you gibboitish one with your ntonkey charrits overflowing!" Will you be as curious about ['rtcle (iabby".".’ [7466/43

V I saw you sexy 'tache barman at Barfly. I'd love to get my mittens on your leathers you sexy kitten. [7466/44


V I saw you monkey plums. on route to liverpool. ('an we joiit you" Lets rock. Love Keyhole and Sir lggy. xxx [.7467/l

V I saw you sexy Linda at B[.'SH BABY. you're the bomb girl. looking forward to our next encounter. see you on the daft side. X [.7467/2

V I saw you and your 34 cs exploding into action at Planet What do you hope to accomplish ' ('heeky chops

[' 46" 5

V I saw you l-eeli you‘ll always be my peilect moment l'haitkyou for (lie most wonderful 3 years of my lite love you .ll\\.l_\\ \\ \\ \\ [i/46w/6

V I saw you .ll llahanna on [VIN/Hi. your white rugby shirt with blue collar laticy .i lllc‘c‘l" [7467"

V I saw you watching. l[‘;l[llll}! llte 'I so“ yous" You wished I was looking for you.l wished you were looking lot me' xxx [CAIN/S

V I saw you .ll Plant-i out 2/4/03. teatime You lotid and couldn't stop looking .it yotirsell' Kinda cute thotigli' .\le sat near you at the bat Speak next time. [7467“)

V I saw you. you always come iiito my shop on ('ockburii St. it know" The well known chemist' l)oii’t be sliy' Make yourself known. You know me aitd I fancy [I !' [7467/lo

V I saw you hutch lit (i.i\ltl. ealirtg till lllt‘ slick} lollct' ptiddiitg. ()ti est 'a poissoii ptiddittg pour la madame" xx [7467/l l

V I saw you at Planet out You looked sttiiiiiiiig with your dark hair. creatii cardigan and folders. What you study iiig" [7467/I 2

V I saw you iiiotikey in your .\I:\‘\ lop- give I“ :l l't'sl. ll Us oyer. stick to bingo. [7467/l 3 V I saw you. I put a spell on you at the Aqua l.iiiiar ('onceit. Luy ll .‘vliranda, [7467/l-l

V I saw you (Lheesecake' Happy birthday [I chocolate monster u! [7467/3

V I saw you tranny. you are such a tease. Yoti cart w rap your legs around me and give me stubble rash anytime l)x [7467/4

V I saw you ll Ruley, It yoti play your cards right. cotild be a good game. Boy. you special. ['/467/l5

V I saw you gerniaii. cycling. ntountaineeririg. designing lttiitk. iii the l’iliiihouse- rtooiie gives me better poetry than yoii. l'll howl at the iitooii when you leaye. [7467/ l 6

V I saw you beautiful btirii. Sorry. nearly forgot to mention your face. your smile. your red jumper around your ltips [7467/l7

V I saw you willt open face. a warm sniile gettirtg on the London Kings ('ross train. on l‘aster Monday. We kept smiling at each other as I saw my brother arid my niece oll. ('an we smile at each other some more" [7467/IX V I saw you with your golden curls iit Kl-('. [' looked finger-licking good. Btit l was too chicken to say. ribs ring a bell'.’ [7467/l‘)


124 THE LIS‘I’ 8—22 May 2003