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It isn’t desperately fashionable to go around up |r3;t<>n to thn; aunt: But tr w‘t 1w 1"“1': t singing songs by Robert Burns, but your peerf‘son that newts: h m a m? ‘t‘‘ l arr' : album's really good. »\ttra<‘tron thorn mt: tr \.‘.lt~\li' tut: at ‘L;’.. .-..»H M it": Tofart, not tashrnnalrar: ‘.'.ho-n :gard to rifllltt? and goudon'tr1t%tulto‘.'.rrhw‘r ‘ntrshufw tr rx' «ll f w: rr‘r: urndrnd Burn‘; r", ‘rlf;lt:t Hard ‘()h I don't Irlw or rnalw ant (lt‘t‘lSlUl‘f; tn-vauzw ', \zr .rr-°'_ tw- that r lasmcal ututt Brit rt‘u n‘n' don't do rt that wa‘, tarnoury And v.2 :1 lrlu- "\.'.l‘wr‘ *.-.a~; ,r’. for um, t;<:r;n {lTQTK‘flilttifn’} .'.'rttr that arralt‘: tor a long; trrno rrmutrnu?’ l was; ‘.0r\ U‘tkll alwu’ ‘. l'ww a put thr;rr: arr:- rr:<:ordrn(;+; :rkr: lllt' l rnr‘. rr1-r1ordrnut; ot «oupr of prtiturur‘, ot l arrurt runrt fxttur T r" 1 ".11 nonturr‘porart rnuurmant; rrkr: [)rr‘k (‘raudhan 1i"; rnr, lane to the wall twrautrtnl. I rut/untrer rt If you could cure one disease what would it be? Was it difficult to bring such a degree of Ithrnk Wt? new! a lot or hqu uw‘tr‘ mm freshness to the album? /\l(i(tlt<)llf;lll (forum; trr »n‘ in» Intar :an atat .tY .‘ lhopo rt jllSl norm», naturall', llit?f;(? (ilt? t;on<;t; that l tnnnron rn thu hod\ io‘.r:. so hurt,- tho, arr:. lt'é; runt like} ‘Porlnd' and all If you could wake up tomorrow having gained tht; others I do: thrrigr: arr: “,ondt, tom and | don't sun one ability, what would it be? me {illttlllltl rn, atanrx: l'rr‘ actualh mun rnom I'd lrku to lrm a [)f;‘,(‘llltfl I'd lrlw tt r. t ' rtxxw rtorntortahlt: '3:th Hurer :t‘i; Irku an arrnr:harr I told lottery llllllll)(,’lf2 tor morttwl‘, f‘» "T r' it t V. .v Into. Hunt; ahlr: to fund ‘.-.'ords; irkta 'kon'. WllKIll I've (E‘.’(?l\,’()ll(? a rnrllron ‘,r)ll'(l ha‘m tr r {w Yaw": " nuard tuna: ‘.‘.'£tf§ l-l Cla:;.-.'erurarrt; don't say rt. hut \‘.’£l{)(3(1lllf§ then? In Imnr: m: say, 'lwnl Do you think the world will be better or worse in Is the problem that affects Burns the tradition 100 years? that grows up saying you have to do it in a Better I know we all twl mar» mmw. m? ? T'm». particular way? rt'i; rnur:h l)(}ll(;‘l than rt was, rr‘. ‘. ift‘ l u»: rw it Absolutely: I understand that l)(?()[)lt: art: proud of rrnaurnt: hornr) a woman rn thr: rnuur rrrluutr. 9w" nrrn. l)(>(:aui;<:~ I'm now proud proud that thrt; rt: our We've got more sonar? about ur; all lnuu-V, a rd St:ottr:;h hard hut there are a lot of folk that need to rnortrr1|arrty and thunloarnr rt ur-tt, t'rw' lwttw I'. roach mm on an (arnotronal level It thoro'f; anythrnt; I (?V(}l\,’l)()(l\,’. an‘ rt':; (ftl‘()ll()ll£ll and thank (‘rodl lhank God I'm I Fddr Header p/ays Bur/r5; an' a" Imr. Hr, -- f-L W i unrlr:rodu<:at<>d. that l <:an do thrnus; vrt;(:()ral|y rather Mat: than tor/rs. [r/dr Header \‘Jrnon the) Sr ,' than l)(,‘(i£lll13(,’ I've aurorktzd rt out rn a calculated way. Bur/r5; Worry/r Iradm r:; ro/uanud Mon 7.7a;

‘21.: .9 ..:.-:u~:i‘% . w / There.’ That‘s the text for the Scottrsh Fashion )de 0‘ few “ft catalogue £04413 completed.

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j- Our collection draws on the quintessential Cry of the 3 l r oyster catcher, the eternal crash of wave on heather, i.

the aura of leaping salmon...

Tactile. traditional fabrics which honour our ancestOrs yet Swing to the soundtrack of the New Caledonia. ..

Design integrity which nurtures our dreams of balance. which Juxtaposes the ancient Celtic philosophy of Zen with our style signature of neo-urban chic... ,

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Wisdom of pebble...splr1t of wind...mood of sea .... ..


. Nowl suppose we'd better knock ur some clothes...

128 THE LIST 5—22 Mat 201‘3