What’s big, what’s best and what’s coming ! . your way in cinemas over the next few months. Words: Miles Fielder

nother summer. another slate of movies. So.

what's different in summer 2003‘? The short

answer's nothing and everything. We've selected l7 new films plus our pick of the summer crop. The .Wutl't.t Reloaded. (llancing over the next few pages you'll see we've brought to your attention blockbusters and atthouse films. heavyweing dramas and comedies. kids' iilms and cult tilms and. of course. sequels. Same of. same ol'. then‘.’ Well. yes. And no.

The Matrix Reloaded might seem like just another big budget blockbuster fantasy franchise and we do. after all. have plenty of those at the moment with the X—Men. The lord oft/1e Rings and Harry Potter films continuing to rake in fortunes but the second Matrix film takes the idea of the sequel and the film trilogy to a new level. Reloaded opens this month. picking tip the storyline of an almost extinct human race doing battle. largely in a virtual world. with art all-powerful super computer. The second sequel. Revolutimts. arrives in cinemas in November. just six months

later. And. word has it. Reloaded ends mid-climax ' , and mid—frame with Revolutions kick-starting in the . z” very next frame. one twenty-fourth of a second of {xi/1'” screen-time later! ' Elsewhere over the summer old favourites are ,

back. but they’re making new waves. Ang Lee. who knocked everyone out with the arthouse martial arts magic of ('roueliing Tiger: Hidden _ Dragon. has surprised us all with his next choice of subject matter in the comic book adaptation

of The Hulk. Quentin Tarantino. meanwhile.

eschews his previous west coast America pulp- \ crime films and goes east to raise the bar on \N " martial arts movies with Kill Bill. And Hideo Nakata. who brought us the Japanese horror phenomenon Ring. leaves that film trilogy behind for the spine-chilling ghost tale. Dark Water.


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