Sixteen Years of Alcohol

Scottish teen hooligan drama August

Cast: 6 Kevin McKidd. Laura Fraser.

Crew: 5 Hl’,il£il’i Job‘s/iii writer directorv

Kudos: 8 Filmed on the streets of Edinburgh last year, and The List office courtyard appears in the film.

Prediction: 7 As a tilriiiiiziker ex Skids punk rocker Jonson's an llltkliO‘JJH quantity. but The List was on i()(l<'til()li (luring filming and the iron seemed to know what he was doing,

Fun tact: 8 Hong Kong auteur Wong Kar-Wai (In the Mood for Love) gave Jobson the push he needed to make his first film. which is semi- autobiographical.

Tadgole Low- udget indie drama 20 June

Cast: 6 Sigourney Weaver. Bebe Neuwirth, Robert Iler (Anthony Soprano Jr).

Crew: 5 Gary Winick -’(lire<;tori

Kudos: 8 Since premiering at Sundance and the Edinburgh International Film Festival, word of mouth on this low-budget digitally-shot black comedy about a teenager who falls for his stepmother has been fantastic.

Prediction: 8 Winick is an unknown to UK (:ineinztgoers. but there's no reason why the ‘ilni festival audiences would get his ilill‘. wrong. Fun fact: 6 Winick is the mover and shaker

behind digital filmmaking outfit lnDigEnt which produced Rebecca Miller's Personal Velocity.


Crew: 5 Jan de Bont (director).

Prediction: 6 Croft on a guest for Pandora's Box. With guns. breasts and legs - same ol' same ol‘.

Cast: 8 Brad Pitt. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Joseph Fiennes. Michelle Pteiffer.

Crew: 5 i'ir‘i‘ Jo"r‘s<)r‘ 'tirekigtrl.

Kudos: 7 A-list mice-cast working With the man who made Antx.

Prediction: 7 Exc-ryone knows .‘.’i‘.() Sinbao‘ is frorn ii‘t.’ 60s 7053 l“()'l§$i(:l’ ll‘()‘.‘|(}fi. but Will state-ot- the—art alillY‘EiilOli outdo Rat, Harrt,haussen's manellous ‘D',inamation' Creature effects?

Fun fact: 4 Fiennes' shape-shifting sea monster.

Proteus. doesn't appear in any of Sinbad's original seven voyages.

Crew: 7 lone Schorfig i<lii'o<;tor or) writer), Anders Thomas Jensen ‘(I()".'.'fli(3fl.

Prediction: 7 The story about the surcrdal son of a Glasgow bookshop owner might not be even/ones taste, but Dogii‘e-stylo filminaking remains ‘.’li<’ii.

Cast: 9 George Clooney. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Geoffrey Rush. Billy Bob Thornton.

Crew: 10 Joel and Ethan Coen (director 'writer.’ producers).

Kudos: 10 The Coen brothers? Say no more.

Prediction: 10 A very promising idea Zeta- Jones' gold digger marries Cloone," wormnismg Beverly Hills lawyer in order to screw him out of his tonune given the Coens‘ perfectionist touch. it can't go wrong.

Fun fact: 7 The film's editor. Roderick Jaynes lot Haywards Heath. East Sussex). is in fact a fictional Creation of Joel and Ethan's.

Terminator 3

Sci-ti action 1 August

Cast: 6 Arn0ld Schwarzenegger. Nick Stahl, Claire Danes.

Crew: 6 J t".tt";i"i M 33.. _:I'r~‘t:,'

Kudos: 6 The first two Terminator films are fine pulp sci-ti adventures. but everyone else involved in them aside from Arnie has abandoned this long belated second sequel.

Prediction: 6 it's “wt. ' ~‘ .mll 'riwei; Yt‘lhlt‘ttit‘ 7? and T; iliat the ant, “its. warrant is; (1 While Terrr'natov oft-(l TX Ttfll'Jlliti'x is (host) tit

Fun fact: 8 It's a Sure sign of Arnie's career stalling

that he's returning to the past to make movies - King Conan is also on the way.


Dark Water Horror 6 June

Cast: 4 Hitomi Kuroki.

Crew: 8 Hirltzo Nakata (ilff:(Li’).',, kc). Sit/:iki ".F.'rit(3r'..

Kudos: 8 Nakata directed the first of the phenomenally successful Ringu (Ring) films. based on novels by Suzuki. Japan's answer to Stephen King.

Prediction: 8 If you like your horror of the spirit: chilling type rather than :tl.’ out gore. this; modern- (tay ghost story is to' you.

Fun fact: 6 Kuroki starred in a television spin-off from the Ringu films.

Young Adam

Cult drama

Cast: 8 Ewan McGregor. Tilda Swinton. Peter Mullan.

Crew: 7 David MackenZie (director).

Kudos: 8 Top-notch Scottish cast (well. Swinton's practically Scottish).

Prediction: 7 Great cast. cult nook from the Scottish beat-writer Alex TFOCCill, but wrth )ust one prevrous film under his belt isee Flifi‘ preview). Mackenzies an unknown quantity.

Fun fact: 6 Young Adam's been a long time

coming, and nearly didn't make it when the film hit problems during pre-production.