O SUPERMAC Re: Laurie Anderson/Eating & Drinking Guide (466) Commenting on 9/1 1. Laurie Anderson opines: ‘There was zero need for revenge.‘ This from a woman who champions McDonald's and says she is proud to have worked With them. If terrorists. who commit such horrific crimes. don't invite any need for revenge. then what did the helpless animals do to be on the receiving end of so much pain and suffering at the hands of Ms Anderson and all those others who choose to condone the bloody. horrific and obscene slaughterhouse industry and help it to profit? Meantime. please don't include cafes and restaurants in the vegetarian section of your Eating 8 Drinking Guide unless they are vegetarian. Those establishments that include non-veggie foods shouldn't be and don't deserve to be in the vegetarian section. Sandra Busell Edinburgh


S Club split

I've written a poem in reaction to the split of top pop band 8 Club and would love to share it with the readers of your excellent magazine. Cheers.

A Farewell to S Club

(by Neil Maclean. age 28-and- a-half)

You came into my empty life And filled it up with joy

No more trouble. no more strife I was a lucky boy

'Don't Stop Movin". 'S Club Pany'

Had me reaching for the stars I was getting close to heaven On account of S Club 7 Ladies man, hunky Bradley Many girls loved him madly Tina - nice. and often tarty. Always up for an S Club party Then there was Jo talented singer

But. no question bit of a minger Raunchy Rachel was second to none

2 THE LIST 8—22 May 2003

React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 ITE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3.10

or email reactClist.co.uk

All the boys' fav0urite. I'd give her one

Happy go lucky and for me the best

Hannah provided that S Club zest

Which only now leaves Paul and John

Will anyone realise they have gone?!

Looking back on a fine career

I almost shed a joyful tear Recalling a night of S Club fun At the SECC. June 2001

And so to the future. what comes next . . ?

Solo outings each on a quest? Striving to rule the hit parade Desperately trying not to fade While 8 Club Juniors carry the name

All their effOrts are just so lame A very different kettle of fish There is no doubt they're perfectly pish

Maybe the future lies in the past A brilliant back catalogue that'll definitely last

Such plea3ure these songs will continue to bring

For you and I to heartin sing. Neil Maclean

via email


Re: Subway sect (466)

Is anyone else getting pissed off with the bOuncers in City Cafe. Edinburgh? On the last three occasions I've been there at the weekend till closing time. I've had the same experience.

For example. last Saturday at one minute after closing time we were told to 'fuck off'. In the next few minutes. punters were told to ‘fuck off' or 'fuck off home'. about four or five times. before they'd even had a chance to put their coats on. Not to mention the fact that drinks were sold literally two minutes before this happened. What's the point of that? If City Cafe want me to ‘fuck off' at 1am on the dot then don't sell me a drink at 12.583m.

I realise that the staff want to get home too. but if there's a problem getting folk out. then call last orders a wee bit earlier (or maybe they can't bear to

miss out on an extra ten minutes of drinks sales).

Other pubs don't have to shout aggresswely at their customers to get them out. The bouncers immediately created a bad atmosphere not a good idea when folk are about to spill onto the street at that time of night. Going out the door. a girl ahead of us was then called 'miserable' by a b0uncer because she refused to take a flyer from him - the same guy who'd told her to ‘fuck off' a minute earlier.

If I win the Sol. I plan to invite the City Cafe management

round for beer then tell them to ‘fuck off home' two minutes later.

J Paterson

Via email

It'd be a great use for the Sol. but we w0u/dn't want to lead you into trouble. . .


We take great trouble to be as accurate as pOSSible but occasionally we might get something wrong or miss something out. If so please tell us. Email editor@list.co.uk

THE RIGHT STUFF Re: Subway sect (466)

your night.

a pub or club of choice?

guys. Michael Ross via email

case of 80/. Happy drinking.

The management reserves the right . . .

The right for ‘regulars only'. The right for 'not tonight lads“. The right for ‘too many of you'. The right for ‘no jeans, no trainers'. The right for 'too much to drink'. The right to fuck up

When will the time come that Glasgow pub and club bouncers realise that guys do want to go to different clubs. have a night out with more than one friend. get out of the five- day-a-week work Suit and not have to worry about whether they have a face that fits. enabling them to join their friends into

I now live in Edinburgh, which like many major Cities. has a higher population and eduivalent rates of Crime. yet does not sexually discriminate against single young men to the same degree. subjecting them to the lottery that is trying to enjoy a night out in Glasgow. Last weekend I had the displeasure of not 'being a regular' at Cube. which meant not being able to catch up with a friend I hadn't seen for three months. the main reason I had travelled through.

I welcome the new measures to regulate b0uncers. but fear they have a long way to go to change Glasgow's institutionalised discrimination against young men. This may well be illegal under European law. but who cares? Only us

It's a tough life being a boy. But for venturing all that distance only to be turned away, we 're happy to compensate you With a



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