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Arches. Glasgow, Tue 20—Sat 24 May. then touring

‘The Arches Theatre Company is always putting two fingers up to the theatre establishment by doing fairly irreverent works,’ says artistic director Andy Arnold. So it seems only fitting that their latest outing brings Tam O’Shanter to the stage, one of Robbie Burns' most drunken and profane offerings. ‘There‘s an element of tongue- in-cheek in all Burns’s poems, a very irreverent humour about pomposity and religion‘. adds Arnold.

This is the tale of drunken Tam's encounter with witches and warlocks on his way home from market past the notorious Alloway Kirk. Saved by Meg his swift-hooved nag. Tam's encounter with the underworld is passed off as a warning against drink and debauchery - an ironic twist for a poet celebrated annually with gallon upon gallon of whisky. Arnold’s piece begins in an inn and makes use of other works by Burns such as ‘To Scotch Drink' and “To a Louse‘. which also deal with the subjects of sex and booze. ‘The production is a combination of acting things out and storytelling’, he says. Treatment for Burns

While the Arches have built a reputation for bringing poetry to the stage (from their very first poem that it is a challenge to stage it, so we have The universal appeal of Burns sits well with the production Noise and Smoky Breath to Under had to use our own theatrical invention.’ Arnold's Arches‘ contemporary. non-elitist approach to Milk Wood), Arnold was aware that adapting production uses shadow-play, masks and theatre and Arnold hopes that his show won‘t Burns' poem would not be easy. ‘Tam O’Shanter puppets to work around the limitations of the disappoint Burns aficionados. Tongue-in-cheek, has never been staged before because it involves stage and accordionist, John Sommerville, brings irreverence with a bit of witchcraft to boot? I‘ll too much action. It is such a dramatic and visual the music. drink to that. (Corrie Mills)

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