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2 MANY DJS Death Disco at the Arches, Glasgow. Sat 17 May

2 Many DJs’ album, As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 2, is not just the mix of last year, or even the decade: it‘s an era-defining release, much more than an adeptIy-cut collection of other people’s songs, becoming as much the work of its creators as the 46 different artists who very kindly allowed themselves to be sampled on it. It’s also influenced everyone from Liberty X and the Sugababes in their officially-approved bootlegging forays, to the most cutting-edge of clubs (Djinniditto took a lead from it, while

Optimo has been doing a similar thing for years). And

it was probably the soundtrack-of-choice to every party you were at for at least six months in short, if you’ve never heard it, you just weren‘t paying attention.

What's possibly most odd about it, though, is the fact it was put together by a second division Belgian glam-indie band. The clue’s in the title . . . even though the duo like to wear paper bags over their heads in publicity shots (in true modern-day outlaw fashion), you only need to look as far as a promo pic of Soulwax to see what brothers Stephen and David Dewaele’s coupons really look like.

Originally intended as part of a series of radio-only mixes in their homeland, the brothers put together. . . Radio Soulwax, Part 2 electronically over the space of a week, and then realising they had something special on their hands underwent the long and

arduous licensing process to get it officially released.

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The X man himself

The Venue. Edinburgh. Fri 16 May

2 many records not enough time

Many of the individual mixes featured have become so well-known (both live and on record) that they actually constitute a 2 Many DJs Greatest Hits of sorts, such as when Dolly Parton's ‘9 to 5‘ grinds in an unseemly manner up against the much younger ‘Eple’ by Royksopp.

In answer to the obvious question that the title inspires, yes there is a . . . Part 1 and even a . . . Part 3, but they’re bootlegs of the traditional sort, ie unofficial. Presumably many of the 129 songs that were either refused or not used in Part 2 are in there somewhere, and it would be lovely to hear if the hushed whispers - that Daft Punk and the Beatles rub shoulders, or that David Bowie's ‘Modern Love' and Kenny Loggins' ‘Footloose’ get acquainted are founded. In the absence of generous copyright legislation, this set's the only place you‘ll find out for sure. Excited yet?

(David Pollock)

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THE GODSKITCHEN SUMMER Ball (Royal Highland Centre, lngliston, Edinburgh, 7 June) line-up is shaping up with Paul van Dyk. Fergie, Armin van Buuren. Ferry Corsten, Lab 4 and the Tidy Boys heading the bill. Check for full details.

Are you the next Eminem?

FELIX DA HOUSECAT AND DJ Falcon are set to play at a massive exclusive gig at Ego, Edinburgh, 30 May. Rumours abound that Falcon will be bringing his lap top and keyboards to premiere previously unreleased material, while New York house and garage don Victor Simonelli will also be on hand.