lltpni l.irii £1 \\cekl_\ l).l \lichellc

Glasgow Fridays continued ' t I L' R It 1 \l I A“ \‘S It: at 1 1c ‘itun otitig‘ ' .- L _ k & ‘U‘_

icgo, poptaxtit. w igglei pro\ itle\ t halt and party \t‘lllltlS to a ini\ed \l\‘\\ d I Tronicsole and Tracktion

Vic Galloway and Paul Needles know a thing or two about rawk, so what's currently raising temperatures on the Funhouse dancefloor?

Sessions at \t-\\‘ llpm 1am L" iL5i \\cckly Hc'lt' citlitt'\ .t :ch'dl :JUL‘SI at lll|\ alwayx entertaining club night l).l liutk tot leal Recoitlingx and \lt'\l.t Ulll Hl l in .\ngclc\I [‘l.i}\ Hill [0 the dclighltul tlt‘\\\l ol llll\ rather pit-\iigioux tit} centre cluh

I Urban at the ltinnel llpiti iain if iL 5i \\cckly \n Rtkli «Noon \llllllk'\_\ ol l’atil .\'.lie at llll\ newa relaunched. claxxic (il.t\gii\\ name.

I Urban Groove .tl (‘Iuh Hudda.

l lptii Kim. £~l 115i. “ct-kl). l'caluring the talent\ oi Domenic Martin. who \c.iiii|e\\l_\ incigex l'S hoth and j__‘.il;ij_‘t'. tlt't'I‘ lll‘llSL‘. tllxett. \ittll. ltlltk .intl |.i//. while adding the odd da~h ol [aim and .\lio giootex.

I Vacuum at the Rnerxide (‘luh

AC/DC: ‘Highway to Hell‘

(Atlant'c) ' i I" . \litlnight Run. £lll i£Si. In May

' ' "‘ r W/ ' "3 t" ' ' \lonthly \actitiin celebrate their

' w z . . : : lt'lt'.t\t' on Scotland'\ hottext new hou~e I i . , . ;..:. _ - lahel l'lygaiic liackx. lt'x the

.. hiainchild ol \upally product-ix and Mix tlcepiain and Stew (‘oni'y

Glasgow Saturdays


I Aerodynamico at the l.lt|llltl lounge. llpm .iain. £5. lll .\lay .\lonthly lhe guys hrng in claxxy pioducci /ero dli tor another night ol \I‘lll heat ltin,

I Amatis at Sloan'x \e\t date the. I Bailamos at lla\ana. 9pm 3am. l‘i’ce. \\cck|y l).l Keith I) hi'ingx you a world \election: \.il\a. Rtkli. l.atin chart action and whatc\ er el\c mot ex yttll,

I Base at the lunnel. lll..5ll|llll 3am. , :.. . :.. , :,t L” t£5i. Weekly (‘hrix and \lartin

H K llcxketh. along with (hits llarrix and ;\l Kcnl. w can‘ a line litl‘l'lt‘ ol l'unk} llHll\L' and Rtin at Mitchell Lane'x lint-\t dance einpoi'ium.

I Bebado at Rl\t‘l'\ltlL' ('luh.

The Rapture: ‘House of Jealous Lovers’ (Output Recordings) Ht,-

Jon More (Coldcut) guests at the Funk Room, Fri 16 May

Sweatmaster: ‘I am a Demon and I Love Rock‘n’Roll' (Must

ltlpin 2am. £5. ll) .\lay Monthly \lttlt‘ ltit‘kllt' heatx lttcctl Willi .-\ll'U— lii'a/illian lla\oui‘\ l'i'oin (’hicl'. l)of~' and Branco with liye elementx adding to the intiigue.

I Bedlam at Queen Margaret l'nion. \L‘\l tlttlt‘ llk‘,

I Bennet’s at liennet‘x.

ll5ll|tlll iain. £5. Weekly. l'eel the goddamn ltiiik ax Shatiii and Annie gi\e lltt‘ lit‘llltt'l'S party Pti\\L' L'\;tL‘ll} \\ hat they want: coininei'cial dance ini\ed \\lllt :t \t‘lt'L‘lltin ill “(l\_ S(l\;i|1tl‘)()\ llllx

I B*Ding at the Liquid Lounge. .\'e\l date the,

I Caledonia Soul at \\'ootl\ide Sitt‘lul, .\-C\l tltllL‘ .5l \lil).

I Club Cuba! at ('uha \tii'te.

‘lpm 2am. l‘rec. Weekly (iet in totich \\llll your l.atin \pii‘it at llll\ claxxy night ol dance. The tinext Latino heats ate \upplied by Duncan. l‘arah and Shannon, .\lake \tll'C you ai'i‘i\c early to guarantee entry

I Club 69 at (‘luh (N. Next date the. I Colours at the :\l‘cltc\. Next date 7 .lune.

I Cube Class at (‘uhe llpm 3am. L'— I£5 t. \Veekly ()ltl-whtittl ltotixc t"l.l\\lc‘\ and tip-tordatc anthems are the order ol the day at lhix packed Sat

I Disco . . . The X Factor at the Soundhaux. ll.3()pin 4am. £0 i£7i. It) May Monthly Members and their gllL‘Sh only Spanned X and Big Daddy l)a/ take it back to real underground American dixco in the main room and Billy Ray Valentine and Mr (iant houses it up in room 2. This night CUillL‘ltlL‘S also with the leaving ol‘ the young Michael llutchence who ix heading hack down under. \o it\ a hit of an occaxion.

I Divine at (ilaxgow School of Art ltltnylhltlit‘xl. lllpni 3am. £(i (£5 £4i'. £3.50 (iS.v\ \ltltlL‘lllx. Weekly lt'x been going strong \lllL‘L‘ 10‘)“ and t\ officially the longext running rexidenc} in (ilaxgow. so the) know how to work a crowd with industrial strength tank.

I The Edge at the lidge (’oathridge.

l lpm 3am. £5. Weekly (iordon Miller and Paul Rea Vlllxl can‘t help mixhehaying at thix night celebrating all that i\ debauched and lint. llay e a l'rolic with them.

I Elektrik Sweat at Blackl'riars. Next date the.

I Freeform at Barfly lllpni 3am. liree before I lpm; £5 i£~li alter. Weekly The Watt hrotherx prexent you with an eclectic mixture of claxxic soul. funk. (illx heat lltlISlL‘ and Latin tune\. with a

\eiection ol' hig hitterx thrown in. You are luxt ax liker to hear ohxcure l.atino \oodoo and dai'k ial/ ax Michael Jackson or Jatnex Brown.

I Freelance Science at the .'\rL'llL‘\. I Fusion at the RI\L'l'\ltlt‘ ('luh. Next date the.

I Glasgow House Theory at () ('Iuh. llpm 3am. £5. It) May Monthly Deep and lunky underground houxe lllll\lL‘ l’roin (ill'l' l'L‘\lthltl\ Stuart Wel\h. Ian l‘it/patrick and Martin 'l'odd. with ll\L‘ percussion and in e \ l\ll£tl\ lroin Innocent— X and l‘unk Delight Brilliant all round. I Gordon Miller at l'ticl iBixhophriggxi. ll).itipiii 2am. £5 Weekly l‘tlllk} litillxc at the new Northxitle cluh \enture'x rexident.

I Groovejet at limit I lpm 3am. £3. Weekly l’aul N'Jie [)fL‘\ltlL'\ over the city \ lllt)\l popular Rtfili and \oul night. attracting a loyal crowd every week. Room 1 ha\ the Brown lirothen playing \ocal and commercial houxe and Room i hax Date with the party anthem»

I Higher Ground at (‘(‘A. Next date the.

I Iii-Karate at quUItl Lounge Next date lhc.

I Heads at the Rl\Cr\lth ('luh, Midnight 3am, Weekly £lt) (£8i.

Wilson Pickett: ‘Born to be Wild’ (Atlantic) " 3: 1

' ' ~‘ ' " Rtkli. next to the (’lyde. (ireat \how on Beat ' ‘1 ' ‘-'~ 3 -’ 0 Death Disco at the .-\I‘che\. lllo. and great night out here. ('heck it t '1 '\-' ~ . ‘1 llpm 3am. £l3. I" .\lay Monthly The out. $4 \. v ,\ .~ . . intimate orgy ol tranx-eui'o e\ce\\ that I Homecookin’ at Baha/a. lllpm-3am. - .' W I g . , l\ l)e.ith |)i\co continuex w itli thi\ liree before llpm; £5 alter. Weekly Dis ; . ' I; . I hotly anticipated night teatui'ing 3 L Stewart I.\lc( alltim and Joe Higgins keep g ' ' r ' .l\lany ll).l\ iS;iti\i1wa\ i. Silyeil‘io and [law Youwassmgreatdub mgmsm Glaswflggdim the lllUSlL'lfttllllayll aliid[illilglapceklloxrx ' "~ ‘~ " 4 ~ 'ancy ate it . e\ico are a \o on t te Jumpin a mg or g. ' ac 'Sl i, et Jeh'ti :5 l‘lll. alnnLNltle 'l‘hc l‘reelance llellraiwr. - with the odd L'lltSSIC and oltl-xk’ool l).l \liiigii-go. and Drum X. See see page 83 for deta'ls layouritex. .lthl watch out for football l’rt ll( it, play erx.

Jengaheadx rock another earth-\liattering \et at lhi\ small. L‘lihxlc (iliixgow venue

nigliter. thank\ to main room man .\latt le l'unk. In the hack l).\l(i \ei'\e\ up

76 THE LIST -~ .. :..