The Front


JIM MCKINVEN, member of Glasgow band dr honda, gets all funky and choose: his favourite basses.

1 Grouch Broadkaster Base This bass can be deep and soulful one minute, then the next. it can take on the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Royal Trux and kick their collective asses single handed.

2 Fender Precision Standard Along with the Fender Jazz. this is the sound of dub. The sound of Boris Gardiner and Winston Wright at the Black Ark. and Jackie Jackson on the seminal single. Ire Feelings by Rupie Edwards.

:.\'e ILJSC“ ms: JVIFO'E .‘

The Minogues

Little Women

The 07 midgets could easin swap sparieg hotpants for frilly bonnets.

3 Fender Jazz Bass Slap this bass and it will kick yOur teeth down your throat. Deep. dirty soul.

4 Rickenbacker 4003 The sound of punk and especially the Jam. Unique sound. and it looked great.

5 The double bass Without this bass. there would be no good jazz. J0urney in Satchidananda with Alice Coltrane and you'll see what I mean. 80 what is the difference between a double bass and a Violin? A double bass takes longer to burn!




The Osbournes m M Home Alone u When the parents are away. I] M m h ~ H I t e brats WI p ay.

If you love celebrities as much as we do (and we do). then there's nothing better than hearing ‘personalities' ripping a strip from their fellow showbiz mates. And does it really matter that much if it's all made up? Course not. So. it's great to hear Nelly slagging off Jacko. Rik Waller dissmg Jacko and Marilyn Manson getting stuck into Jacko.

Plus. there's the Surely award-Winning 1000 People More Annowng than Mick Hucknall project and urban-myth type stuff like the ingrowing hair which

The Charltons


As the Wachowski brothers launch themselves towards further filmic fame with the Matrix sequels. we‘ve always wondered how well on-set siblings would get on. Could they make movie gold or cinema poo? Here, we match up some relatives with never seen before (or ever) remakes.

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The Cheeky Girls

l.‘7e? S’lrli‘rit;

The Gallaghers

The Great Rock 'n 'Rnli‘ Suzi/idle Well, have you heard their last three albums?

\‘Jlio (:ould toidet the f.'.<> liiaiik mutt. "(lfSill‘, dressed, iiiiiii<:1()'lt+tl \.'()l(it.‘(l

l‘.'.’lll girls from hell"

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The Proclaimers

The K ra ys

Swapping barrow boys for harry boys. And I’m sure they love their dear old ma.

The Jacksons Freaks

Enough said

THEIR MlNDS‘ upshot: FYI/€13


The Williams Two Angry Women The tennis idols' reputation for being

The Bee Gees

eventually turned into an infected brain. Ha”

Quality gear.

608 \Nlld men on the combover trail.

foul-tempered w0uld make them

perfect for their own courtroom drama.

O Brother. Where art Thou? More them enough said.

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a well-made film It was the first GeOrge Clooney film I've ever seen.

8 THE LIST 8—22 May 2003

1 D I N Welcome to Collinwood Filmhouse. Edinburgh, Wed 30 April

Amy Lourse Secrefar [Jam/gl‘e' ll '.’(':‘; it) II .‘M'; a 51'. st", make/3' V ’2 ', hil’ 1i (fill/y: v m my; Cir/ire, I "6 really "ta/1!: