alter l7 May Monthly. lhe hext in hip hop. ltttlk. \tllll. hothe and hteaklk‘ttl li'oin the iexident I)J tll\Pl;t_\ teaiii teatiii'ing :\llan. the Rexonatiee tl)a\a and (‘olin Millai'i and Stey e Spin. Another hands \hoyyeaxe \y ith early tlHHt\ and ll\ e aetion li‘oin l)ope Matiix. the \eetoi'x and the Rullnexx. I Hoffbeat at Berlin Hierhaux. llpiii iam. £5 I7 May. Monthly The l'unkey Magie guys and llollheat put on a new night iii a neu \enue \yith IIIHt'e til that deep lttilhe ytitt line so niueh. .'\\ they say: ‘xotil-luelled deep house tor pilgi'iinx', l).l l.etn makes llt\ uay o\et‘ li'oiii |,yon on 17 May.

I Ignition at (‘oininp|e\ ttoi'inei'ly ('Iuh Jayai. l).3llpin 2am. £(i. It) May. Ne“ night ol tranee atid teehno as the (‘oininp|e\ step\ up ll\ eluhhing

aelt\ ilie\ onee again.

I Joy at lago. llpin iam. £lt) t£3 nieinherxi. I” May. Monthly. l'p-l'ront. dirty llUUSL‘ grooyes on the main llooi‘ troni .-\laii and Maggie Joy and Brett King to work you up into a lather on the main floor. l’lux 'l‘i‘endy Wendy and Sally l"\ eheeky nii\ ol’ soul. lunk and ehart in the (ltl\\ll\l;ttl'\ suite. Note that .loy IS a eluh l‘or gay people and their lt‘tetttls.

I Luvely at the Liquid Room. Monthly ne\t date 3| May.

I Majestica at the Venue. Monthly ne\t date 7 Jun.

I Medina at Medina. lllpni 3am. £3. Weekly l).l l)a\e play\ anything and eyerything. l’lenty ot’ drink [)I‘tiltltix all night and don't lorget to phone in adyaiiee to resery e your priyate hooth. I Messenger Sound System at Bongo ('luh. llpiii 3am. £7. It) May. lr‘ortnightly. Ba“ ot' ho“ el-xhil'tiiig proportions as the mighty Messenger Sound System hlaxtx out the hest in righteous roots and duh reggae.

I Mingin’ Ahoy at Maid of the l‘orth. S I lpm. £l5. l7 May. (‘oaehex piek you up l'roin outside l’lanet ()ut t7pnii atid take you ml to the Maid ol the Forth tor a night ol Mingin‘ on the hiin \L‘ih \\ ith eaptaiii Brain l)enipstet' and Alan Joy. Dropping yoti oll around llpm and it'\ straight to Mingin' at Sttidio 2-1 (li'ee entry \y ith your tieket ol~ eottrxei. See (hit for preview.

I Mingin’ at Studio 34.

lllfitlpni 3am. £5 before midnight; £(i alter. l7 May. Fortnightly. Residents Brian “CHIPSIL‘I' and Alan Joy host the Usual Mingin' ll];ltltl£‘\\. tilthy house and tyy ixted tranee tor a l'rixky and predominantly gay eroyy d. See ahoy e for the Mingiii' .-\hoy hoat trip. See (My [or prei'ieii'.

I Mission Jnr at Studio 24.

7 ltlpni. £5. \Veekly (ioth. roek. punk and of eourxe all that nu metal stuff that the kids eray e \o much. So it. you e\ er \yondet‘ed \\ here all those hlaek elad youths from the top ol (‘oekhurii Street \y eiit alter dark. look no lurther: the hext and original under 18's metal gathering in lt)\\tl.

I Mission at Studio 34. l lpm 3am. £5 t£~1 menihei'xi. It) May. l-‘ortnightly. Night of metal mayhem. goth roek and more l'roiii the darkxide a real lidinhurgh institution.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. ltlpni 3am. £5. Weekly. Day e Shedden \yith his ini\ ot' dixeo and funky house tracks.

0 Ourhouse at the Venue.

“Lillle 3am. £l3. l7 May. Monthly .\'e\\ night from the folk yy ho hrought ux Bio-Rhylhiii and Do This Do That. .-\nd their \eeoiid date liyex tip to the high \yater mark \et hy the May/Sauiulerxon opener as they host the l'nderyyater Records World Tour

\y ith Darren limersoii and Mutiny.

I Progression at the Liquid Room. It).3tlpm .‘iani. £13 £14. It) May. Monthly. Derek Martin. (iay (irant and .-\Ian Dohsoii are joined by speeial guest l)a\ e Seaman making his highly antieipated return to dish out the best in trihal rhythms. l’re-eluh session at

the (‘ity (ale ti'oin \pin

I Rewind at the liquid Rooin

ll). illpin 5.tltl £5 Lo 11 May lhe l'll'L‘ lxland l).l\ \Hll he on hand toi \onie eainp lli-\l<(i aetion in the haekt'ooin \yhile old \kool \ll\\tl Ioekx Miek ('ool and Shuggy Heat tll\ll out the hext in "in arid .Sltx [H‘Pthle tunes in the main iooiii

I Space Face .tl the \enne

ltl. illpttt 3am £3 heloie midnight. £5 alter. Ill May. .-\ndy \Vllll‘tlth and the Spaee l‘tteL' eteyy ttt'L' l‘aelk ll‘ L'ttletlattt u\ \yith their iiiiiiiitahle nii\ ot hip hop. house. lunk and dixeo.

I Tease Age at (‘iu-m (‘tuh

llpiii .5ttlll. £5, \Veekly Illl\ indie \talyyart dishes tip eyerything ti'oin

\yy ingtng (\(lS l]ll\ to haggy Manehestei taxes as \y ell as a hiixl ol eurient \'.\Il-. ehart hotherers.

I Thee Jailhouse at .\'ietiot ladyyardx. llpiii 3am. £4. It) May l-ortiiightly. nglllL‘Ulh roek and old \ehool metal in a ela\\ie .-\( ‘/l)( '. Motorhead and Sa\oii \eni. plus a teyy ol the new eontenderx that meet the grade: Audioxlay e that kinda thing.

I Ultragroove at (‘ahai'et Voltaire. “hillle 3am. £Ill. It) May. liortnightly l'ltragrooye lounge I'L‘\ttlettl\ \peeialixe Itt real deal hottw aetioii l'roin (iat'eth Soinery ille. (‘oliii ('ook and Mikey Stirton. ‘l‘hingx ealni doyyn tiuxt a hit mindi alter a lL‘\\ months of Ill;l\\l\ e [Xil'llL‘\ as Mr ‘l‘odd and litidge litngax loin Soinineryille arid (‘ook loi' a l't‘\ltlL‘lll\ \peeial. l'ul‘ I/iI'y (lute nIt/\ '.-\<I.1\!'i'unl Ito/tlu‘y er! [5 entry lu'lul‘t’ inn/Iiie/il.

I Underground [Gimme Back My] at Berlin liierhatix. lllpni 3am. l‘ree hel'oi'e l lpni; £5 alter. It! May. .\'e\\ night lroin the l‘rixeodiseo ereyy and they '\ e dralted iii (‘aluni Walker the man heliiiid the Ill;t\\l\ e .llueu u/ the (in alhuni on Solar House.

I Vain ttl 'le\ tot Roxy l'tiion.

9pm 3am. £4 (Ur. l7 May. Monthly. 'leehno. goth. liltllhll’lill. St)\ and neu i‘oniantie times. So that‘ll he eheery thenl‘.’

I Vegas at ligo. ltlpni 3am. £0 (£7 in laney tll'L‘\\l. 17 May. Monthly. llep daddy \\\ll1g_'. eountry elaxxiex and \lea/y listening with your high-kieking hosts: l‘rankie Sumatra. Bugsy Seagull. l)ino Martini and the stunning Vegas \llti\\g‘lt'l\. And do try to make art el'l'ort \y ith the laney dress eode. eh'.’ ()n-totii' special to eelehrate the launeh ol their neyy (‘l). li'em Sir/Hey, Xn’ Retort/y [or I‘e'i‘n'ii:

I Wiggle at ligo. “Li”le 3am. £9 (£8 ineinherxi, 2-1 May. Monthly. Maggie and Alan Joy need no introduetion and this is their neyy night ol' gay tun atid lrolies. In the iiiaiti room will he 'I‘rendy Wendy and Jon Pleased playing ti'aeks that are a little hit eanip. a little hit eutting-edge hut a \\ hole Iotta lun. This month it's a Night ol' I()t)() Madonnax \peeial. “ith a ti'ihute to the reigning queen ol' pop. l)o\\n\tair\ Sally l'~ and Miehelle \\ ill he deploying Rtkli. hip hop. indie and ehart tunes arid hoyy eould \\ e l'orget the lo\ ely l’enny l’ornxtar on hand to meet and greet the punters. l’re-eluh \exxion Planet ()ut \yith Brett King.

Chart & Party

I Cavendish/Diva at (‘ayendixh/lhya. lt)pni 3am. li'ee helore l lpni: £(i alter. Weekly The l'ully i‘et‘urhixhed \paee hoxtx a night ol' ttll the groin ie\t lttl\ lt‘ottt the (i()\ l)()x. \\ ith eurrent ehart layes on the top floor. ()y er 35x only

I Edinburgh’s Biggest Party at Mood. 9pm 3am. l‘ree heloie l lPIii: £3 (tree to nieinherxi alter. \Veekly ('hart. party and \oul hits from [)1 Martin.

I The Party Continues . . . at Peppermint Lounge. ltlpm 3am. £3. Weekly. SL‘L‘ l'it‘t,

I Shake It at l.‘:\ttaehe.

10.30pm 3am. £4 before I lpm: £5

i-oazi l


attei \\eekl_\ l’.:ity nuisit tioin the Mk tight up to l.i\t “eek. [‘llh loadx ol tllllllx\ pionio\ to \\.i\lt it all tloyyn


I Subway West End .tl \utmay \\e\t l nd opin Kain liee heloie ‘ll‘lll. £5 '11, .ittei \\eekly ('hait. dante and theexy tunes all night long hahy

I The Subway at \tihyyay

—l‘llt l.iiii Ll “eekly See lllll

I Supernova at lx’eyolution

lll illpin 5.tlll Ui heloie iiiidnight. L" t£~1 £5i altet \\eekly (‘hait and patty llll\ all night long

I Why Not? at \Vhy .\ot’

lllpin ‘ain L heloie llpiii. £5 5“ (£5) attei \\eekly See I it

Edinburgh Sundays


I BOOWIICIOUS at lloneyeonih, lttfitlpiii 3am, l'ree heloie midnight. £5 ttllL‘t'. \VL‘L‘lkly. :\ lhtee ileely ll‘t‘;ll\\ltti\\ ol Rik” a e.ippella\ eut up atid \ei'atehed oy er hip hop l‘lt'.tl\\ lioin Riehie Rulltone and l.yley no“ houxed at ll\ neyy \eiiue. the Honey eonih

I Bootylushous at lugo.

llpiii 3am. £2. \Veekly l).l\ ('iaig and Dale li'oni l.u\h giye Sun tlllell\ a good kiek up the hoon \\llll tho neyy Rtkli. ltiiik and \tilll tiiglit. Mote ot a Sunday Soeial than a lull on glani attaii Mt (hit lur p/‘t'i'n'u.

I DKY at Studio 2-1. llptii .ittlll. £l5ll £3. \Veekly “KY \lt'ttle\ eontidently into ll\ third year \\ ith l'L‘\I(IC|lI l).l\ Jot'dl. (iat‘eth tttttl l);t\L‘ playing roek. goth. nietal. llltlll\ll‘l;tl and punk. 'l'henie lllg‘lth and li'ee gilts eoinhine to keep things interesting.

\\ eek in. week out.

I Escape from New York at ('aharet Voltaire. Opens as the \llll goes iliiyytt. £2 It) L‘\L‘;Ipe. \VL‘L‘lxl). rattle“ l)J\ ll. l)re\\ and Mn pio\ ide an

eleetio \oundtiaek .it llll\ non danee ll‘kll‘kKI C\\‘lll \llt'lltlcgN .tle‘ tll\ ll\'\I li‘ tteate \etilptuim and \\«‘tl\\ ot .iit \\ ith the tool\ and tnateiialx pio\ ided. the oiily input tioni exeapeex t\ \lk'.lll\\' ldinhtitgh l\'tl\ll \peeial on ll \lay \yith lienhtxula lx‘etoidx \lt'llllly' lx'e\eih.iplioii. \yho \\lll he pio\ iding .i \et ot liye .ilteinati\ e. tteextlye eleetionita and \«ualx pioinoting ll|\ llC\\ l l’ Irvti lrttic ."x t\ \u [NHL]! I I’I. u ’1! l’lti\ lahel lotindei l).l l’haw ti \\lll he manning the det k\

I Fresh at Pine ('oniitil

ltlpin 3am \\eekly \\ ind tlo\\tl your \yeekend in style \\ ith ldiiihui'gh'x puiext inhan \pot toi Rik” and hip hop on another le\el. hour the iotatnig l).l team I ahulo/. l axy H. \aeeni. \llll‘.t\\.ltltll. lx’ielne Rulltone. M(‘ l'loyy. .Mi \igel and more

I I Love Music at ()pal lounge, \oon iain. l’iee heloie Itlpin. £3 \\eekly (iaieth Soniinei‘yille

tl ltiagtooyei lto\l\ all all day \L‘\\ltill \‘tU\\t'\ lltt‘ IllltItIIC gl‘tttllttl I‘Cl“ een eluhhing and ehilling. leattii'ing guest l).l\ and a plethoia ol lllll\ \ty lex ineluding liouxe. latin. ia/ly giooyex. kl|\\'U .ttttl RtKli.

I Kayos at ()piuni. llpm 3am. l-iee. \Veekly Metal and ioek l).l\ (‘laii'e Moltat and John lioni llogxhead keep the L'I'H\\Ll\ a inoxhing,

I Salsa Romantica at lago.

5 llpiii, £S tUil. H May Monthly. You'll iieyei guess \yhat kind ol llltlSlL‘ they play here eh" Yep hot l.atin rhythms. \\ ith a heginneix elaxx at 5pm (under the tutelage til \otne Ul Seotland'x hext danee eoaehew then I)J\ James ('oinh. \ano l'ernande/. |)i Salxa and guextx spinning the hext in l.atino \tilllltlS li'oin ()plll tnot torgettiiig the light hullet. \lll']H'l\L‘\. eaharet and denim on ollet‘i.

\It t/mm thin v. hit ii Mum!


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