Art listings

National Gallery of Scotland cont.

After Hours Tim S is Thu 22 May. 530 7. 50pm. The Ai'ter llours programme continues as Jennii'er Logan periorms the iirst oi two short concerts inspired by the works iii the collection on 'l‘hu is May, ()n ‘l‘hu 22 May. i'reelance lecturer Matthew \Vellard discusses some ol the works In the collection.

The Trinity Altarpiece l‘ri ‘) May. 12.45pm. Art historian Ailsa Turner talks about Van der (toes‘ painting.


(ieorge l\' Bridge. 220-15.”. Mon l‘ri 10am 8pm; Sat 10am 1pm.

Muriel Spark l'ntil Tue 27 May. A touring display celebrating the 35th birthday oi' Scottiin noy'elist Muriel Spark. best known lot The Prime 0/ Min ./(‘(III Brut/re. A special show irtg oi' BB(' Scotland‘s lix-S iilrii Air Iz'luyi'i‘e Spark will take place on Tue 20 May at 7pm.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. (r24 (r200 (recorded ini’ormation 332 2266). Mon Wed &

l-ri Sun 10am 5pm; 'l‘hu 10am 7pm. ('aic.

Navigating Stevenson: Digital Artworks by Sara Gadd l'ntil Sun 1 1 May. l‘ree. Nine large-scale digital art works by Sara (iadd. l'sing the latest technology. (iadd has created a series oi~ y irtual spaces which recreates the celebrated author Robert Louis Stey'enson's journeys to the South Sea Islands in 1888.

Robert Louis Stevenson t'niil Sun I 1 May. l-‘ree. An accompanying small exhibition oi" paintings. drawings. prints and sculpture celebrating the lite oi‘ the renowned author. Robert Louis Stey'enson.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous: The Cult of Lord Byron t'niil Mon 2t» May. liree. Organised by the National Portrait (iallery in London. this exhibition reinterprets the continuing fascination for the Romantic poet Lord Byron t 1788 1824). Featuring oy'er I00 works including paintings. sculptures and miniatures. letters and literary manuscripts. the show explores how Byron's literary tame and social notoriety were fuelled by the many representations ol the poet.

Cult of Celebrity I: Byron Wed 14 .May. 12.45pm. (ilyn I)ayis from the lidinburgh (‘ollege oi" Art giy'es a talk. Portrait Miniatures from the Daphne Foskett Collection t'nril Sun 15 Jun. The third in a series oi" annual exhibitions exploring the world of the miniature painted portrait featuring the collection ol Daphne I'ioskelt currently on long-time loan.

After Hours Thu 15 May. 5.30 7pm. The Ai‘ter llours programme continues with a curator".s tour oi. the Mud. Bad and Dangerous exhibition with Stephen l.ioyd. followed by a talk by Tom Mole.

PAINTINGS FOR GREEN WALLS Eric Cruikshank shows a series of new. minimal paintings at the David Young Gallery. Inspired by the farm structures from his place of birth in the Highlands, the Edinburgh-based artist applies the paint in thinly-layered colour-bands resulting in a monochromatic finish when first viewed.

I The Dav/(i Young (Ea/Ion; feta/it} (Ir/m9 House. 85) A/iizi/i‘. Shoot. [rt/"(tow)".

0/31 4:36 3700. Thu ("2 Sat 9-1 Mitt.

NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE ~13 45 High Street. 55o 057‘). Mon Sat 10am 4.30pm.

Painting the Spirit l'ntil Sat 3t May. Paintings and drawings by Joy cc (iunn (’airns. llcnry l‘raser and Benet llaughton.


l4 New Street. 5515' 7004. Mon Sal llatii (v.3(lprn. l'ntil late on Bongo (‘lub nights.

The Last Picture Show t'niil Tue 3 Jun. New Street lixhibition Space Itosts a iinal exhibition celebrating the work oi' all the artists who haye exhibited or had a studio at ()ut oi' the Blue oy'er the past nine years. The building is soon to be demolished but (hit oi' the Blue will continue its actiyities at a former 'l‘erritorial Army base irt l)almeny Street. l.eith.


15a Pennyw ell (‘otirt. 315 2151. Double Helpings l'ntil Thu 2‘) May. A group of artists from North lidinburgh haye come together in their iirst project to explore the possibilities oi' using a digital portfolio to showcase their work.


75 7‘) (‘umberland Street. 557 1020. Mon l‘ri I0am 6pm; Sat 10am 4pm. Jack Knox l'ntil Wed 14 May. Paintings.

Julian Delmonte t'nril w’cti l4 May. ('erainics.

Lorna McIntosh l‘mil Wed l4 May. Paintings.

Nick Hubbard l'ntil Wed 14 May.

Glasgow Print Studio Gallery ‘<

Aooye Fred in a Box exiting {team-1h Baclchc"


16 May - 28 June 2003 Gallery Elizabeth Blackadder Paintings and Prints Gallery I! Catherine Stewart Elements of Grace Gallery 111 Five Continents - Ex Libris

22/25 K pg Street. GlangW GI SQP Open lues - Sat 10am - 5 30pm 1631:0141 552 0704 ‘.veb'Wva.g:)$ar1CO.ak Admission Free

92 THE LIST 8—22 May 2003

James Cosgrove: Where Tracks Cross Sat 17 May Wed 4 Jill]. Paintings.

Jean-Paul Landreau Sat I?

May Wed 4 Jun. ('eraniics.

Sandy McIntosh Sat 17 .May Wed 4 Jun. Paititiiigs.

Caroline Temple Sat I.“ May Wed .1 Jun. Jewellery.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY iWASPSi Patriothall Studios. oii JS Hamilton Place. 225 12S”. Mon l‘ri noon 7pm; Sat is Sun noon 5pm. Something Precious, Something Cruel Sat 10 Mon 1‘) May. A selection ol recent works in mixed media by Anna (’oplatid and Kirsten Lloyd. NI ‘.’.' SI lt)‘.‘.'


Room 238. lidinburgh (’ollege oi Art. 7‘) The (irassinar'ket. 221 (i2ol.

Sunday Sessions at protoacademy Sun I1 ts Sun I.s' May. 2 4pm. ('onlemporary art based research unit protinicademy present a presentation oi new work by Bey erly llood iStin I I May) and Scott Sherry iSun IS May D.


Palace oi' lloly roodhouse. 556 5100. Daily 9.30am (rpm.

Faberge l'ntil Sun 12 ()ct. £4 it'2 Br. family ticket £10; under 5s i'ree. ()y er 300 pieces drawn ll‘ttttt the Royal ('ollection of works by ('arl lraberge. the greatest Rttssizttt jeweller and goldslttith oi the late 10th and 20th century.


4o l)tindas Street. 550 2223. ’l‘hu t& in 11.30am 5pm; Sat ll50attt 4pm. Mixed Show Sat 10 May 'l‘hu 12 Jun. A mixed show oi new paintings including works by Alison l)tin|op RSW. Sandy Robb. l)ay id Sinclair RSW. Anitra Rtishbrook arid aquatirits i‘rom l‘go Baracco. NFW SHOW


l5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 7545. Mon l’ri 0am 5pm; Sat 10am 4pm.

South Bridge Design Ideas Competition and Edinburgh World Heritage Trust Old Town Fire Exhibit [hid in 30 May. A chance to y iew the ideas oi the winners oi this design competition i'or potential tises oi' the area destroy ed in the ('ow gate l‘ire together with a display on the history oi the area.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnyerleith House. lriyerleith Row. 552 7171. Wed Mon 10am 5.30pm.

0 Andy Warhol: Private Drawings from the 1950s t'nril Sun 2.5 May. l‘rce. The iirst showing ol this group oi priyate drawings by the

\iiiei'ican pop artist \ridy \\atho'i Produced tot his own pleasure. the works tetlect the artists lite and interests and are portraits oi unknown male tigures ttorti parties \\.irhol attended See

John Hutton Balfour’s Botanical Teaching Diagrams (1840-1879) I ttltl Sun 25 May l tee Special display oi sortie extraordinary l‘ith century botanital teat hing \'1.:ltts itorii the RM il-'s art liiycs

Myths, Magic and Medicine 1 Hill Sun I5 .luri Il \hibitioii llall tlarly

lilaiii 5pm» \\cotl cugray iiigs by lune (‘hapriiari

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE landings ( ialleiy. 100 Pirates Street. 225 I501 Mon ltt lilaiii hpiii What If . . ? l iitil 1 it ‘I \lay \looks llatiiiiah irotii Singapore presents .in exhibition oi typograpliit interpretations on subiects .itict lltt‘.‘ daily liie

The Competition lit to \lay in ‘1 ()ct Specially toiiiiiitssionctl behold the scenes" photographs oi recent RHSI \iiiiual \lllsly (‘otiipctittori iiiials by photoiotirrialist Richard Srriith


lo l)uridas Street. 55S 1200 \loii lll lilaiii (rpm; .Sat liiaiii -Iprii

Earl Haig l'niil \yt-ti _‘.s \lay \ selling show oi recent oils and paintings by lzarl llaig

Anna Gordon t'iiiil wt-ti 3s \lay \ new range ol work by young iewcllci Anna (ior'don

Frances Priest t ttlll \yt-tt .‘.s \t..\ A solo show oi work by ceraiiiit ist l’rarices Priest icaturiiig spatial compositions made in porcelain and

SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY 5 ('rlchlon.s ('losc. ('ationgatc. 55" 2S7(r. Mon l'll lilarii (ipiii; Sat

noon -lprri.

Colours l'niit Sat 3-1 May \ ptit'lty inspired exhibition by Scottish artist. Roy \Vimil,


Reiach and Hall Architects. 0 Darnaway Street. 225 S-l-l-l Mon lit 2 5pm.

Sean Shanahan: Rarae Aves l'ritil l’ri lilun. Dublin born artist Seari Shariahaii creates two wall works lot' the gallery space

THE SOUTHSIDE GALLERY 5S Ratcltile 'lerrace. Ni.“ l‘lbb Mon l‘t't 0am (rpm; Sat 10am 5pm Mixed Show l'niil Sal it May ()riginal artworks by yarioiis artists


30 l)tmdas Street. 550 o {my \lori l‘tt llam (rpm; Sat 10 i0am -tpiii.

Ken Ferguson Sat to sm :1 May Recent paintings oi the Highlands and the w est coast oi Scotland.


lot a detailed itinerary call Ill *1 52” 5930/3632.

The Park l‘ntil Ill ‘0 May lhe 'l‘rayellirig (iallery 's latest exhibition doctiiiients through sketches. plans. models and iilm the work oi seyeri international artists who were cornrttissioned to create works ior Scotland's iirst national park. housed in the new (iatcway ('eritre ltt Balloch.


(’aie Bar. 10 (‘ariibridge Street. 22S 5333.

Searching her Reflection t'niit Sat 17 May. l'igur‘atiyc paintings by Atistralian artist llelen Miller. ALTERego Sttn IS May Sat 2S Jun. ln collaboration w itli photographer l.isa l-‘leiiiing. an exhibition oi portraits by young people irom (ir'eater l’ilton.