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Theatre & Dance

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Sat 10 May. 2pm. £3.50.£4. Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre Centre. 8—10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 33‘) 6185. Ages 3—6. (in/(Ire Lurks and the Three Bears ts jUst one of the tales told by Ian Turbitt in his bright and unforgettable style. Songs. stories and audience participation throughout.

The Paper Bag Princess Sat 17 May. 2pm. £3.50 £4. Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre Centre. 87-10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelsindale. 33‘) 6185. Performance by Pavla's Puppets. Princess Iilizabeth is beautiful and rich arid about to marry Prince Ronald . . . until a dragon destroys her castle. burns all her clothes and carries off her prince! Ilowever

Iili/abeth is no ordinary princess. She is off

to get Ronald back.

Weetom - Hats tor Sale Sat It) May. 3pm. £2 (£1 1. Citizens Theatre. 119 (iorhals Street. 42‘) 0022. Master- story'teller Michael Kerins presents his famous character. Weetom. onstage for the first time.


KeatPCii Sat 17 May. 10.30am. Free for (ilasgow Kidzclub card and Young Scot card holders. otherwise £3.90 (£2.50). (ilasgow Filtii Theatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. See Film Index.

Human Body (P01; Everest (L‘); Into the Deep (1'); Space Station (PG) and T- Rex 31) (1'). times vary. check Filrii listings for showing limes. £5 (£3.50). IMAX Theatre. (ilasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000.


Pushkin: Puppets and Folktales l'ntil Fri 23 May. Cafe Cossachok Gallery. 10 King Street. 553 0733. A colourful exhibition celebrating Russia's best-loved writer. featuring material relating to Russian puppet theatre and folklore. as well as puppets made by one of today's greatest puppet makers. John Blundell. who will be running workshops to accompany the exhibition.

M ' life and things start to change. Featuring four performers. cello. accordion and

original score this is an exciting British premiere. See preview.

Activrties and Fun

Silltpainting Workshops Sat 1() & 17 May. 24pm & 4.30—6.30pm. £7. 16 (‘assels Lane. Leith. 553 212‘). Sarah-Ann Askew nuts relaxed weekly workshops in the art of silkpainting. First session for ages 6—1 1 years. second for ages 12 and above. Booking essential.

Theatre & Dance

The Story of the Little Gentleman Sat 10 May. 1 latii 8: 2.30pm. £4; family ticket £15. anton Theatre. Ladywell Way. Musselburgh. 665 2240. Ages 4-8. Award-winning theatre company Catherine Wheels presents the acclaimed adaptation of Swedish children‘s book. The Story- of


W a the s... a


HERE COMES THE SUN Oh no it doesn’t. Oh yes it does . . . In these confusing climatic times we’re in. Giant Productions takes us through the seasons in its new multi-sensory interactive show for 3—6 year olds. lFun with the Sun, Paisley Arts Centre, New Street. Paisley. 0747 887 to 70.

Tue 20—Wed 21 May. £4 (£2.50).

the Little Gentleman. telling the tale of a desperately lonely little gentleman who longs for a friend. but doesn‘t know how to find one. Then one day a dog appears in his

Utter Nonsense Sat It) May. 2pm. £3; family ticket £10. North Edinburgh Arts

Centre. 15a Pennywell Court. 315 2151.

Blueboat Theatre returns with more

fantastical childs' play from Turn Turn

Tinker and tales of Dougie the Dangerous Duck. Horace the Handsome Slug and

3 Super Super Secret Story with its usual

concoction of puppets. animation. music.

film and storytelling.

Early Scottish Dance and Music

Sun 11 May. 1.15—1.55pm. Free. Museum

of Scotland. Chambers Street. 247 4219.

Renaissance dance and live music frotn

Gallieards to pavans performed by the Edinburgh liarly' Dancers and Iidinburgh Barock. Drop-in event (40 minsi. Guangle Wangle Wed I4-Sal 17 May. Wed 1pm; Thu 10.15am 8; 1pm; Fri 10.15am; Sat 1 lam & 2.30pm. £4.50. Traverse Theatre. Cambridge Street. 228 1404. Wee Stories Theatre for Children take you on an exhilarating excursion into the wild and wonderful poems of Iidward Lear.

Rumpelstiltskin at the Fairytale Laundry Sat 17 May. 2pm. £3; family ticket £10. North lidinburgh Arts Centre. 15a Pennywell Court. 315 2151. Ages 5- pIUs. lloodwink presents a unique take on the Grimm's tale with the funny little man Rumpelstiltskin recast in a Iaundrette using puppetry. clowning and storytelling. Cats Tue 20—Thu 22 May. 7.30pm; Wed 8: Sat 2.30pm 8; 7.30pm. £9.50w£32.50. Playhouse. 18—22 Cireeiiside Place. 0870

0003424 The world’s longest running musical Ieay es its \Vest Fnd home to grace (is w 1111 its feline footsteps Come and I1\L‘ the magic. the memory and the mystery of (‘u'h


The Golden Ages of Toys t'niil .s‘ai 7 Jun. Free Mtiseum of Childhood. 42 Iligli Street. 52" 4142 Share the magic of Meccaito. IIoriiby tramsets. teddy bears and the wondertul array of toys that came to life between 1800 and 1030

Myths, Magic and Medicine l'nril Sun 15 Jun. 10am 5pm Free Royal Botanic (iarden. Inyerleith Row. 552 "I21 (lixhibitioii lIaIli lixhibition ot beautitul wood engravings by June Chapman w till the chance to 10111 in a workshop tor all the family.


Stories in the Garden Sun 11 May.

2 3pm. Free Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Row. 552 7171. (Iixlubition llalli Tales of trees arid travels with the R0111: storytellers.

Outside the Cities

Theatre 8 Dance

The Story of the Little Gentleman Wed 14 May. 2pm £4. Paisley .-\rts Centre. New Street. I’aisley. (SS-7 1010. Ages 4 S See Iidinburgli aitd preview.

The Story of the Little Gentleman Sat 17 May. 2pm. £4.50. Carnegie Ilall. liast Port. l)unfermline. 01383 314000 Ages 4 8. See Iidinburgh and preview The Story of the Little Gentleman Stiii 18 May. 3pm. £3.50 (£2.50); (our tickets for £10. Adam Smith 'I'lteatre. Bennochy Road. Is'irkcaldy. 01502 412021) Ages 4 8. See Iidinburgh and prey iew Fun with the Sun Tue 20 wed 2| May. 10.30am ck 1.15pm. £4 (£2,501. Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. Paisley. 887 111111. Ages 3 0. Join (iiant Productions on a journey through the seasons where you can experience t'oui'

, seasons in one hour with music. puppetry.

story telling and creative play. See photo caption.

The Story of the Little Gentleman Wed 21 May. 10.30am & 2pm. £4. Byre Theatre. Abbey Street. St Andrew s, 01334 475000. Ages 4 8. See Iidinburgh and preview.


Awesome Insects l'niil Mon 30 Jun. £3 (£1.50; under 18s t'reei. Museum of Scottish Country I.tle. Wester Kittochside. Iiast Kilbride. 01355 224181. A lively hands-on exhibition delving into the world of insects with a ‘bug lab' and the chance to scotit around in the dtiiig heap.

A Land of Shadows l'ntil Sun 27 Jul. Free. Chatelheratilt Country Park. ('arlisle Road. IIamiItott. 01698 426213. Inspired by JRR. Tolkien's The Inn] aft/re Rings. a fascinating exhibition for all ages featuring a hobbit's sitting-room and a chance to Journey through the 'giant book‘,




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