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Book events

Dorothy Rowe \\.tlcr\lotte'~. 13x Princes Street. 336 3666 (rpm l‘tee lrorn the lrranch l’\}c'lttrltrgt~t artd author. Roue. reads lr'otn lter l‘e\lr\elltltg lrook Hep/ennui l/n lit/r on! u' \Ulll' I’Itwir


Fine Jewellery and Silver l.)on attd 'l‘trrnlrull. ‘3‘ llrotrghton Place. 55" SS-l-l. | lam. l't'ee .-\ \pecralht sale ot litre reseller) artd \llH'l

After Hours National (iallet't ol Scotland. tlte Mound. (r3-1 (r300

5.30 "pm. l'ree. 'l'he (iallet'_\ 'x dooh \ta) open |tl\l lltat little lrtt later lot a programme ol l.tll\\. lllll\l\'. t'eadrngx aitd. of course. all.

Other events

Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidtnlrurgh 7.00. (‘orxtorpltrne Road. 334 0| "I. Want (rpm. l-t'ee. .-\n e\hrlrrtton ot pillllllllg‘x artd drav. lllg‘x Ir} a grottp ol Scotland's lttoxl erttrrtertt \\ll(lllle ltl'll\l\. Beating Retreat lltrlrmtrd l’alace l’or'ecourt. 533 3331. 6.30pm. l~ree. lieatrng Retreat \\llll PIPL‘I'S. tll'llltlllleh and llrghland dancing perlorrned lr) l-.dtnlrtrrglt Schools. ('ontlrtned ('adel l-trr'cex.


Fine Paintings l.)0ll and ‘l‘ttt'nlrull. 33 liroughton Place. 55" .S'S-l-l. llarrt. l‘ree. .\ \[K‘L‘litlhl \ale ol line pillllllllgN including l.e\lle lluttter‘K Sir/l [are nil/t I'lotteir The Cathcarts and the Grahams National (ialler') of Scotland. tlte Mound. (r34 (r300, 13.45pm. l‘t'ee. llttglt Belxe} l't‘ont (iatnxlror'ough llouxe gt\e\ a talk, William Speirs Bruce Guided Tours Rotal .\lu\etrrn. 3 ('harnlrerx Street. 3-1-7 ~13 l‘). 3pm. Free. (ittltletl ltrtll'\ of HMS centenar} e\hrlrrtron celelrrattng the lllt‘lllllt‘ aclttexentent ol polar \ctentN William Spetr'x Bruce.

Wire Garden 'l'rarerxe 'llteatre. ('anthrtdge Street. 33S 1404. “50pm. £4 (£3 l. The lirxt pttlrlrc reading ot l’eter .-\t‘nolt's next pla) litre (inn/en. \xhtch tellx llte \tor'} of Stalin's \on. captttred lr) tlte .\'a/t\ trt I‘l43.

Other events

International Festival of the Sea The Harbour. l.etth. 0.\'"0 013 40(r0, 10am. {l5 (£3.50 Ullt; latntl} ticket £36. l’re\iouxl) held in l‘ll'hIUl arid l’tll'hllltllllll. the International l‘extnal ol' tlte Sea announces Edinburgh's l.erth llarlrottr as its port of call for 3003. Packed “llll \exxelx large and small l'rotn tall xhrps. traditiortal attd t‘lilSSIL' lroatx attd Ro}al Nar} \xarxhrpx. tlte textual celelrt'ate\ all aspect\ of \ea life. See the Scotland the Fest feature on page In for more information.

Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidtnhurgh Zoo. ('orxtor‘phttte Road. 334 017i 9am (rpm. Free. See Thu 33.

Saturday 24

Other events

International Festival of the Sea The Harbour. l.ertlt. 08W) 013 4060. Want. {l5 (£7.50 t'llh; t'anul} ttckel Uh. See Fri 33.

Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidinlrttrgh Zoo. (‘orxtorphtne Road. 33-1 ‘ll7l. Qant-(rpttt. l't'ee. See Thu 33, Psychic and Healing Fair .-\\\emlrl\ Rooms. 5-1 (‘reorge Street. 330 454‘). . llatn—5..‘~0ptn. £3.5015ti350 Hr; urtder ltrx tree. A \ar‘tet} ot' \tallx featuring


tarot. clatr\o'\ant~. astrologers. complententar} lllL‘l'dl‘hh. cr'} \lal\. lrookx attd tnuxrc


Shore Poets 'l'lre (‘attons' (iall. 2.12 ('anongate. 55(r 44M " 45pm L'tlrc l2drttlrurgh\ platlorrn tor lt\e poetr'} arid lllll\lL' Illl\ month has readingx lroitt Bill Duncan arid .\'anc_\ Sornentlle


Sunday Sessions at protoacademy protoacadent}. Room 333. lidtnlrut'gh (‘ollege ol .-\t't. 5‘) (il'.l\\lll;ll‘l\el. 33l (r3(rl. 3 4pm. l-tee ('ontentporar‘} art lraxed research ttnrt protoacadem} \lttm caxe tt pl‘t‘u‘llldlltfll ol' neu \tork Ir} Andre“ \lc‘Nt\ert l'olltm ed lr) art accompart} rrtg (llxellxxttrll group.

Other events

International Festival of the Sea The Harbour. l.ett|t. 085’0 0| 3 4060 10am. {l5 (£3.50 t‘lllr; larurl} IlL‘hL‘l 13.50. See l‘il'l 3.5.

Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidrnlrurgh Zoo. (‘orxtorphrne Road. 33-1 Ul7l. ()am (rprrt. l‘t'ee, See 'l‘hu 33. Psychic and Healing Fair :\\\elttltl_\ RUUIIIS. 5-1 (ieot'ge Street. 330 434‘). llartt 5.30pm. £3.50 9.5 (£3.50 £4); under l(r\ tree. See Sat 3-1.

Monday 26

Other events

International Festival of the Sea The Harbour. l.eitlt. 0870 013 4060. Want. {151957.50 £10); lamtl} IlL‘kel £50. See lit 35.

Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidinlrurgh /.oo. ('orxtot'phine Road. 334 ‘ll '9’]. 9am (rprrt. l'ree. See 'l'hu 33.


The Scottish Parliament Scottish l’arltamenl Site. llol}rood Road. 33‘) "545. £15. Hooking L‘\\L'llll;ll. call RIAS ott ()l3l 33‘) "5-15. \‘reu the models trt tlte \‘ixitor ('entre before embarking on a tour on the long axxailed _\et cottlt'met'xial Scottish Parliament. designed lr} architects liMli'lV’RSlJSl. Is this Democracy? ('otnttrunication Worker's l'nron t(’\\'l't. l5 Bt‘trttxxtick Street.

illltrm edinlrurghcit}.orgttk.

7.30 9.30pm. Free. ()\ er the pilxl months hundreds of thousands of people in this eottntt'} ltax e taken to the \II'L‘L‘I\ in “t” and oil-related protest. This public \\(rl‘k\lt(rp and dlxc‘llsxinn ztlttls [0 question: What doex dentoct'ac} actuall} tneatt'.’ lx our \(lL‘lL‘l) as democratic as it cottld he'.’ And it not. ltou do u e get tltere'.’

Other events

Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidinhttrgh Zoo. (‘orxtorphine Road. 33-1 ‘)I7 I. 0am (rpm. l‘ree. See Thu 33.

Wednesday 28

Book events

Des Dillon Poetry Collection Muirhouxe l.ilrrar_\. l5 l’enn'nxell (‘otrrt. 53‘) 5538. (rpm. L'tlrc. The popular \triter artd poet reads from lll\ “armtng collection of \tor‘k. l’rt'krne Brambles and Other I’ot'mr.


Cult of Celebrity III: Gainsborough National Portrait (killer). 1 Queen Street. (r34 (r300. 13.45pm. l’ree. llttglt Belxe} lrortt (‘rainxhorough “0th gixex a talk. William Spelrs Bruce Guided Tours Rtl);ll Museum. 3 (‘hamlrerx Street. 347 43W. 3pm. Free. See Fri 33.

TONY PARSONS Waterstone's. 128 Princes Street. 226 2666. Thu 29 May. 6pm

Tony Parsons. here for an in-store reading from his new novel Man and Wife. is bit of a paradox: sassy, an occasional necessity. but strangely and unequivocally at odds with himself. As a writer for NME in the 705 he emerged as one of the most interesting and prolific punk journos of the decade. interviewing names - the Clash. the Sex Pistols, Blondie, Talking Heads - that defined an age. In the 805 he diversified and increased his credibility, as a reporter for the likes of GO and Elle.

By the early 90$. Parsons was as famous for being Tony Parsons the personality as for anything else - a factor largely aided by his marriage to and consequent divorce from fellow hack, Julie Burchill. His notoriety grew and he spent six years as a regular guest on BBC‘s Late Review.

Then, in the late 90$, Parsons turned the tables. Man and Boy was published and, lo and behold, a new, more serious Parsons

Edinburgh life

emerged. The critic, it seemed, was ready to be criticised. Moreover. the events in Man and Boy - a lost relationship, single parenting, a dying parent - were all drawn from Parsons‘ own life. It took the British bestseller list by storm as a whole new persona emerged. Two years later, One for my Baby was met with equal acclaim as Parsons' changed gear slightly, considering men’s relationships and the tentative quest for fulfilment. This year saw him launch Man and Wife, the tender, if slightly underdeveloped.

sequel to Man and Boy.

Easy-going pop-culture fodder or the genuine article? Go decide for

yourself. (Anna Millar)

Jan de Vries Ro}al .\lu\eum lecture 'l‘heatre. 3 ('harulrers Street. 3-1" 431‘). "50pm. {5. Jan de \'rre\ presentx llll\ one-oil contpltmentar} lrealtlrcare lecture In million of the .\lar'te ('ttr‘te ('attcer (’at‘e trust. who are It} trtg to turtd a teattt (ll \oluttteer\ lit :30 (in (t trek [0 Nepal.


Creative Writing Workshop North lidinlrurgh Arts ('entre. l5a l’enn}\\ ell ('ourt. 515 3l5l. (r50 Sillprn. l‘ree. Workshops lor' adults trtterexted rrt an} aspect of “Hung and the \rrrtten \tord,

Other events Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidinlrttrgh Zoo. (‘orxtorplune Road. 334

‘Il‘l. 0am (rptn. l-ree. See ‘l'hu __

Book events

Gerry Cambridge and Kokumo Rocks (‘entral l.rlri';tt'}. (ieorge IV Bt'tdge. 335 555-1. The Sc‘itlx poetx lead from tlterr r'expectne \xor'kx. film/trim l'lfiW l‘ill't'lH'H .llltl Hut/.lrr RtHIH/I‘u/t Tony Parsons \Valer\torte\. llh l’rtncex Street. 336 3660. (rpm. l-ree

(‘elelrt'ated \\ ltlL‘l‘U} liltll'lllillllllt'tl author l’ar'xonx reads lrotn lltm (Ull/ llrtt . a no\el alrout the ll'l.tl\ artd llll‘lllallttlh ol lo\e artd rnarrtage See [New it“.

Animals and Us - It’s their World TOO St (‘ulltlrettK (lunch. 5 l.otlttan Road. 33‘) 1H3 "l5 ‘) illprn U l’octr'} reading lr) Kenneth Stexen rrt support ot the World Socret} lot the l’t‘otectrott ot :\llllll.tl\

Big Word Performance Poetry 'l'lte 'lr'on. ‘) llttrtter Square. llrgh Street. 336 003] ‘l llprrt :5 tt3t \lrlton llalgonr. .\latt't lack. Simon Spoor artd Jed l’tckxle} torn Jerrt Rtrllx artd \ntla (i(r\.tlt lot more h_\per'actt\e \erxe


The Scottish Parliament Scolttsll l’arltantent Site. llol_\rood Road. 33‘) 5.545 {l5 See 'lue 3—.

After Hours \itlltlllill l’itt'lt‘all (iallet'). l ()ueen Slr'eet.(r3-1(r3lt0 5 30 3pm l-ree See 'l‘lttl 33

Other events Diversity of Wildlife in Art l1drnlrur‘glt /oo. (‘or'xtorphrne Road. Hv1

‘H‘l. ‘larn (rpm l‘r‘ee See 'llttt 33