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Butterflies, hippos and furnishings

I Butterfly and Insect World Bask in the wonderful world of all things butterfly as they fly. Sip nectar. c0urt. egg lay or Simply show off their beautiful colOurs. Mamel at the industrious leaf- CLittIng ants. handle weird and woiiderful minibeasts and Witness deadly scorpions as you wander through this realm of exotic rainforests. tropical plants and streaming waterfalls. Dobbies Garden World, Lasswade. 663 4932. 70am—5pm. £4. 35 (£3.36) I Edinburgh Zoo Wider accepted as one of the finest zoos in Britain. there's plenty here to while away an afternoon. or even a whole day if you take yOur time. Go and play Wllh the wonderful range of animals on show. including the 200's newest recruit. Lizzie. a baby pygmy hippo. Corstorphine Road. 334 97 7 7. Daily 9am—430pm. E 7.50 (£4.50); family ticket £22.

I Hopetoun House This stately home. part of which is still lived in by the Marquesses of Linlithgow. was built in the 18th century by architects Sir William Bruce and William Adam. It houses furnishings and artwork collected by the family over the past 400 years. Shore Road. South Oueensferry. 337 2457. Daily 70am—5.30pm. £2. 70—25.

I Museum of Scotland Devoted solely to the history and heritage of Scotland. the budding contains five thematically-arranged exhibitions. moving from pre- history. through the Industrial Revolution. to the present day. at which point national heroes such as Billy Connolly and Elaine C Smith get involved. Chambers Street, 247 4279. Mon-Sat mam—5pm; Sun noon—5pm; Tue 1 Oam—8pm. Free.

I Craigmillar Castle For a real taste of history. take a drive out to this ramshackle old castle. which although not quite as intact as Edinburgh Castle. is far more atmospheric and the scene of much plotting during the reign of Mary. Queen of Scots. Craigmi'llar Castle Road. 667 4445. Daily

9. 30am—6pm. E 1.80 (75p).

102 THE LIST 22 May—5 Jane 2303

Edinburgh life continued

Book events

The Business: A Colloquium on the Environment of Creative Writing l’lt-axaiitt- (‘almit-i Bar. (ill l’leaxance. (>50 2 34‘) Spin

[the l‘oruni on the cream e “tiling hll\lllL'\\ \\ iih talks. l’c'.ltllllj_‘\ and


William Speirs Bruce Guided Tours Ro}al .\lu\euin. 2 ('hainheix Street. 247 421‘). 2pm. l'rec. See l'll 23

Other events

Gardening Scotland 2003 Rotal Highland (‘entie. Inglixion. 33.5 (i2(l(l. 0am 5.3llpin. Ll l Ll3 (Ll) LI ll Scotlanth annual gardening e\tra\agan/a Cllk‘tllilp.t\\lllj_' \ho“ gardens. \PL'L'ltllhl lllill't|llL'L‘\. gardening e\pei't\ and li\c entertainment. 3D/2D Craft and Design Fair Rti};il Highland (‘enli‘e. Inglixton. 33. 0200. 9am (ipin. (‘onteinporau cral'tnoi'lt sold direct h} the lliillu'H. Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidinhurgh Zoo. ('oi‘xiorpliine Road. 3.3-1‘)l7l. ()am (\plll. l'ree. See 'l‘hu 22. Asian Adventure l-Ltliiihiirgli Zoo. ('oi'xtorphine Road. 33-1 ‘)l" l. 7pm.

[.5 i; ll) ([4 UN. 'l'his popular permanent attraction celehiatex all things Asian. See photo caption.

Book events

The Business: A Colloquium on the Environment of Creative Writing l’leaxaiict- ('ahai'ct liar. (it) l’leasaiice. 65” 234‘). 1.30pm. L'thc. See l‘ri 30.

Other events

Gardening Scotland 2003 Rotal Highland ('entre. lngliston. 335 (i2lltl. 0am 5.30pm. ii I L'l3 (U) Ll l l. See lit 30.

3D/2D Craft and Design Fair Ro}al Highland (’entre. lnglixton. 335 (1200. Until ()plll. See Hi 30. Diversity of Wildlife in Art liditihut‘gh Zoo. ('orstorphiiic Road, 334 ‘)l7l. 9am (rpm. liree. See ‘l‘hu 22.


Sunday Sessions at protoacademy pt'tiltittc‘dtlL‘Ill}. Room 238. lidinhurgh ('ollege of Art. 7‘) (‘ii'axxniai'keL 22| ()2(\l. 2 4pm. l‘ree. ('onteinporar)‘ art based research unit protoacadein}~ present a presentation of DC“ “ork h} .\'iel Katie and lioighan l-‘iddex l'ollou ed h} an accompanying tlGCUxxltili group.

Other events

3D/2D Craft and Design Fair Royal Highland ('enti'e. lllgllxltill. 335 (i200. 9am-6pm. See l’ri 3t). Gardening Scotland 2003 Roin Highland ('entre. ltiglixtoll. 335 (i200. Quin-5.30pm. £l l—L'l3 (£9 {I l l. See Fri 30.

Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidinhurgh Zoo. (‘orstorphine Road. 334 917l. ()am- ()plll. liree. See Thu 22. Scotfairs Antique Fair Meadowbank Sports (‘entre. I30 London Road. (to! 535 l. lt)am—-l.3(lpm. L'l (l‘ic‘c‘l. l3l‘()\\\c \ltlll\ laden \\ iih jeweller}. L‘tittis. linen. medals and antiques.

Book events

Margaret Atwood Assemhl) Rooms. .54 George Street. 220-1349. 7pm. £5 (£4). liiiernationall) renouned author and Booker pri/en inner Alumni talks about her nexx hook (HM and

' Hi see u L ZLIAIIILr-LtLOA 9-.. .o .i_-. I e u t . . o I :A- AAAAAA _ A Cit l1 3 ll x4».»1 «‘II r. I _ o .: I c all} IIY:I.Io:l I“. s) I1 51 Alll I I4 0 . r. . . . . . . ..r-. .1153) mgr “Tu l .1. . ‘. . W. t "i :3 ~w; :' o r; .; A“; u'lllti IILJL o i o :o ; a : i ; : hellish!” 10-113 ' i u 0

o o a oo o o o : 'o:o ' o 0 .

('rii/u’. a concenahle \ l\lUll ol the lllllll’t‘ in \xhich the \koi'ld'x in the wake (il CL‘Hliiglc‘dl tilltl \t‘it‘lillllt‘ (ll\;i\lt't‘.


Woman with her Throat Cut Dean (iaIIcI). ‘3 Hellot'tl Road. 02-1 620”. |2.-l5pin. l‘l't‘t‘. l'.li/.ihet|i (‘ouling Hill" the l'nnei'xit} ol lzdinhui'gh (ll\k‘ll\\t'\ :\lhci'to (iiaconietli'x piece.

Other events Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidinhui'gh /.oo. (‘oi‘xtoi‘phine Road. 3 3-l

Uli'l. 9am (ipin. l‘iee. See Thu 22.

Tuesday 3

Book events

Yann Martel ladinhuigh /.oo. ('orxtoi’phine Road. 33-l ‘ll7l 7pm. L5 lroin \Vaiei‘xtone'x \Vexi land hi‘aiicli. l.a\t )ear'x Booker pi‘i/cmnnei Yann lt‘.itl\ ll'tllll lll\ \lL‘lHl'lUlh noxel. l.l/(' or l’i.

Other events

Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidinhurgli Zoo. ('orxioi‘pliine Road. 33.1 ()l7l, ‘).ini (\plll. l'i‘cc, See 'l‘hu 22.

Wednesday 4

Book events

Shane Maloney and Ian Rankin \\';itei'\t(iiie\. I23 l’l'lllc‘t‘\ Street. 220 2(i(i(i. (iplll. l'i'ec. .'\ll\ll'illl;ill criine \xritcr Shane .\laloiic_\ is in comerxation uith laii Rankin as the) (ll\c‘ll\\ Malone) \ lale\l \Hll'h. I‘lii' lire 4%.

Other events Diversity of Wildlife in Art lidinhui‘gh Zoo. (‘oixtorphine Road. 334

‘)l7'l. ‘lain (rpm. l'i'cc, See Thu 22.

Book events

Alice Sebold \\‘;iieixionc\. 12H l’rince\ Street. 226 2666. (rpm l-rce. The author reads horn and \l:_'ll\ her two latest howl“. '/-/i¢'1.uii'/\ Bonn and

Lin In.

Kate (‘)llL'L‘ll'\ lldll. (.lCl'h SII'L‘L'I. (168 201‘). 7pm. L5. The pioneering

leiiiale \\.ii coiiexpondent talkx about her career and e\pei'ience\. a\ recorded Ill hei .iiitohiograpli}. I/It' Kim/urn o/ \‘Iriiiiei'i \


After Hours National (itillt‘l') ol Scotland. the \liitiiii|.(i2-1(i2l)ll.

5.3” "pm l‘iec See Hill 22.

Other events

Diversity of Wildlife in Art ludinhingli /oo. ('oi'xtorphine Road. 334 ‘ll7l. ‘lain (ipin. l'icc. See Thu 22.


Edinburgh's 7th Independent Radical Book Fair (29 May-1 Jun) is preparing to set up camp at the Assembly Rooms this fortnight. Highlights include global democraCy debates With George Monbiot (Thu 7pm). Scotland in books wrth Des Dillon (Thu 7pm), feminist and lingUist Luce lraigary (Fri 2pm). an International Evening of Poetry. Song and MUSIC With Liz Lochhead. Mahmood Jamal and Latin American music courtesy of Voces del Sur (Fri 7.30pm). DisCLissions on capitalism (Sat

1 1.45am). Scotland‘s future (Sat 10.30am). Britain's 'rogue state' (Sat 11.45am) and Iraq: Past. Present and Future (Sat 2.30pm) merge With book stalls and crafts. The fair culminates with Dr Parsons and his impromptu cartooning (Sun 12.15pm) alongside Stories for Lunch (Sun 1pm) and much more. See news at Front for more information or call Word Power 0131 662 9112. Alternatively. email books©word- power.co.uk or click on wwwv/ord-power.co.uk.