The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break Lamxgatefi 12.8%

Frer': Greek riggth to air- ’litioned nightmare. Ste/eh She'oll'f, {,"V'l'lrifl: I, an intriguing me. Take one defeated lvlnotaur. f'eed from hi1, supposed ’leinise at the hands of brave Theseus. curse hiiii Hltfl immortality. dress him If] chef's whites and place him in the kitchen of a steak house. Good. innit? Not to mention cruelly ironic.

But WI” yOur life be enriched by the experience of consuming this debut novel? Certainly. this reader's caffeine intake rose exponentially but even the trick of reading the book backwards failed to bolster interest. If, like a half—man, half- bull in a China emporium, you are seeking a smashing time. best shop around. Of course you may be missmg out on a poignant tale of bovine insight into the human psyche unfolding at ‘dreamlike pace' (to quote the Pub/isr'iers Week/y ravel. The Minotaur himself knows better. He says: ‘Unnnhhh'. Probably lust havmg a moo-poo. (Rodger Evans>


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Pa/ace Pier IS intended as an observational slice-of-life comedy in novel form. spread over one drunken weekend in Brighton. Sadly, Keith Waterhouse. in what is the Successful author's 15th novel, seems to be Sleepwalking through the 200 pages herein.

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Keith Waterhousfi


The s on; involves a washed—up. one-hit novelist Chris Duffy. now of near-pensionable age. who drifts from bop/er to boozer. stumbling into vague acquaintances at a literary festival in the


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Al Qaeda and What it Means to be Modern

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The Universe: 365 Days

«Thames 8. Hudson $324.95) 0...

Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space

The stuff that goes on up in the great yonder and way beyond, remains a big fat mystery to us even in the light of today's seemingly endless ‘progress'. But no matter how much we scratch our heads trying to work out what it can all mean, one thing is for sure: it all looks bloody amazing. Michigan astronomer Robert J Nemiroff and Maryland astrophysicist

Jerry T Bonnell are co-founders of popular website Astronomy Picture of

the Day, and this stunning collection of 365 shots shamefully and understandably pilfers from that starry archive. Kicking off with the 1 January entry which simply but movineg portrays the planet we walk on.

The Universe is among the heaviest (in weight as well as content) bedside

books you’ll ever encounter. Of course, all the techy solar-speak could leave you with a severe migraine, but it's probably best to just gaze upon the colour and texture of the images chronologically laid out.

And at the very least, you can tell most of your friends that you’ve been

up close to Jupiter’s Brain, the Rosette Nebula and the Interstellar Dust

Bunnies of NGC 891. And see how many of them have a darned clue what

you're on about. (Brian Donaldson)

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compare g'ossness. fS'lt: L‘S .'(:il(:‘.’(:(t I’lilf ff‘f: other kitlf) answer first so she knows swat to say [Joan's ear»; yea") are fui o‘ fari‘::iai 'fiiilitffllff) ike this. except these o'iilrlro" are 'tleLLiiifilflt} ‘.‘.’t‘.(:t"1‘:' it is wow: disgusting ‘9! The track lliéilfi 9! a" lr‘diai‘ To ll‘étkf: saivl's.’ /;t‘(:f3. Uta": mes ': ’é)i":s South ft‘vra. Barbara Trap/fr, “as

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