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,ih; It: l l' _:T w in: mummifi- " . Comic art with an expressionist bent: Hellboy (il"lt:l‘flt'(:‘. .(tf, fan-Ir?) .: 'K."‘l -' ; ..: l' w ' a.r~.;,-:-_: : I was wondering around an art gallery in Edinburgh the other day. looking at an exhibition that

m: l .4 : i v " w " .: reminded me of comic book illustrations (but not as well executed as the better examples of that

Humil‘. u '2- m! ’léflhl w. medium). It got me thinking about how comic book art is presented in the opposite way, that is, not it -;:~, 11".; firww t“ w; ' .:' hung on a wall in a big white space, rather printed in small A4 booklets. My next thought was: ‘If m i ma. wt my .1: run-m .‘ . i. I some of the more striking comic art was hung in grand gallery spaces. maybe it would get the .ilijllhl'W'fm .7 w- a in! gift M 1}.” " attention outwith the regular comic book reading community it so richly deserves.‘ .ilw, <:: r‘ .t-. a; ,: tm‘. Mai): ll?‘ ; "‘.ér".ii e: w l Mike Mignola‘s one such comic book artist who‘s work, though it displays a fine mastery of the nmrtt. :It :2 ,:;I.ilt;:.i f< r! (:<:l" we. f"<: l : til: sequential art medium (in A4 format), would benefit from being blown up to eight-by-six feet and fillltlt. lltl', :, a: n-r‘f i': mm; mm W M; .-:-r .sz \ f '9» framed. Well, that hasn‘t happened yet, at least not in Scotland. Until it does we have The Art of «in mm: 2 m4, .HM hm.- \’/"‘;( it A: t " Hellboy, a handsome hardback coffee table-style book which beautifully reproduces a selection of cum 1.12.; mm; )m- -;:.u ,r. ‘_ \ I t l , Mignola‘s work drawn from the ten years he‘s been writing and illustrating the tongue-in-cheek .nm r: nmt M. :tt'r. adventures of his eponymous infernal detective of the paranormal. 3.1.;le x. it :'\:~ f;l'3‘.l. n 3:; SUMMER JOB Apart from a few pages and panels from the comics, The Art of Hellboy brings together covers,

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poster art, merchandising illustrations and sketchbook work. There‘s not much in the way of insight

[)gdgp , g)“: ‘. . into Mignola's working methods; what this book aims at is showing us the results of the artist’s 000 efforts (Mignola‘s a painful perfectionist, as the many previously unseen abandoned illustrations in this tome prove). » .2: In the years between starting out drawing superhero strips for Marvel and DC and reaching the ;' a: " .-/- _' peak of his game with the ongoing irregular Hellboy series (soon to be a major film via Mexican w: : .: filmmaker Guillermo del Toro), Mignola has been refining his art. The bold shadow work, which )Il. ' "t~'. " defines - like a photographic negative - most of what he illustrates, the simple black lines and the . .' two plane separation (for example, bright background/dark foreground and vice versa) set Mignola :)-. -:.7 \'~ apart from those within his field, and those without. « s i All we need now is a full-blown art gallery exhibition. (Miles Fielder) ' I TITs Ass AND " j ~ - REAf. ESTATE " ' "5 Eve Gilbert "' ' '- .". . :«:‘ ==~iyzm oooo 3' '44» .3" ' . . , "7 '2 , . r I' (I; .4 Joe Matt loses his comic collection in Fair Weather 2 : 31;. 2,4»- -:' .: '. ' I: , .' :.»': 91:. Liza-