Go-go gadget legs

First there was the quirky 80s cartoon. Inspector Gadget. Now there‘s the quirky Glasgow gadget shop, Inspecto. The brainchild of 23-year-old music technology graduate Mark Turner, Inspecto opened in December and is already a magnet for kids and gadget-geeks alike.

As well as fun novelty-items and games, gifts and accessories line the shelves of the small. modern space. Glitter pens, scented candles and sparkly tealight holders are displayed alongside a zoo of stuffed, long-haired animals called the Buff Bunch, who appear to be challenging for the Beanie Babies crown. ‘Kids go mad in here,’ says Turner. ‘They want to pull everything apart.‘

They also get change from their pocket money, with board games such as Ludo, chess and draughts priced at £2.80 each, marbles costing 80p and bubbles costing 25p. ‘We‘re trying to keep the prices low compared to other West End outlets especially for gifts,’ he says. ‘About 60% of our customers are students, who get a 10% discount.‘

Favourite items for the bigger kids include lava lamps, disco balls, smoke machines and flashing spot and filter-lights. ‘We recently played on our growing reputation as a good place for home disco accessories,‘ says Turner. ‘80 we dressed up in 705 gear and gave out flyers wearing chest-wigs and medallions. I even got the Inspecto logo plastered all over my car and drove about with Barry White blasting.‘

But there's also a range of stock for the more serious shopper that includes everything from hi- tech digital cameras (£40) to bullet flasks (£10) and designer silver-jewellery. And there’s more to come. ‘I’ll be beefing up the stock and intend to be fully organised by mid-summer,‘ says the budding entrepreneur, who envisages Inspecto branches across Scotland. ‘I might even earn enough to quit my part-time job in Next.’ (Louise Prendergast)

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I STUDENTS OF HERIOT- Watt Universny school of textiles and deSign Will showcase their end-of- year work at the annual fashion show. The high profile event Will take place at Edinburgh's Dynamic Earth on Fri 23 May and Will feature collections by fourth year deSigners studying at the BOrders campus. Highlights from the show promise to be Joanna DaVICSODS deSignS which take inspiration from Organic and contemporary constructions: Fiona Dewson's collection. which is sponsored by Swarovski Crystals and will feature over 26.000 gems; and Stephanie Smith's 192OS-inspired collection which harks back to the days when no expense was spared on garments. Futuristic make-up is provided by MAC at Harvey Nichols. Tickets are $210 and can be purchased on 01896 892237 or email fashionCa‘ihwacuk. Tickets Scotland Will also sell tickets on 0131 220 3234.

I FUNCTIONAL ART doesn’t get much better than Blue Marmalade’s latest designs. The company, which focuses on manufacturing and developing products in Scotland, will unveil its ‘Poly Rap’ wastepaper bin and ‘ib pop’ chair at Form at the Lighthouse. The bin (£12.90) is made of

a single sheet of polypropylene which is folded to create a funky, watertight design. When the bin is full, it can be emptied and wiped clean. The ingenious chair, meanwhile, is also produced from a single sheet of 6mm polypropylene and is fashioned into an occasional dining chair (price £116). For more information call 0141 225 8422 or email form@thelight

I FOPP PROVES ITSELF to be smarter than yOur average record Store once again With its new CD vending machine. The days of standing in a Queue to part With your cash are over for customers ViSiting the Union Street store in Glasgow. The new vending machine will stock around 40 titles in the C5 range initially but. depending on popularity. It may be extended. The prototype machine has been Created by Design & Build and is located at the front of the Union Street branch and also accepts credit cards.

I SHARLEEN SPITERI and Ewan MacGregor wore their tartan hearts on their sleeves when they pledged support to Pringle’s charity T- shirt campaign. The lion-rampant inspired design has been created by Pringle as part of Pearl 8: Dean’s 50th anniversary. Sales of the T-shirts benefit the Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland. T-shirts can be bought from Cruise and Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh.