V I saw you Blonde Babe. yoti sometimes park your clapped out while liiesta near my flat and you smile at me on your way to the 'l‘un. Wanna meet'.’ [7468/37

V I saw you White Rabbit at the top of leith Walk. Yoti asked me to follow you... but I lost you in the crowd. ('ome find the again. I will follow yoti. [7468/38 V I saw you Tall l’aul. Id like to haye a '(io-(io' with you? xxx [7468/39

V I saw you Sexy boy tl-‘Iip. lidinburgh. How many more crap postcards do I base to ptit in before yoti notice me'.’ [7468/40 VI saw you my electnc love affair in a dream that i had last week. 'Ihe sky was grey with forbt xling and my heart lay at the bout mi of the sea. 'lhen you came to me like a rainbow over a storm. lifting me otit of the dtu‘k depths of sadnexs into a world filled with light. On tutother note. hi. Xx [7468/41

V I saw you sunflower dude at the l‘ilmhouse (are. I lent you a pen atid you didn‘t return it. [7468/33

V I saw you at the airpon. nice hair. Happy Birthdale Xox [7468/33

V I saw you at y'ibe on the (IIII. Beautiful. brown eyed girl. Wearing a bright blue T shirt and jeans. We exchanged hellos iii the hallway. I had pink hair. Remember me‘.’ [7468/42

V I saw you White Rabbit seeks followers. 1 saw you all in 1999 and now I'm back. I've missed you. have you missed me'.’ [9/468/43

V I saw you monkey pltiriis. on route to liyerpool. (‘an we join you‘.’ Lets rock. Love Keyhole and Sir Iggy. xxx [7467/1

V I saw you sexy Linda at Bush Baby. you're the bomb girl. looking forward to our next encounter. see you on the daft side. X [1/467/2

V I saw you and your 34 c's exploding into action at Planet. What do you hope to accomplish'.’ Cheeky chops. L7467/5

V I saw you Feeh- you'll always be my perfect moment. Thankyou for the most wonderful 3 years of my life. Love you always. W.W xx [7467/6

V I saw you French connection girl looking all fancy. Talked about New York. Wanna go for a drink. Fitted shirt guy. [7468/35

V I saw you at llabanna on 13/04/03. your white rugby shirt with bltie collar. I‘ancy a meet" [7467/7

V I saw you watching. reading the 'I saw yous'l Yoti wished I was looking for you. I wished you were looking for me? xxx [7467/8

V I saw you at Planet ()ut 2/4/03. teatime. You -loud and couldn't stop looking at yourself? Kinda ctite though? Me- sat near you at the bar. Speak next time. [7467/9

V I saw you. you always come into my shop on (‘ockburn St. it know 1’ The well know it chemist? Don't be shy? Make yourself known. You know me and I fancy ti 3? [7467710

V I saw you butch l)r (layiti. eating all the sticky toffee pudding. ()ti est la poisson pudding pour la madame'.’ xx [7467/l l

V I saw you in Planet Out. You looked stunning with your dark hair. cream cardigan and folders. What you studying'.’ [7467/ l 3

V I saw you monkey in your MA's top - gix'e 17 a rest. 'I'[ "s over. stick to bingo. [7467/13 V I saw you. I ptit a spell on you at the Aqua 1.tinar('oncert. luv it Miranda. [7467/14

V I saw you ('heesecakel Happy birthday u chocolate monster til [7467/3

V I saw you tranny. you are such a tease. Yoti can w rap your legs around tire and give me stubble rash anytime. l)x [7467/4

V I saw you B Rtiley. lfyou play your cards right. could be a good game. Boy. you special. [7/467/15

V I saw you german. cycling. mountaineering. designing hunk. in the l’ilitilititise- noone gives me better poetry than you. I'll howl at the tnoon when you leave. [I/467/l6

VI saw you beautiful bum. Sony. nearly forgot to mention your face. your smile. your red jumper around your hips. [7467/17 V I saw you with open face. a warm smile getting on the London Kings (‘ross train. on [faster Monday. We kept smiling at each other as I saw my brother and my niece off. (‘an we smile at each other some more? [7467/18

V I saw you with your golden curls in Kl"(‘. [' looked linger-licking good. But 1 was too chicken to say. ribs ring a bell'.’ [7467/19

V I saw you thru the haze of a rocking sunday. your showerproofjacket and your y'esl will not protect you? We can slide? [7467/20

V I saw you in pink underwear and pigtails. Did you see me in my y’est'.’ [7467/21 VI saw you swimming in sewage. You looked a bit ‘doimy' but I lime to say ‘1 lose it!‘ [7467/22

VI saw you at '( ‘ttnos' w ith your skin head. baggy leans and big eyes. “e ltltle‘tI at each other. [‘01 l w cut home. I'm not w ith anyone. get 111 touch. we are cute. [ 7467/23

V I saw you at l’locktoti Yoti were so hot and I'm so glad you're my wile. ["46"’24

V I saw you 111 the liarl ol Marchmont- you always wear a black hat. me and my lriends think you're a dream. [746325


V I saw you loyely oriental girl in the l-ilmhottse bar. Reading about anhotise mox ies w hile crowded by llon'or fans. It you want to apologise to me again I'm happy to let you do something had first this time. [7467/26

V I saw you Mufty in Thai Me ['p. [' hard hearted harbinger of haIX'i‘dashet'y. Me special needs bunny in the yellow btis sense? [' special friend big hugs fae me x. [7467/27

V I saw you the cheeky dark haired Londoner. From the happy dancing girl in lispionage on sunday 20111 fancy doing some market research on me'.’ [ 7467/40 V I saw you naked on the green leather couch. looking hot and bothered? loved it. and you? here's to another 3 months of conquering weird places. and more ctifl'ees/teas/quickies... loye K\.\\ [74(17/2‘)

V I saw you 10118 at the April reunion. well doiie to the man that organised it. A wartn hello to you all that were there and to those who didn't make it. [7467/31)

V I saw you ey il retarded puppy serx‘ing at the Queens llall bar on Saturday night. Your grumpiness only makes you more adorable. l.o\'c Wanell [7467/33 V I saw you watching as Valhalla burned - 12/4/03. You: grey fleece. beige trousers. alone‘.’ Me: young guy looking for new friends. You'x'e caught my eye before - wish I'd had the courage to say hello. Do we share a passion for music - maybe more‘.’ [7467/33 V I saw you boogie girl and it was groovy. with your blonde wed friend. and you mixed the times at Mandy ‘s party so so liiie on Sat 26th April. A big shame Mandy is moy'ing Southwards since I may tiey er base that chance to chat to you. 1 so wish I had taken it? Take it easy babe. x [7467/34

V I saw you in my house and those you in my battered ma/da. Me too shy to ask for your number. Tell me more about soft tops & cash registers. S. [7467/38




. ~\~i‘~i~ -‘ 159.3 7“ >VA:‘ :>’_ Vx'::r‘

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