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2-for-1 meals at 2-for-1 tickets for David Bann’s The Lighthouse

The L3: and Tm:- t- ginthrxise are uttering matters; the chance to sum: 5‘3 gum Ou" 2-tor~t ‘.Cu<7t‘.€?r 1c the COI‘..‘i".»'Oi\-PLACE C'Xl‘ill‘llltt". untii Mc'xit :i JtJTt’ 26-03. COi'Ji'JOi‘id-PLACE t)’Of'i(‘,-S nine Scottish prmet‘ts t‘tirit'wriiiia rititviq places. t‘ioth littllltatC‘étllU(3x;)£3!t81‘.(‘. tnat ".20 sham .'.,tn Atntv ptmtiio Ti't‘ll‘ an extraordinar, shelter on Tree to tne a‘.'.'ard ‘.'.llll‘.il‘.t’_} Dance Base l" Edinburgh. It's a touring exhibition created tit, The Lighthouse ‘.‘.l‘il(‘ll is: par: of the National P'ogian‘n‘e ot actiuties :ntorrnetl hi, Il‘it‘, Scottiva Exoctitixti's; Policy on Architecture.

Hit: List has teaiired up with David Bann'f; Vegetanan Restaurant a Bar to offer you the ’;lt£itl’,(: to enjoy 2-for-1 nurialég at ll‘) award ‘.‘/Inltlltg rr:“,taurant. Here's your chance to SH: what all the fuss is about Over the recent runner of The Lists Eating a Drinking Gil/(1'0 award for Best on a Budget To take advantage of this; offer. Just take this voucher to David Bann's when you go.

: David Bann’s Vegetarian Restaurant & Bar : I 56-58 St Mary's Street I I Edinburgh I I 0131 5585888 I : : I This voucher entitles you to purchase I? : 4 _ lightmeelstertheprlseefene. :


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COMMON-PLACE Buildings and Spaces that

,/ C t u '/ To celebrate the opening of ngtfgchthguse L1 QLJS

Scotland's newest all:sports Until Wednesday 1 1 June _ store at Ocean Terminal, {3 (£150) Edinburgh, The List is offering you the chance to Win: Scotland‘s Centre for Architecture. Design and the City

£150 worth of vouchers 1 1 Mitchell Lane ._.. , a. £100 worth of vouchers (3|asgow ARCHITECTURE £50 worth of vouchers G1 3NU T t H H Tel: 0141 221 6362

0 e” 9" “J5 9 U53 Whe'e '“ Edmbu'g" '5 the, ’mg‘ $2115): BFCHUYi new all:sports store opening? : Answers on an email marked ;' _ ' T T T T T T T T " T ' T ' T ' T T T T ' - - T " ' '; ‘allzspOrts' to COMMON-PLACE .

' . . Scotiand 3 Centre tOr ' or on a i BUIldings and Spaces that Connect Us mmwwe I postcard to The List. 14 High | The Lighthouse Desigr and the City I Street. Edinburgh, EH1 : Wednesday June : Deadline for entries is noon on I £3 (53150) Tel: 0141 221 6362 I, Friday 6 June 2003. Please i wwwthelighthousecouk If include a daytime telephone I I number, i This voucher entitles you to purchase I

: two tickets for the price of one. : For your nearest store. , T a . erms Conditions: ca” 0161 430 8330 ' This voucher entitles you to purchase two tickets of equal value ' or log on to www.a|| I to entry to The Lighthouse for the price ot one until Monday 9 I I June 2W3.g:l;)Chef cannot be uselgin Cng'llUnCUOnt With any I," I a "A I,“ “I. I n _ T 8| c (fl. , other offer. one vouc er may us per ous Omer. --','.:':_.':I:.ff . great stuff for all the fami/y! T222253 .0 ggsg'§g§,w,._,e UM, Ls, , J‘ . L n ———————— ————————J

22 May—5 Ju:‘- 2003 THE LIST 11