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John Fardell

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What is your worst vice?

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Answer machine

Natural born mincer JULIAN CLARY chews the fat during his

How much fun was it playing the lead in Taboo [Boy George’s acclaimed West End campfest]?

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How much of a part did Taboo play in your decision to go back on the road? lt has al: part ’>‘ the (ternstorr. reaszsert hos. n‘uoh

'nrssert hernr; In front at a .e audience. Tahoe 'tas :nfuenrmr: the 500K of thls snow (JLAIIC‘ a not; that was a .(:r‘«, theatrzrgal shou’: anz" so .5; thzs. We 'tress an to the nines. no Change otlr oostur'te ever; he n‘inutes. '.'.'e .vear tons of makeup and ‘.'/e'*./e not exer‘, theatrar;al tack .'.’(,‘ Can manage

Who is the world’s best mincer. either dead or

Prohahl, Oscar erle l thunk he was very minoey anrl ten clever mth It. and yen; brave In his tune. Tell us one career move you’ve regretted?

don't have man, regrets because don‘t really plan in; career: lust (lo zvnat comes along. I mean there's a few shows that were a hit nafl that I've heen on, hut I've been around the block so many tunes that It doesn't really matter.

I'm on a no wheat. no-rneat. no-dalry diet and I'm

‘Y‘r’lfiz f (lf‘hi‘a‘f if .0 Il‘t‘a‘. "‘X‘Mllr“ What's your biggest extravagance? Art soon!) a lot 0‘ "‘onm d" [Elilitll‘afill finch A; totallx tlr‘u'vf-(tessar‘h but they 7'0 so awzf'wtlvaw.

nlnastno that «o to tie surf How house-proud are you? \/pp_ l'n~ .(if‘.' mm)", One at W.

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And you have homes in London, Brighton and Majorca. That's a lot of housework.

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‘l‘r’ell. ! fus tow then‘ ancl (to me next one People think of you as being over the top. Is there anything ordinary about you that might shock people?

M, <.a\.-to-(la‘, '1sz v; w", orrllnar‘. .walk the to. mat/tn telex'nunrt, u‘w of‘staué- :5; .en, run of {wt n‘lll, c.4113". :5; how like :t rtrvz't lIKl‘ (m; sh-uxnln; oartms. sol don't nut rvmzwf t" that l,'»‘;.?_vvl‘

Why does sexual innuendo make for good comedy?

Because Its a plat, rm lanaaaue, It's one i)? tn" u , of the English lanriuagle that .w ham ll”lllf?'l(l(, llr't (louhle entenore; not all languaz V»; 'er Ingralnerl In us to play arounrl mtn 3.11M“ lt't; a '.(i'l‘, useful (ZOHHC deuce and Without rt l'u‘ lm- out r,‘ .1 lot).

How do you chill out?

drink a glass of white ‘.‘.’lll(‘ anrt (lo some housework.

Who should play you in a stage version of your life?

Stephan Booth from H()//},/()(1k:;, He (“(50 recent t, m a car crash, so I know he's avarlahle.

I P/ayhouse, {Ed/nourgh, Sat 37 May; jaw/ton, Glasgow, Sun 7 Jun; WWWJIl/IiirlC/{l/v,n0!

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THE GHOéT’ amp BRlT‘ANNlA ln 1998,. a stv’mme gar’nt emerged 1mm the What am; sailed .rttD {he port of Lettla. Alt’r’ioug'n she was {warmed {or a luxury cruise, We canted ac Faber???” An eerie atrvzcspherg of cold mtsev’g, Permsei the MAP.

A legend begun to emerge, that she had once cPeflm.'/?d 91.159559 rein-7d the world by a curred, 519/} 29 dynartg- U.-'s.*tm {lock to Edinburgh {'0 5ee the mgxfi'u mp vat; 355. j 22: new been mum: f: 9;». near Her.

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