to heighten tension in a style reminiscent (if the I942 classic ('(I! l’t'uplr'. An effective. lI predictable chiller starring Bully regular ('aulfield. (it'lirrril I'(’/('(l\('. The 00!)! (cert tbc) (Kry s/ltil Krausc. Poland. 1999) Robert (ionera. Jacek Borcuch. ()7lltln. Lone sharks and murder. Krau/e's masterpiece is a modern day version of I)ostoes sky 's ('rinu' um/ I’llIIH/HIH’III. l’ilmliuuw. Edinburgh.

Documentary and Non-Fiction (cert the) (Various. l'K/Italy. 3003) ()9lllln. Selection ol films show casing new work. curated by Luca Mosso. film critic at In Republu‘u newspaper. Part of the Scanibiare season of Scottish/Italian fusion of music. film and theatre. (‘( 2-1. (i/(lvg'nii‘.

0 Dolls 4 izm eeee lKitano ‘Iieat' 'I‘akeshi. Japan. 2003) .‘yliho Kanno. Ilidetoshi Nishijinia. 'I‘atsuya Mihashi. I I3nnn. The latest film from awe-inspiring Japanese comic. actor. painter and director 'I‘akeshi sets up aii odd but compelling concept. In a play by ('hikaniatsu (Japan's equivalent of Shakespeare). banruku dolls perform a sad tale of human tragedy. 'I‘akeshi reverses the polarities of the theatre. making the dolls the onlookers to three stories performed by live actors. In keeping with the pain and sorrow it depicts. Dolls is a measured and tranquil piece. much more in the mood of 'I'akeshi's Ilium-Iii than the intrinsically bloody l'i'oli'nl (up. See review. (ii-"ll (ilusgmi:

Dreamcatcher I IS) 0..

(Lawrence Kasdan, [38, 2003) Thomas Jane. Morgan Freeman. Jason Lee. Homin. In this adaptation of Stephen King's noch ,)I'('(HII('(II('lIt’I'. four childhood friends can read minds and see into the future. gifts given to them by a mysterious boy called I)uddits. Only when the state of Maine is threatened by malign aliens and a silly sub-plot involving a battle of wills between army boy-s Freeman and Tom Si/emore do the boy’s summon their Collective powers and thwart an evil force bent on destroying the Iiarth. It‘s convoluted King soup. strained and served by screenwriter William (ioldman and director Kasdan. ('ontaining some truly terrifying scenes - the majority of which involve slimy worm creatures with rows upon rows of razor sharp incisors -- the film. however. as a whole lacks bite. St'lt't‘lt’rl I'¢'[('(l.\l'.

Earth ( IS) 0... (Deepa Mehta. Canada. I998) Aadmir Khan. Nandita I)as. Rahul Khanna. 105mm. It’s taken a long time for the second part of Indo- (‘anadian Mehta's trilogy about India to reach our screens. The previous film For. which deals with a lesbian relationship. is just out on video, while Water is causing an uproar in India where it's currently filming. Dealing with just as volatile subjects as the other films. [fart/i looks at the cataclysmic partitioning of India in l‘)47. Powerful material which engages with its story of childhood friendships destroyed by national events. (""72 Glasgow.

Elling (15) (I’etter Noess. Norway. 2003) Per (‘hristian Iillefsen. Sven Nordin. 90min. [filing follows two middle-aged psychiatric patients. who are offered the opportunity to live by themselves in an ()slo apartment. The duo make for an odd-couple combination: the narrator. Iilliiig (lillcfsen). is a self-styled ‘inummy‘s boy". By contrast. Kjell Bjarne (Nordin) is a lumbering hear of a man. Based on a

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itist day‘s alter fellow mountaineers and

best-selling novel and a hit play. [if/lIlL' is a gently good-natured table. which cherishes the potential in people society is keen to dismiss. The comic mismatching lccls slightly predictable. but it's effectively shot and solidly acted by its leads tin a reprise ot their stage I'UIL'\I. (il' 7. (ifthg’rm .' (.UNIH'. Iii/inhuruli.

Evelyn tI’(i) O ilti‘uce Berestord. I'K. 2003) Pierce Ilrosnan. Aidan ()umn. Julianna Margulies. 95min, Iirosiian has taken time oil from spy duties as pukka Iinglish agent James Bond to get in touch with his Iiiin roots with this comedy -drama set in I‘l50s Dublin. Sporting thick stubble and es en thicker brogtie. he plays working-class father and single parent Desmond l)oy|e. who is attempting to get his three children back from the orphanages the state has cast them into. Although lair/m is based on a true. groundbreaking legal case. one that permanently changed Irish law. almost everything about the film is blai'ney‘. No one emerges from this farrago w ith much credit, ()(If'HII. [ailiIi/nu‘e/i.

Everest tl') (Various. ('5. 2002i.\1in tbc. The true story of a team of climbers who successfully climbed Mount Iiyei‘cst

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A DANCE oonéormuu roux

Fri 23 + Sat 24 May mo moo £14m £17m £20m

friends died there. /.\I.'\.\'. (i/uwmi. Extreme Ops t IDA) it‘lu-lsnan Duguay. IS. 2003) I)e\on Saw a. Rupert (irayes. Rufus Sewell. 93min. Did you know that sometimes in Ilollywood films are made by combining elements of previously successful lilnis'.’ .\'o'.’ Well. Iz'ilrc'nu' ()/)\ combines the extreme sports stuntcry of i.\'t with the dirty rotten terrorist \ illamary of (bilateral Damage. What happens. see. is a bunch of extreme sports dudes accidentally disturb a Serbian war criminal hiding in his mountain Inn. The bad man gives chase and skiing. snowboarding. sky diving. white water rafting. helicopters. motorcycles and base jumping action ensues. at length. (’(i( Rt'ltfr'r'ii' SII'H’I, (i/uyemv; ('( '/. la'tli'liluuje/i.

Far from Heaven ( IZAi 0000 (Todd IIaynes, 1'8. 200%) Julianne Moore. Dennis ()uaid. I)ennis llaysbert. I07niin. In style and content. Ilayncs' film intentionally resembles the tearful melodramas made by Douglas Sirk in the 1950s. In these films. reputation takes precedence over emotion and feelings of love are consequently stamped out by the critical moralising of friends and family. Such is the case in Ilay‘nes' homage when (‘athy (Moore) and Frank (Quaid) find themselves tempted by forbidden fruit in their particular (iarden of Iiden. Ilaynes rises the seeming innocence of the 50s to explore a topically resonant theme of how people are restricted by sexist and racist bigotry in a climate of complacent stability. A film of great depth and tragedy. (inner). Int/inhiirgli.

Mon 26th May Frida (15) 7.30pm SADLER'S WELLS PRESENTS

Wed 28th May The Hours (12A) 5:05pm a 7.30pm Mon 2nd June E PG 505 <3 7.‘ 0

ve'yM ) pm 3pm Tuel7+Wed18Jun W814”) June moo £10.!!! £13.00 £16.!” £18.50 About Sdimidt (15) 5:05pm & 7:30pm

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