8+0: Po'llK MET/<1- LESS THAN JAKE

Barrowland, Glasgow, Tue 27 May


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You may not have heard of Less Than Jake, the Florida five-piece who’ve been mixing up a heady brew of ska. punk and metal for almost 11 years, but someone certainly has their tour sold out months ago. ‘Kids over here have latched onto us, and want to be a part of it,’ explains saxophonist JR (yep, seriously; the rest of the line- up includes trombone man, Buddy, alongside Chris on vocals and guitar, Roger on bass and vocals and Vinnie on drums). ‘The UK is so

important to us. It’s our favourite

place to tour. I mean, we love the States, but when we tour the UK we see a

lot of love.’

Offering an explosive mix of musical styles, the energy of each genre is extracted and harnessed. ‘There’s nothing better than hearing ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns N’ Roses,’ says JR. ‘There's nothing to beat hearing any Specials song and there’s nothing as enthralling as hearing the Descendants screaming ‘Suburban Home’ or ‘Everything Sucks’. So taking all the parts of the bands you love and turning it into our own music is fucking brilliant. We love it!’

It is perhaps their exuberant live shows that they are most famous for, featuring naked men in ET masks, giant dancing skulls and all and sundry of weird phenomena and pyrotechnics through the years. And perhaps those live shows are so legendary in the metal fraternity due to their simple love of performing. ‘It’s the highlight of every day. It’s what I live for,’ says JR, overflowing with enthusiasm. ‘I hear about all these bands that have all these drugs problems - those guys are obviously fucking pussies, because they’re missing the most important drug in the world: fan interaction. That’s

the best drug ever.’

And this Glasgow date is a very special date indeed for our intrepid saxman: ‘I actually celebrate my birthday when we play the Barrowlands. So get everyone to bring me birthday cakes - I’ll be turning 27 on the 27th.’ Well, you heard the man: party vibes are guaranteed. (Henry Northmore)

I Shirley Bassey Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 7 Jun.

I AFI Barrowland. Glasgow. ll) Jun.

I The Joe Jackson Band Queen's llall. Edinburgh. ll) Jun.

I Jimmy Cliff Liquid Room. Edinburgh. l7 Jun. SOLD Ol'T

I Spineshank QMl'. Glasgow. l8 Jun.

I Queens of the Stone Age Barrowland. Glasgow. IS I‘) Jun. SOLD ()l'T

I The Waterboys l'shcr llall. Edinburgh. 20 Jun.

I Lloyd Cole Queen's llall.

Edinburgh. 2| Jun.

I The Sadies Venue. Edinburgh. 21 Jun.

I The Libertines Barrowland. Glasgow. 22 Jun. I Bon Jovi lbrox Stadium. Glasgow. 22 Jun.

I John Cale King Tut's. Glasgow. 23 Jun.

I Eminem llampden Park. Glasgow. 24 Jun. SOLD ()l'T

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HIP HOP UGLY DUCKLING Cabaret Voltaire. Edinburgh. Thu 8

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Ticketsmavailablefmm: Ticket-Scotland: WW: mm "Ahead: “W

I Blackalicous ()Ml'. Glasgow. 24 Jun.

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I Robbie Williams Murraylield Stadium. Edinburgh. 28—29 Jun. SOLD Ol'T

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* Arab Strap (‘otticr Theatre. Glasgow. 2 Jul.

I Eels (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 3 Jul.

I Richard Thompson Royal (‘oncert Hall. Glasgow. 3 Jul.

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I Good Charlotte Carling Academy. Glasgow 4 Jul.

I Tony Bennett George

Square. Glasgow. 6 Jul.

I Yo La Tengo Liquid Rooms. Edinburgh. 7 Jul.

I Westlife SEC'C. Glasgow 8. 9 & ll) Jul. SOLD OL'T * Stone Sour and Murderdolls Barrowland. Glasgow. l() Jul.

I T in the Park Balado. l2—-l3 Jul.

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I Sepultura (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 15 Jul. I Paul Weller (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 17 Jul. I The Wickerman Festival Kirkcudbright. l8--2() Jul.

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Voodoo Daddy Barrowland.

Glasgow. 26 Jul.

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Castle. Stirling. 24 Aug.

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I Motorhead Barrowland. Glasgow. |() Oct.

I Dead Men Walking feat Kirk Brandon, Billy Duffy, Glen Matlock and Mike Peters Carling Academy 2. Glasgow. 15 Oct. I Marti Pellovv Playhouse.

Edinburgh. lo ()ct; ('Iyde Auditorlulll. (ilasgow IS ()cl. I Meatloaf Sli(‘(‘, (ilasgtm, 2| .\'o\. SOLI) ()l'l a 27 Nov

I Stereophonics Sli( ‘( ‘. Glasgow. 22 SOLD ()l'l (k 23 No\.

I Christina Aguilera Sli(‘(‘. (ilalsgtm. 23 ()cl. SOLD ()l'l.

* Radiohead Sl-.(‘('. Glasgow. 30 Nm.

I Sugababes (‘arling Academy. (ilusglm. 30 Nov I Simple Minds (‘lytlc Auditorium. Glasgow. l l)cc. I Atomic Kitten Sl;('(‘. (ililsgtm. l l)cc.

I Blue Sli(’(’. Glasgow. 2 (k 3 l)cc.

I Bjorn Again (’orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 4 l)cc. I Joois Holland (‘lydc Auditorium. Glasgow. 5 l)cc. * The Wonderstuff (‘lytlc Auditorium. Glasgow. ‘) l)cc. I Liberty X SE(’('. Glasgow. 4 Feb.

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