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Saturday 21 June 2003

Music Day Scotland Saturday 21 June 2003


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56 THE LIST 22 May—:3 June 2003

Sunday 25 continued

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I The Cobramatics l‘hc Swim. ll: IIJ Slmkm-ll Sin-cl. 5‘2 Mm] ‘lpln. I‘l'cc Rnck'n'mll icxnlcnt'}

I Big Blues Jam Studio ( )nt‘. (il‘nug‘llul llnlcl. (il\l\\t'lllll I‘L'llth-C. i-H (15H). (ipm. l‘l'L'C lllnlul l\_\ lilt' NC“ lilucx Surlcix \th t'llllll'll‘llllllll\ limn Slullm ()nc leJllldh \nch ;l\ Rm Doc and llic \nnnln lirulllcix

I Phil’s Sunday Session ingl- lit‘illliu. 333 Wumllunxh Rikki. 50-1 1500. (iplll. l’rcc. Brill}: _\nur mul

I Live Music (imnd ()lc()p1}. l’uhlc) Rmul'l'nll.-13‘) 5W0, “. illpin. £4 li.‘ nicmhcrxl. (hunt!) \llllllti\.

I Live Music \lucSni’lL'} '\. l: Julnulcgl Sll‘ccl. 2-13 8581. Mill]. l-icc, 'l‘llrculnxlgnml local band»



I Maria McKee lllc l nnlnl RUUlll. ‘lt‘ \ It'lulm Sllct‘l. 3:5 I‘lvl “pin

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I LA Doors .ml The Men I hc \Cllllt'. l“ (llllllll i\)|‘.l\i. ‘5‘ illfli‘ 5pm till Scc ill I;

I The Rich Hill, Travler, 8 Page Pullout .md The 44’s lhcc l'ntlcnnultl. ILlnncHn.ln\. \ltikil_\ Sllccl. ‘5!) i354 hJ‘pin {.1 llct'p .nnl nit-.nnng lull wngx limn \ntlu‘“

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I Tom Jilbert .nnl Alpha Lava

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I Sunday Session with Pete Dowling lullmulll. “lull. HI “xi. :‘~lllllll ll‘lll l'lL‘C, lx‘ \Vt't‘kt'lltl \[X‘L'Lll limn claim .ltnuxnt' lllll\lt‘l.lll .lnd umnpmcl l’clc |)m\lin;.'. ll\lll_L‘ munle :Jdlllt‘lt‘xl .lt'lU\\ lllx‘ \\ t‘t'lu'llxl

I Brian Irvine’s Tolbooth Sound Orchestra l‘ullmnlh. \Vyul. lll“.\’(» film» : mp”. l-n-c. hnl hunk Ill .ulmngc. \ \pct‘ml pt‘rlurnmnt'c lrmn lhc llllllll lllt‘llll‘t'lt'll llll\Cli .lgc .l\ lhc} pit‘wnl lhc (icncml

Country rock’s ‘Little Diva’ has skirted the hedgerow between credibility - her ‘If Love is a Red Dress (Hang me in Rags)’ appeared on the much loved Pulp Fiction soundtrack - and schmaltz - sugary love anthem ‘Show Me Heaven’ - throughout her solo career. Given that her latest album High Dive was written and recorded concurrent to marriage to her bass player and arranger Jim Akin, then, it was always unlikely she would set off on a gloomy direction.

Yet there remains a certain cult appeal to McKee’s work. Notwithstanding the Tarantino connection and the fact she’s the half-sister of Love’s Bryan MacLean, this may have something to do with her briet-but-signiticant time in the 805 with Lone Justice (a band who never attained anything like the success you would associate with Geffen signees and one-time openers for U2). As the new album - her first since 1996's Life is Sweet - proves, a decidedly tender-yet-precocious songwriting talent is the final ingredient, and one which should ensure these gigs are soaked in atmospherics.

(David Pollock)

I L/qmd Room, Edinburgh, Sun 25 May; K/ng Tut's, Glasgow, Mon 26 Mi’ly.