I Toto’s Jazz Trio The (iolI 'l'atern. Duke Street. 1.crtlr. 2.30 4.30pm. 1'ree, See Sun 25. I Edinburgh University Big Band with New York Vibe

Henry \ Jan ('ellar. 8 Morrixori Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. Mighty big band \Utllltlx tuying Se‘tllllSll and New York llllC-llpx. leattiririg Andrew Barn and Day Id Patrick.

I Andrew Bain and Dave Patrick’s New York Vibe Henry \ Jau (‘e11ar. 8 .\lt)rrl\till Street. 467 5200. 8,30pm. £5 t£4i. See Thu 2‘).

I Bill Kyle’s Sh“ Hot Jazz Quartet Human Be-ln. 2 8 West (’roxxcauscway. 662 8860.

‘)pm midnight. l-‘ree. See Sun 25.

Glasgow I 4 Jazz (iay-rn'x Mill. 3 (iayin’x Mill Road. Milngayie. ‘)56 2255. 8pm. 1’ree. See Milt] 26.


I Borders Big Band Brunton Theatre. l.adywc11 Way. Mtixxclburgh. 665 2240. 7.30pm. £10 (£7 1. The band turns its attention to si/Iling xwing l‘ay‘ouritey l'eaturirig the music of Duke 1illingtori.('ouiit Basic. Benny (ioodman and (ilerin Miller.

Wednesday 4


I Chaos Theory Southern (‘row (are. 63a (‘ockbur‘n Street. 622 0622. ‘)pm midnight. 1-‘ree. See Wed 28.


I Dundee Jazz Festival Dundee Rep. 'l‘ay Square. 01382 223530. Annual jazz festival mixing big stars and new and exciting artists. Acts confirmed include the Scotlixh National Jazz Orchestra. the Blues Band and more. I The Blues Band Dundee Rep. Tay Square. 0| 382 223530. 8pm. £13 (£1 1 l. lirorited by former Manfred Mann \‘tiL‘illlSl Paul Jones. the band play hits from a career spanning four decades.


I Stephen Triffit Celebrates Sinatra Royal (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm.

£ 14.50-£18. Stephen ’l'ril‘l'rt and the Nelson Riddle ()rchextra come together to pay homage to the world's most famous crooner for a 17-piece hand- y'oeal extravaganza.

I Lynne O’Neill Trio Ad Lib. l l I Hope Street. 248 6645. 8pm. £2. New weekly jazz supper night with the Lynne ()‘.\'eill 'I‘rio playing Brazilian tunes and jail standards.


I Phil Bancroft Quartet Henry's Jazz. Cellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £6. See panel.

I Out of the Bedroom \Yaycrley Bar. 1 St Mary's Street. 557 1050. ‘)pm»-midnight. Free. See Thu 22.


I The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra Play the Rare Music of Billy Strayhorn Dundee Rep. 'I‘ay Square. 01382 223530. 8pm. £12 t£101. Playing tribute to the largely unknown Billy Strayhorn. the Scottixh National Jan ()rchextra celebrate the muxie of one of the world's greatest composers and arrangerx who chose to amid the limelight of his employer. Duke Ellington.


I Clyde Rhythm Jazz Quartet New Douglax Park. (‘adzow Ayenue. 016‘)8 286103. 8- l lprn. 1-‘ree. See Thu

Folk &worl

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Ruth I'ledges at ruthGlist.co.ult, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges and Norman Chalmers.


I Kieran Halpin law at the Star. (‘at'e Source. St .-\llt1fL'\\\ in the Square. St Andrew \ Square. oil Saltmarkct. 548 6020. 8pm. £6 t£4i. ('lub layourrtc ll'l\1l \iriger-xorigw ritcr hax releaxed around a dozen albums in a long career.

I Scottish Traditional Music Night St Mary \ ('athedr‘al. 300 (ir'eat Weytern Road. 337 2862, 7.30pm. £7 (£5 1. The \Ylllxllt‘hllllxlt‘S round 011 the day with a performance ol' muxie lrom around Scotland.

I Yat Kha Renl'rew 1’erry. ('lyde Place. 287 5511. 8pm. £11 from Glasgow Royal ('oncert Hall (353 8000). BB(‘ Radio 3 World .\lll\IL' Award-w inriers from 'l‘uya. north o1 Mongolia. and the most remote ol' the republics iii the Ruxxian 1"ederation. 1’olytoria1 throat singing. traditional instruments and \tib-basx yoealy merge with electric guitar and rock lickx. Axlonixhtng Stitllitlx


I Eddi Reader Queen's Hall. ('ler‘lx Street. 668 201‘). 8pm. £10. New album of BUth \ongx from the st) lixcd singer and her elaxxy eclectic touring band. See Records for album rey'iew.

I Out of the Bedroom w‘ay-erley Bar. St Mary‘s Street. 557 1050.

‘)pm midnight. lirec. ()pen-mic \L'xxttin l'or Iidinburgh-baxed singer-songwritery.


I Ceilidh Dance Riy'erside (‘lub. 1-‘ox Street. 248 3144. 8 11.45pm. £6. Music from Rerre 'l'er're.

I Ceilidh Dance (‘ai‘e Source. St Andrews in the Square. St Andrewy Square. oft" Saltmar‘ket. 548 6020. 8pm. £6 (£4). Music from Alasdair Mac('ui\h and the Black Rose (’eilidh Band.

I Tam White Royal (illlltklll llall.2 Sauchrehall Street. 353 \000 \pm LS Modern la/l bluex lrortr legendary \oealN lam \\ lirte


0 International Festival of the Sea Harbour. l eith licketx onlrne

\\ \\ \\ 1t'\11\.tlt'1111t'\t'.t \l‘ 111‘ lli‘\ Ulllc't‘ tl\-lll113»111(\11ii[trlzl .3“: jiiiiridml through Sl'.(‘(' (ilaxgow \11 day \arroux xtagex with liye muxre. including Sltriiiglt'llllly. Salxi (it‘lllt'a. t‘lpe 1‘al1t1\. and rriar‘itime muxre trom ('axtlel‘a}. Shll“ n \\ lialex. \"or'riian (‘halrrierx and ('hrrxtrnc Kydd. 'l'alitha .\1ae|\'eri/ie.and \or‘way\ Shanty (irrlx See w ebxrte tor

I Yat Kha (‘)l1t't‘11.\ Hall. (.lkllh .Sllt't'l. 668 2111‘) 8pm. L111 {1: i{S {ltli Sll‘el‘ltttl lolly tuck See (i1.i\gow. 'I'hti _‘_‘

Saturday 24


I Johnny Silvo 1,l\t' at the Star. (‘ale Source. St .-\ridrew\ in the Square. St Andrew\ Square. oll Saltmarltet. 548 6020. 8pm. £6 i£4i. Veteran guitar'htzxinger prexentx a blend ot ra/I. bluex. lolk and country.

I Ceilidh Dance Riyerxrde('1ub. l‘ox Street. 248 3144. 8 ll 45pm £6. See 1‘11


0 International Festival of the Sea Harbour. l.eith. See 1‘“ 23.

I Ceilidhs at the Caley (‘aledonian Brewery. Slttlt‘ltil'tl Road. 223 5088.

7pm lam. £6 r£5i. l)ariee \entie with liye band»


0 The Fureys and Davey Arthur l’ayilion 'lilieatre. Renlield Street. 332 1846. 7.30pm. £13.50. Maxter piper ol the Irish trayeller tradition. barrio player and \inger. liirtbar' litrrey leads the boy\ on a 25th .»\nniyer'\ary 1001‘ r'e-tinited witli their old partner. Edinburgh barrio w l/ 1)ayey Arthur.

I Jason Ringenberg 'l‘rnn 'l‘heatr'e. 'l‘rongate. 552 4267‘. 8pm. £8.50. Roelon' alt.eouritry l'rom the lawn and the Scoreherx lrontman.

I Keys and Strings (‘ai‘e (‘owachok Rtl\\t;tll ('tilttiral ('eritre. King Street. 553 0733. 8.30pm. £3. liarruly duo Andrea and (ieorgie (iajiie on \ ioliri and accordion

Rab Noakes and Fraser Speirs play Edinburgh Folk Club, Wed 4 Jun

irsr *

to 'y 8 CW1 st rigs Musrc

The International Festival of the Sea E

The Fureys and Davey Arthur l‘fu a .1 '_:

I/l'»r\‘-; l, ‘1 . ~'~. It l'll

1 i t l\l t‘ A l i l

r. r), , il l .r ‘r l "l

l";‘b\ l“ (‘1‘ T i.,t‘ J ’l‘ ,1 ’t r

stj 'otr; :r in Sen. 1% r). t t.

l/tllHl xiu'w-rl .r , r '.' i

1"“ 'l'tltl w 1: ' "r 111"} "‘.(?1"1)‘.3.' «17‘51 1)<1:'“W 1)?.:."-'

l‘tlit‘l>ki".11"5sow: [)am, A't‘xu Ham/rt)” l't‘th‘rf't). (1418003.. 51.4"“. ' Mat; Queen}; Ha}. ltrrt‘havu". 22%).! 28 r". 7(1‘.’

Capercaillie Kéiltt'l Maftiotsori and the lads; rr‘. ()apmcml'rt; iatuie'i 111(21'll(:‘.‘.’(lll)tll". (Ibo/(:0 l .'i,"()ii<'1(}c.‘. ‘.‘."tli a round Hr tarrl tot." .'.‘Il‘.t1"l(}.ll) back l‘()."l(‘: lll Scotland /(.‘.‘;.’".’{1 Theatre. {minim/rot. Sun 2f) 7(1‘.' Howl Carlee"? Ha“. (if; .‘{t,'r,".‘.


" .37),


0 International Festival of the Sea Harbour. l.eith. See 1H 23.

O Capercaillie l‘t‘xlnttl lllealte. Nicolxon Street. 52‘) 6000. 2.30pm. £14 £16. Special gucytx tom the tamed Scots lolk popxter‘x. New album and Britixh tour. See prey rew.

I Tomas Lynch wee l-olk (‘lutx Royal Oak. lrilir‘rritir‘y Street. 557 2076. 8.30pm. 'lalented xrnger‘. gllllitl'ISI and tiilleari piper lrom Ireland.

Monday 26


I BAAMFEST 2003 - Traditional Showcase Rttlrtxlttit‘li 'l‘heatrc. Ingram Street. 552 348‘), 8pm. £5 l£4i 'l'he Jenn Butterworth Band and BB(‘ Radio Scotland Young ’l'r'aditiorial Mtixician ol the Year. Anna .\l;t\\lt‘. are mine ol the per‘lormcrx at 1111\ \litnyc‘uxc ()1 young rnuxic ltlttlxt'l’x.


0 International Festival of the Sea Harbour. 1.eitli. Sec 1'“ 23.

I The Edinburgh and Lothians TMSA Branch Regular Session The Oxford Bar. Young Street. 53‘) 71 1‘). 8pm. liree. Monthly \ting' arid inxtrutnental \L'letitl by the '1'raditioria1 Mtixic and Song .’\\\t)c'1;lllt)11.


I Martin Stephenson Brel. Axlilort Lane. 8pm. £8. 'l'rclxetx lrom the yeriue or (1870 2211 1116. Stilt» S110“ lrom 111C rumpled tic‘tithlle troubadour.

31/ '.'f:. -", s .' r.- I/','.': THE LIST 63