HUI/a! Ell‘fli’b FELIX DA HOUSECAT Ego, Edinburgh. Fri 30 May

Nine out of ten readers would prefer not to suffer the predictable ‘Felix‘ quips too often associated with this Chicago house DJ. With that in mind, there’ll be no reference to his being ‘top cat' of the achingly cool electro- punk scene, nor will casual asides be made to how Da Housecat milked the applause when he won Muzik magazine‘s Album of the Year 2002 award for Kittenz and Thee Glitz. OK, so not from

Suffice it to say that the origins of Felix Stallings Jnr’s professional moniker are unknown. What is known is that since 1986, Da Housecat has been making above-average dance music. At the tender age of 15, Felix put the finishing touches to DJ Pierre’s ‘Phantasy Girl’, a promising debut that led to his pioneering

the ‘wild pitch’ sound and recording early nuggets such as ‘Thee Dawn’ (1992), ‘By Dawn’s Early Light’ and ‘The Industry Made me Do It' (1993).

Under the monikers Thee Madkapp Courtship and Electrikboy, crossover success beckoned, but it was only with his last album Kittenz and Thee Glitz, that Felix, also a prolific remixer, truly became a household name. Combining thumping Chicago beats with Kraftwerk keyboards and vocals from a cluster of cool types including Miss Kitten, Melistar and Harrison Crump, this record has set the electro- punk standard which all others follow.

As a result, Felix Da Housecat has become

‘Guitars are back’ Arthur Baker

76 THE LIST l‘xl.r.--:’~ June 23-34

BlltllllMY THE ARCHES The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 24 May

How rnuch can one space retlect the rdentrt; ()lt’l1(}ltllt(3(lll‘;.l;1 The-Arches; has corne to hold a positron that the average company can oer. drearn of. It rs; the eprtorne of raw. slrghtl; edgy. underground chic. lt Glasgow has; a distinct sound and artrstrc l(l(?lllll‘, thert the caxernous lahtrrnth of lilll‘.‘.'£l‘, arches heneath Central Station would not he a had place to look for rt. In short. the Arches is the (treater heart of the (:rty Socral divides are drsrrrantled. as are rnuSrcal and ar'trs;t2c

The choice of lrrtt: upon its t2th Ullllltlil‘, ceiehratvor‘r .2; a clear statement of rdentrt‘, ‘."."hat links at! three guests T'.‘.‘rlClt. Al‘tliar Baker and Richard Fi?éll1€85§ yrs therr ahnt, tr;

The dog’s bollocks - Felix Da Housecat

something of a god in dance music circles. Nothing short of unadulterated worship will follow then, when at the end of this month, he makes his Edinburgh DJing debut. Booked to play two hours of driving house, electro mayhem and quirky vocal madness, promoters Slope Theory have also booked DJ Falcon and Victor Simonelli to appear at the night. Falcon, one half of the Together project with Thomas Banglater, is rumoured to be bringing along his laptop to unleash some new material, while Simonelli’s set to show off the skills that collaborators such as Masters at Work, Chaka Khan and Kylie go crazy for. (Catherine Bromley)

transcend and ohirterate genre. ernlxace narration and plan, ott’ ll‘.l(?l'tl(illt)tl to create rrrusrc that 1:; greater than the sum of its; parts. This; rs; a lrne—r.p that captures the essence of '.','hat makes; the Arches the huh rt 15;.

‘l thrnk they're keen to get aux/a, from the rrnage they haze at; a grant rave venue." says luvrtctr, ’lt't; not a one :lrrnensrorrai venue t-"at‘s '.'.ri‘.at :5; so specral alJout st.’

Tltli; rnultr-drnren53rona| ()tralrt,' rs; on SlK)‘.'. this; month, Corning to the ‘.‘.’()l'r(l'8 attention '.'.'orkrng cr‘ Africa Barnpaataa's sernrrral 'Planet Rock'. iegendan. producer Arthur Baker mould gc ort to work .vrt‘n e‘.'er“,'orte frrxr‘. N03. Order tr; Paul Oakento‘rt T0118, he's more rnto the Rapture. As; he puts rt: 'People are bored .vrth no..:se EilTil l'it)‘, "e krnda bored mirth ltll)

hep Guitars; are hack." rStet’ Margueth

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cartoonists of choice - Glasgow Fabulous have been violated over the last few weeks. Three of their pictures were stolen from Hope Street. All were framed. two made up the Tara Partick Tavern strip and the third was of Twitch kissing Humphrey Bogart (see below). If you have any info, the guys are offering a reward for the pics‘ safe return, so please contact clubs©| with any leads. In the words of Police 5's Shaw Taylor: ‘Keep ‘em peeled . . .’


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True love for Mitch?

llllES \r’l /\l1'f5‘.','()ltl [) [Ll l lJNll ‘.‘.~’:"l art to 'arw: nea”. iii’)’),.’1’)',fr;' Nor to‘f ll. lira. €;<:al‘lg‘th.’i"'~. l,'(,1l‘f)r’)l:‘.’).i°l’) all arr.'r;l.'e<l arzrl é:‘.rr:r‘,'t;r:r; atte'\'tt:rl let'f, hope more Scottish 'thll)‘; (Jet :nx'wiverl .'.'r’..’ next ninth?) project

SLAM HAVE SIGNED UP alongside DJ Spooky to appear on the new series of Mixmasters on lTV1. VJ collective Addictive TV will provide the visuals to accompany the music as well as interviews with the DJs. To be aired in early autumn.

Mi 1 lING l’()l HAVE SCORE l) a trt of an exclusm: a‘. the) urgrr up New York legend Danny Krmt ‘H’fll‘, arr/15min; tor lll‘; Scottrish rlelrut at the Arches, Glasgow. 91 .June ‘Eut that'f; not all an lraxx rrr/rlt: Detroit's, Stace', l’ullen and Kirk [)egrorgrc Ilium to the party arrd Death Draco take control of the final roorrr .‘rrth l art/tror‘ plannrng a DJ set.

TO CELEBRATE THE release of Credence Club Hits Vol 1 (see review next issue) we have ten copies of this rather tasty compilation to give away, which features the likes of DJ Sneak, Green Velvet and Dirty Vegas all mixed together by MYNC Project. To enter, simply send an email to by no later than Monday 2 June. The first 10 names out of the hat win.