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DEREK MARSHALL, chef and co- proprietor of Gamba restaurant, winner of the Best Restaurant in

Glasgow award in this year’s List Eating & Drinking Guide, chooses his favourite fish dishes.

1 Sashiml of tuna This is great because It's very healthy and I like Japanese food very much.

2 Fish soup Although I always make Gamba Fish Scup, I never tire of it. It's comfort food for me.

3 Warm swordfish caesar salad I love caesar salad although it's not too healthy. Fresh anchowes are fabulous.

4 Lemon sole, simply grilled It has to be on the bone. with freshly squeezed lemon and cracked pepper. Just perfect.

5 Seared scallops with teriyaki dipping sauce Scallops are so sweet and tasty. I like the texture and crispness if they are seared properly and Teriyaki sauce is a favoorite.


The tourist photo taken atop the World Trade Centre seconds before the first attack. A left-handed cheeseburger. Hitler's diaries. Did they happen or were they lakes? The name of this site may give you a handy clue. Why not take the Gullibility Test and suss out the real versus hoax in the photo gallery: is that really Bert from Sesame Street hanging out With Osama bin Laden? Could there possibly have been a bumper spaghetti erOp in 1950s Stvitzerland'? That's Oprah's head. but surely it's not her body"? Bloody stupid. the lot of it.

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The celebrity world is rammed with the walking wounded. From bullet holes in the chin to a light brush of the eyebrow, accidents may make personalities cry but their bank managers have the last laugh with the swelling

headlines they attract. We celebrate those who have added income to injury.

David Beckham Model footballer

bra/ed a" ever/o 3.71:"

his inanir: Loss men

iii. the dressing room

Evander Holyfield

Boxing champion

Lost a chunk of tug ‘.‘~.'h(3fi Mike Tyson put the bite on him

Steve Buscemi Laid-back actor Stabbed in the throat during a bar room bran-r1 in North Carolina

Jay Kay Wannabe-

Wonder brat Received a bloody nose during a scrap With a snapper after a Star l’i/ar's premiere

Tim Westwood

DJ a la Ali G

EXII wound to right arm after gangland shooting

Liam Neeson

Darkman daredevil Siiiasf‘c-d "As pelvs when '.'t(3 llariey Daxidsot‘ he was .'I(I’l‘g ".£t(2 a head-o"

.izt" ; deer

Stephen King

Horror scribe

Lung coliafsed when he was struck L)‘, a :an '.-.ihose dmer was distracted bi. a playful dog





50 Cent Eminem and Dre protege 8““... 1‘ .,., ., ,,

Michael Jackson Off-the-wall popstar l‘a' ‘13.”. \t' "we; .1: Liam Gallagher Oasis


James Hetfield Metallica mainman 8L ift. ‘r i.

but" "till; caused by

f'; iiii ill‘ltiillf} l'l

": initr w. illl(l guns

tittIlIt' '

Rick Allen Resourceful Def Leppard drummer

llirowri from his (Lornetle ESTitigr'a‘,; he left behind one arm. ripped from hit; I)()(I‘, by a


Christopher Reeve Paralysed Superman

ljatiiaderi 'ii', spinal cor/l il‘ a homer ’Illif}


Jason Priestley Beverly Hills hunk Broker; track a‘te' a raniiir; car


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