Edinburgh Sundays continued

I I Love Music at ()pal Lounge.

Noon 3am. Free before l()pm; £3 after. Weekly. (iareth Sommers ille (l'ltragrooye) hosts an all-day session that crosses the tiiiddle ground between clubbing arid chilling. featuring guest [Us and a plethora of mUsical styles iiicltiditig house. Latin. jaHy grooyes. disco and R&B.

I Kayos at ()pium. I lpm 3am. Free. Weekly. Metal and rock l)Js ('laire Mount and John from llogshead keep the crowds a moshing.

I Salsa Romantica at ligo. Monthly next date l5 Jun.

5.) Sativae Recordings Night at ligo. l().3()pm 3am. £9 (£7 iii adyance), 25 May. The mighty Satiyae Recordings (home to ('hrisiian Vogel. 1)] Hell. Neil Landstrumm. Adam X. Jamie Lidell and more) returns to the capital. home to the hard. obscure and downright head fuckery that is quality techno. Residents Steye (ilencross and Dave 'l‘arrida and joined by Death Row llardon for this record label night with plenty of l)ub Plate and test press action on the decks. While downstairs is hosted by the unpredictable talents of 'l‘toeshagg. Wlili l)Js (liye). (‘hris \‘an l’istol. Ra and Tobe (ex-Dtskono and Verbrechen l).ls).

I Tackno at Massa (formerly (‘lub Mercado). 10.30pm 3am. £6 (£4). 25 May. Monthly. [is back to the floor for Trendy Wendy and her inimitable party mix of kitsch classics. Bank holiday weekend special with a Flower Power Tacktio.

I Taste at the Liquid Room. I lpins 3am. £5 before I 1.30pm; £8 (£6 members) after. Weekly. The capital's infamous Sun tiight session continues apace. Fisher and Price supply a progressiye mix of house and garage in the main room while Martin Valentine and Steve Waneless wows (he mixed/gay crowd with his funky l'S house gems through the back.

Chart & Party

I Devils’n’Angels at Cavendish/Diva. l()pm-3am. £tbc. Weekly. Saucy ftiii at this newly refitted club. with a heaven and hell theme. feel free to dress to stiit and boogie to chart dance all night long.

I Mood Live at Mood. 9plll—31tlll. Free before I lpm; £2 (free to members) after. Weekly. Mood opens its doors to a selection of the country‘s top covers bands. while l)Js spin hits from across the years. I Peppermint Lounge at Peppermint Lounge. l()pm—3am. Free—£4. Weekly. See Thu.

I Subway West End at Subway West End. 7pm—3am. Free before 9pm; £3 (£2) after. Weekly. See Thu.

I The Subway at Subway. 7pm—3am. £1. Weekly. See Thu.

Edinburgh Mondays

Club I CC Blooms at CC Blooms. l().3(lpm—3am. Free. Weekly. Things

Si Cheeba joins Motherfunk, Tue 3 Jun

mellow out (or so they claim) at this gay cltib. with art upbeat disco selection.

I Latin Quarter al Medina.

9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Release your Latin party spirit eyery Mott. With free salsa lessons from Peter Rogers at 9pm then salsa and world beats from James (‘ombe until closing.

I Merde L’amour at l’riye ('ouncil. l()pm »3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Nigh on unclassifiable night from the l)jinniditto crew (who else?) of ‘glitch. stomp. beats. breaks and bleeps‘ and free flowing cocktails. (ioing for a non-retro NYC loft party feel focusing on technology based experimentation from the residents Chow. lnfact and Sonof. ('hic and slutty perfect for the start of the week.

I The Primitive Urge at Wee Red Bar. ‘)piii~3ani. £l. 26 May. A night from the more obscure corners of the world we like to call punk and rock. Featuring the likes of Melt Banana. the ('ramps. Butthole Surfer's. etc. etc the perfect antidote to Mon night blues.

I Spanish Fiesta Night at til Barrio. l()pm- 3am. Free. Weekly. A right old knees-tip for the Spanish and Spanish-lining community hosted by [Ms Felix and [idu and featuring flamenquito straight through to Hispanic chart hits.

Chart & Party

I Decadence at Revolution. l().3()pm—3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. ()k so fair enough it's Mon. btit that‘s tio excuse. cheesy tunes and cheap drinks all night long.

I Flare at Why Not'.’ l()pm 3am. £5 (£4). 2o .May. Fortnightly. ('heesy chart and dance numbers with a good few 70s classics thrown in for good measure.

I Peppermint Lounge at l’epperiiiiiit Lounge. l()pm 3am.

Free £4. Weekly. See Tho.

I Subway West End at Subway West lind. 7pm 3am. Free before 9pm: £5 (£2) after. \VL‘Ck’ly. See Thu.

I The Subway at Subway.

7pm 3am. £l. Weekly. See Tim.

I Tasty! at Mood. 9pm 3am. Free before I lpm; £2 (free to members) after. Weekly. Resident l)J l)a\id S plays the best iii hits from (ills to the present day with a healthy dose of cheesy classics thrown in for good

I Toss the Boss at Why Nol'.’ l()pm 3am. £5 (£4 if dressed tip). 2 Jtiii. Fortnightly. lrreyerent student night reselling iii cheesy hits throughout the years.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


I The Club Foot at Henry 's (’ellar Bar. l().3()pm. £3. 27 May. Fortnightly. ‘Pop the trunk with some twisted funk'. so they say. with house baiid the .-\bdominal Show men with regular guests along the lines of Use Sciences. Surface limpire and the Hex (‘oalition Plus l)J skills from A-(‘hL Denji. l)r Infinity and the Suit.

I Jump at the Liquid Room. Monthly next date ll) Jun.

I Lyrics to GO at (‘abaret Voltaire.

l lptii 3am. Free. 3 Jun. An open mike

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86 TflE LIST 22 May—5 June 2003

hip hop iam session hosted by l we Sciences and DJRedo With dub and reggae iii the ltiiige from ltcliy Soul Hi- Fi

I Motherfunk at the Honeycomb.

l(l 3llpm 3am. Free Weekly Messrs (iino. Fry er atid Spectrum freak the funk fantastic at their consistently rammed night of classics old and new ()n 3 Jun they w elcome a \eteraii from the \s‘L'ltL‘ SI ('heeba spreading llts li\\ t‘ of Latin tinged sotil. (an atid funk

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge l()pm 3am £3. Weekly. .\ mi\ed bag of fiinked tip \ocal house. Rikli atid classic disco from 'l'oby Saltonstall

I Punk Ass at ()piiim. llpiii 3am Free. Weekly, New 'l'iie niglitcr as DJ l’wauly dishes out the best in hardcore. skate arid punk.

I Rhythm! at Mood. ‘lpm 3am Free before I lpm; £2 (free to (Members) after. Weekly. .-\ smooth llll\ ol Rikli. hip hop and soul from resident l)a\ id S I Salsa Buena at Ft) Na Na.

l()pm 3am. Free. Weekly. .lames (’ombe (Salsa Rt)maiitica/Salsa \'i\a/(‘lub Latino) and Latin F.\plosion combine to giye you a tiiglit of hot salsa magic? .-\bso|ute beginners salsa lessons by Latin F.\plosion between Spin 0pm. I Switch at ('abaret Voltaire

llpiii 3am. Free, 27 May. Fortnightly New night of drum is bass from the Shadow skill [Us and a smattering of guests. while the Dropout l)Js man the second room with their selection ol dtib. electro. liotise and tech-funk

I Vibe at ligo. I lpm 3am. £2. Weekly. New gay night with James Longworth on the decks. the Dancing Stud Muffins. the Singing llairy Bloke arid the Miiiiiiig Ntiii. l)on't say we didn‘t warn ya.

Chart & Party

I Nursery at ('aseiidish/l)i\'a. l()pm 3am. £3 (£2; free with Snapfas before midnight ). Weekly. A play area for adults (with climbing frames etc) and the mainstream chart and Refili action.

I Peppermint Lounge at l’epperiiiint Lounge. l()pm 3am. Free -£-l. Weekly. See Thu.

I Subway West End at Subway West lind. 7pm 3am. Free before 9pm; £3 (£2) after. Weekly. See Thu.

I The Subway at Subway. 7pm-3am. £l. Weekly. See Thu.

Edinburgh Wednesdays

Club I Bling at Po Na Na. l()pm- 3am. Free. Weekly. l)a\'id ('raig lays down the finest R&B and hip hop from the last teti years. I Dipt at Medina. l()pm-73am. £3 (£2). Weekly. (‘hile and Lime present this new night of the best iii classic old skool hip hop. funk. soul and R&B from Nasty l’ and l’ Sty‘lz. .-\ccompanied by body painted dancers and percussion combination that is sure to pack a punch.

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