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Edinburgh Museums continued


3 ('hatnbers Street. 3-1" 43 l‘). Mon Sat 10am 5pm t'lue Spini. Sun noon 5pm l'tcc.

Millennium Clock .\ chance to \ iew Russian tnecharncal sculptor ixduard Bersudsky 's intllennnnn clocls. a kinetic sculpture. measuring tnuc metres high, William Speirs Bruce - The First Polar Hero l'nltl Sun I Jun. .-\n esinbition celebrating the liletttne achieyetnents of \Villiani Speu's Brttce. a polar scientist and leader of the Scottish National .'\liléll't'llt' laspcdiltou Ill l‘)03 4. William Speirs Bruce Guided Tours l'l'l 3 i. \Ved 3b t\ in 30 May. 3pm. (iunled tours of this centenary eslnbition celebrating the ltlelnne achieyctnent ol polar scientist William Speirs Bruce.

Textile Art from Southern Appalachia - The Quiet Work of Women l'ntil Sun 35 May. 'l'estile \sttl'lss by women hung in the Southern .«\ppa|achia. a region that includes Western North ('atoltna. iiast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Mao: Arts for the Masses t‘nul Mon l Mai 300-1. The formation ol (’otntnuinst ('lnna is brought to lilc through a priyate collection of masterpieces made between l‘)50 W76, acquired during and immediately after the ('ultttral Resolution.


lady Starr’s llouse. l.ady Stair's ('Iose. 530400], Mon Sat l0ain 5pm.

In the Heart of the Wilderness l'ntil Sat 30 Sep. .v\n eshihition esploring the lllt' and work ol John Muir. the lellei'wt'itet'. poet. storyteller and scientist and looks at the influence ol' writers like Burns and Sir Walter Scott on his worls.


l‘niyerstty ol Dundee. 13 Perth Road. 01383 345330. Mott l‘ri ‘lain 8.30pm; Sat |0ain 4.30pm

Jordan Baseman t'nul Hi 23 .May t( ‘ooper (iallery i. \‘ideo works by Jordan Baseman on loan from tlte Saatchi ('ollectton and the Arts ('ouncil ol lingland. l-ocusing on the ‘ahlect' in society. Baseman's documentary footage is edited into disturbing narraliyes

leay mg the \ iew er unsure of" w here to morally position thetnselyes. l./\Sl

(3i lANCl lQ SH:

Mary Arnold: Living her Own Life l'ntil l‘ri 33 May t('rawl'ord Building. Bradshaw Art Space). Third- year line art student Mary Arnold curatcs this exhibition depicting women's e\periences in the early years of the School of .-\rt arid l'niyersily ('ollegc. l)lltltlL‘L‘ l lb'X.3 l‘)ll‘)l.


l5: Nt‘lllc‘t'gtllt‘. (ll 533 00900”.

Tue Wed. Sat (k Sun l0.30atn 5.30pm: Thu ck l-‘ri l0.30ain Spin. Christopher Wool t'nnl Sun 8 Jun. The first major [K solo show for the influential American artist. (‘hristopher Wool. know n for his hold and often niulti-lay ered paintings which combine screenprinting and spray paint with painterly brttshwork. Born in ('hicago in W55 and now based in New York. photography has play ed an important part in his work and the eshibition features two groups of photographs each ol- oyer Hill tlllttgc‘s as well lls large-scale paintings. lAST CHANCE TO SEE. Gallery Talk Thu 3‘) May. 6.30pm. (ilasgow artist Toby Paterson talks about the work of (‘hristopher Wool.

Craft Focus l'ntil Sun 35 May. l)ecorati\e yet functional jewellery by Anne iiinlay and simple ceramic forms by Sam iiall.

June .5303,

96 THE LIST 9.? hints-5':

Alistair Clark l'nltl Sun 35 May l’rints based on satellite unages \ tew ed on radar arid computer screens by :\ltslatt ('lark


35 36 Mid \Vynd. Mid \Vynd industrial l'.slalc. (H.333 335033 'luc Sun

noon 5pm.

Members' Show ill 33 Sat it May. An open submission show highlighting the work ot the (icnerator membership Ni Si 4


Albert Square. 0| .333 4330S-1. Mon Sat l0. 30am 5pm; Sun l3.30 4pm; Thu l0.30ain 7pm.

British Art l'util Sun 33 Jun. .-\ small csinbilion featuring works by Walter Sickert. John Nash and Stanley Spencer. The Beatles in Dundee t'nul Mutt .ill Jun. :\ collection til photograph's lrorn the l)(' 'l'hoinson arcluyes and liltn footage to mark the Jilth anntyersary ol the Beatles playing in Dundee.

Created in the Company of Friends l'nlil Sun 33 Jun. .-\n eslnbiltou of work by a group of hrolessiotuil artists. the Artists’ lunch. who meet regularly to discuss ideas and plan eslnbitious.

Keith Brockie: Rural Portraits l'ntil Sun l5 Jun. \Vildlile artist Keith Brockie's new project is a hook on the entire range ol' Scottish natiy e breeds of l‘at'ui animals.

Moving Pictures \Vetl 3S .May. 3pm. l.awrie llarris esannnes the connections between him and art.

Outside the Cities



lilnibanls .»\\euue. 0l563 554343.

Mon Tue & Thu in Main Spin; Wed ck Sat Illattt 5pm.

Jason Bowman t‘ntil Sal 5 Jul. Bowman c\plot‘cs the myth behind Robert Burns in this sound and light installation.



War Memorial (iardens. ()l5‘)3 413860. Mon Sal 10.30am 5pm; Sun 3 5pm. God Save the Queen t'ntil Sat t2 Jul. .\ celebration of the 50th anni\ersary ol' the Queen's coronation leaturing a recreation of a typical l‘)50.s sitting room complete with original BB(‘ footage of the eyent.

Histoire Naturelle l'ntil Sun 25 May. litchings by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso depicting animals. birds. insects and other creatures. which were used to illustrate the 1801 century text lllxtnin’ Suture/Iv by l-‘rench naturalist (‘ointe de Bullon.

Beasties! l'util Sun 35 May. An eshihition on an animal theme featuring pre-(‘olumbian ceramics. Weniyss ware and paintings by Thomas i-‘aed. Robert and lidw in Alexander and l)ayid McClure.

St Andrews


03 North Street. 0| 33-1 ~1746l0.

Mon Sat l0ain -5pm; Sun 3- 5pm. Animal Magic l'ntil Sun 3‘) Jun. Mixed applied art exhibition with a broad theme of animals including ceramics. jewellery and metal sculpture. Gaze: Marcel O’Connor - Encaustic Paintings t'nnl Sun 29 Jun. New work by the File-based artist. Symphonic Body Grounds - Adinda Van’t Klooster t‘nut Sun 3‘) Jun. interactive sculpture and sound Video by former artist in residence. based on research into the yery earliest slttgc‘s til the creation of life. This installation promises to appeal to the

i A ' .f" \


,,..‘,. '.| “Hg...” :. . Paul Magrs shot to fame in the world of children's literature last year with Strange Boy, the tale of a young lad coming to terms with his sexuality. It marked him out as a fresh new voice on the kids‘-lit scene and his second, Hands Up!, will secure his position as a one of the best and most original writers of his generation.

Having something of a Roald Dahl eye for character, Magrs' tale centres on young 13-year- old Jason. who's grown up in the shadow of his dad's faded puppeteer/ventriloquist. As the years have gone on. Frank Lurcher has been consumed by bitterness, leaving him nothing

but a grouchy misanthrope. One Christmas he decides that it’s time for Jason to follow the family destiny: to purchase his own puppet. Setting off for the puppet shop, they are confronted by a display of favourite characters from the telly - but Frank’s, Tolstoy the bat, isn't among them. Lurcher explodes in a crazed fury of head-ripping, stuffing-pulling, murderous destruction - years of repressed anger are unleashed on a

bunch of unsuspecting soft toys.

The plot runs on from there, bringing in the nasty, older half-brother Barry who has made a million being a successful TV ventriloquist. Magrs touches everything with a fantastically wry sense of humour, sending up the current culture of celebrity and the inherently tragi-comic state of forgotten entertainers. Frank is sent to the ‘light entertainment sanatorium', full of other once-briefly loved performers who have never got over the trauma of rejection. And it's hard not to think that Magrs wasn’t influenced by the sight of Keith Harris and family in Louis Theroux's documentary, filling up when watching videos of ‘the glory days‘.

A contemporary satirist then, Magrs also threads the narrative with observations on real life emotion and superbly observed scenes of family life that, however bizarre, will ring true with young readers. He has complete sympathy and respect for Jason, and this is another quality he shares with Dahl - a view of the sometimes stinking adult world through

the penetrating eyes of a young hero.

Unlike Melvin Burgess’ latest novel Doing If, there is nothing in it that should warrant a parental-warning label - just the odd reference to a stiffy, which is inspired by the lovely Lisa, hairstylist to the stars. It’s gentle, though, and the book will talk to all generations - as all great children's

books do. (Ruth Hedges)

Events are listed by city, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges.

Activities and Fun

Shipwrecked! Hi 23 Mon 36 May. l0ain 5pm. £4.50 «£3.35i; child tree with paying adult/concession. The Tall Ship and (ilasgow Harbour. 100 Slobcross Road. 333 35 l 3. ltnagine being shipwrecked on a desert island. (lather round and listen to the ship's storyteller with his tall tales ol adyenture on the high seas; create a message in a bottle and make a grass skirt or cape to w ear, pltts the chance to w in a £30 book token and a family season ticket to The Tall Ship.

Family Fun Day Sat 3-1 May.

10am 6pm. £6.50 t£4.50i. Glasgow- Science (‘enlre. 50 Pacific Quay. 430 5000. Family fun actiy ities including jugglers. lace painters. sports demonstrations. workshops and science shows.

Holiday Weekend Sat 24 -Mon 36 May. l0atn vbplil. £6.50 t£-1.50i. Glasgow Science ('enlre. 50 Pacific Quay. 430 5000. lnteractixe workshops. liye science shows

and demonstrations. actty tties for kids and adults. plus lmas Theatre. Scottish Pow er Space Theatre. Virtual Science Theatre. Labs and liarly Learning ('entre.

Pottery Workshops Sat 24 & 3t May. noon 6pm. £5+. l‘trew-orks Studio. 35a l)alhousie Street. 333 3738. (’hildren‘s workshops forages 4-plus. Paint pots or have a go on the potter's wheel.

Kids at CCA Sun 35 May. ('(‘A. 350 Sauclnehall Street. 353 4900. Fun \tsttal art workshops. storytelling and film and programme discussions for 3 l3 year olds.


Westlife Fri 33 22 Sat 34 May. 6.30pm. £35. Sli(’('. l-‘tnnieston Quay. 0370 0-10 4000. Ballads and other pop hits from the lrish boy band.

Theatre and Dance

Jesus Christ Superstar Thu 33—Sal 34 May. 7.30pm; Wed 6.; Sat 3.30pm 6.; 7.30pm. £Xr»£l7. King's Theatre. 397 Bath Street. 340 ii i l. The Rice-Lloyd Webbcr domination continues. this time with the tale of the last seyen days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. performed here by The Pantheon Club,

West Side Story Thu 33*Sal 24 May. 7.30pm; Sat 3pm at 7.30prn. £l0 t£6 -£Xi. (‘itizens' Theatre. I l‘) (iorbals Street. 43‘) 0033. Leonard Bernstein's