modern-day classic is performed by students of the Musical Theatre (‘oursc at the Dance School of Scotland.

Poppy’s Pop-Up Stories Sat :4 May. 3pm. £3.50 £4. Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre ('entre. S l0 Balcarrcs Aycnue. Kelundale. 33‘) 6135. .-\ delightttil shout by Poppy's Puppets. perfect for introducing young children to puppetry. Stories told using big. beautifully crafted pop-up books. \Vatch for the puppet booth unfolding before your eyes to tell the tinal tale using traditional glo\e puppets.

Fun with the Sun in 30 a Sat 3| May. £3; family ticket 9;". St l-rancis Centre. 405 (‘urnberland Street. (iorbals. 4390315 Ages 3 (i. Join (italil Productions on a Journey through the seasons sshete )00 can espertence ltiltt‘ seasons lll one hour w ith music. puppetry. story telling and creatne play.

Magic, Puppets and Bubbles the Rabbit Sat 3| May. 3pm. £3.50 £4. Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre Centre. 8 l0 Balcarres :\\enue. Kelsindale. 33‘) 6lx5. Magician and Punch and Judy man Scott l.o\al present the penultrrnate shoss of the Puppet (‘entre‘s season in traditional Punch and Judy style as \\ e all prepare for summer dim n on the beach We \sishfi. including a good dose of magic.

The Story of the Little Gentleman Thu 5 Jun. 3pm. £3. Tron Theatre. ()3 'l'rongate. 553 4367. Ages

4 X. Award-u inning theatre company Catherine Wheels presents the adaptation of a Suedish children‘s book telling the tale ol a desperately lonely little gentleman. He longs for a friend. but doesn't kiln“ ho“ to find one. Then one day a dog appears in his life and things start to chatige. l‘eaturing four performers. cello. accordion and original score this is an evciting British premiere.


Pushkin: Puppets and Folktales l'ntil PH 33 May. Cafe ('ossachok (iallery. l0 King Street. 553 0733. .-\ colourful exhibition celebrating Rtissra's best-lm ed \vriter. featuring rnaterral relating to Russian puppet theatre and folklore. as

\\ ell as puppets made by one of today 's greatest puppet makers. John Blundell. \vho “ill be running \sorkshops to accompany the exhibition.


Activities and Fun

Craters Makers l'ntil Thu I Apr 3004. £3.60 t£l.85i; family ticket £6. Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackford Hill. 668 8404. Find out all about comets. asteroids and meteors in this obser\atory e\hibition \sith interactis e fun and facts. Silkpainting Workshops Sat 24 May a 3| May. 3-4pm ck 4.30 6.30pm. £7. l6 (‘assels Lane. l.eith. 553 3l3‘). Sar'ah-.-\nn Askeu runs relaxed \seekly \stshops in the art of silkpainting. l-‘irst session for ages 6 l I years. second for ages 13 and above. Booking essential.

Doodles and Tales Sun 25 May. 3—3pm. l-‘ree. National (iallery of Scotland. the Mound. 634 6300. Storytelling Using the gallery 's collection as a springboard into the imagination. focusing especially on stories from the Bible and arotrnd the “mid. Peeling inspired‘.‘ Dravv ing materials are ayailable afterwards to dra“ and tell your ossn story between 3 and 4pm.

Free Family Fun Day Sat 31 May. noon-4pm. i-‘ree. National (iallery of Modern Art. 7.5 Belford Road. 634 (i300. To celebrate the centenary of the .-\rt Fund in Scotland. a free family fun day featuring the launch of a nevs sculpture trail. a chance to make clay sculptures. plaster casts and prints. face-painting. a bouncy castle and much more.

Theatre and Dance

Cats Thu 33 May-5 Jun tnot Sun). 7.30pm; Wed ck Sat 3.30pm & 7.30pm. {950—8350. Playhouse. 18—33

(it'ccnsitlc l’lugc. liS—l) (“VX3424 'l'llt' \sorld's longest rutunng musical lca\es its West lind home to grace us \\ ith its lelrne footsteps Mary Poppins .\ton 3o Sat 3| .\la_\. 7pm. Us (£6i. Church Hill 'l‘hcatr'e. 33a Morningside Road. 330 434‘). The supercalifr'agilistic tale about the nanny es er‘yone \sants. Performed by pupils of the Manor School of Ballet. Dr Korczak’s Example Tue 27 May. 7pm. £3; family ticket fill). North lidinburgh .-\rts ('entr‘c. l5a Penny \s ell ('ourt. 3l5 3l5l. Ages l3-plus. Written by Day id (ireig for T:\(i 'l‘heatre. this thought-provoking play set in an orphanage in a \Varsays ghetto in l‘)43. tells the story of the famous Polish paediatrician and children's author Dr Jaruts/ Kor‘c/ak. Snow White Sat 3| May. 5.30pm & 7pm. £3; family ticket U0. .\'orth lidinburgh Arts Centre. l5a Penny \\ ell Court. 3l5 3l5 l. Ages Ill-plus. .»\ dark and exciting take on the classic fairytale performed by st it/erland's 'l‘hcater Sgararnusch as a cabaret piece not Disney and not for the \s cc ones.


The Golden Ages of Toys l‘ntil Sat 7 Jun. l’ree. Museum of Childhood. 43 High Street. 53‘) 4143. Share lllL' magic of .\leccano. llornby trainsets. teddy bears and the \sonderlul array of toys that came to life betss een IS‘)0 and l‘)30.

Myths, Magic and Medicine l'ntil Sun l5 Jun. l0ani 5pm. l‘ree. Royal Botanic (iarden. lnserleith Rim, 553 7l7l. tlixhibition Halli .-\n e\hibition of beautiful \sootl

engra\ ings by June Chapman \\ ith the chance to join in a \sorkshop for all the family.

Outside the Cities

Activities and Fun

Flick Book Animation Sun 25 May. l.30 3.30pm. l'ree. Loss Parks .\luseuni. 13‘) Mint Street. llatnilton. (“(393 3333.33. :\ng 8 ll. Introduction to basic animation skills looking at your favourite cartoon characters \\ ith the chance to create your ovsn flick hook. Booking essential.

A Beastie Surprise Sun I Jun. l0.30ani. (ileniffer Br'aes Country Park. (ilen Lodge. (ilentield Road. Paisley. SS4 3794. Fun for young naturalists looking for \soodland minibeasties.

Theatre and Dance

The Story of the Little Gentleman Thu 33 May. 6pm. L4. Palace ’l'heatre. ‘) (ir‘een Street. Krlrnarnock. 01563 554‘)l )0. Ages 4 S See (ilasgoyv

Toad of Toad Hall t'nnl in 33 May. l30prn & 7.30pm. 1." t£5 l. Byte 'l heatr'c. .-\bbey Street. St .-\ndre\ss, 0| 3 i4 4‘5000 Join the ad\entut'es of load. Rail). Hole and Badger on the riyerbank lll St l.eonards Junior l)rarna Society 's adaptation of Kenneth (it‘aharn‘s popular c‘lllltlt'ctt's books,

The Story of the Little Gentleman lit 33 May. 3.30pm, L4 t£3.50i. lloudcti Park Centre. llo\sden. l.l\ ingston. 0| 506 433634. .-\ges 4 S, See (ilasgoys.

Stars beneath the Sea Sat 34 May. 7.45pm, {S t£5r (‘utnbernauld ‘I lieatre. Kildrurn. ('umbernauld. 0| 336 “3388‘. .-\ges H-plth. See (‘hildren's l'L‘\ll\;tl. right.

The Story of the Little Gentleman Sat 34 May. 3pm. L4 itch. liasl Ktlht‘ttlc .-\t'ls Centre. ()ltl ('oacli Road. liast Ktlbride. (H.355 361000 Ages 4 S. See (ilasgovs.

The Happy Gang’s Big Adventure l‘ri 30 tk Sat 31 .\lay. in ll),|5attt tk |.l5prn; Sat 13.30pm. £6.50 tUH'. larnrly ticket L33. l'alktt'k Toysn Hall. West Bridge Slt'L‘L‘l. l'ulklt‘k. (H .334 506350. The (iang are at it again with more catchy tunes and hyperactrse tales as they head (in in life l.osl \Voritl ttl search til long forgotten ci\ ilisations and ancient

Romanzo D’lnfanzia (A Childhood Tale) Hi 30 .\la_\ Sun 1 Jun. it. "pm; Sat 3pm & 7pm; Sun 3pm. £3. MacRobcrt. l'niversity of Stirling. Stirling, ()I7S6 466666. Ages (i-pltts. Sec ('hildr‘en‘s l‘esti\al. right

The Happy Prince Wed 4 Jun. 1 Iain tk lptn. £3, (‘urnbermiuld 'l’heatre. Kildrurn. (‘umbernauld 0| 336 733587. .-\ges 5 0. See (‘lilldrcttls l'estryal. t‘tghl.


A Land of Shadows l'ntil Sun 3'7 Jul. liree. (‘hatelherault Country Park. (arlislc Road. Hamilton. 0l6‘)S 436313. Inspired by JRR Tolkien's The Inn] U) the Ring”. it fascinating e\hrbition for all ages featuring a Hobbit sitting room and a chance to tourney through the ‘gtant book'.

The Art of Ladybird Books Sat 24 .\la_\ Sun 6 Jul. liree. Loss Parks .\ltiseurn. 13‘) .\luir Street. Hamilton. 0l6‘)S 33333. (M er 60 original illustrations frorn the golden age oi children's literature “ith a special Children's ('orner for reading and games using the illustrations.



Tue 27 May-Wed 4 Jun. £4 (£3.50 schools); six for £20. Various venues. 225 8050. international festival of children’s theatre featuring 12 award-winning theatre companies. See Scotland the Fest feature page 16.

Lennie and George Tue 37 & Wed 33 May. 7pm. 'l‘raserse 'l'heatre. Cambridge Street. 338 I404. Ages l3- plus. 'l‘eatret .\lollen from Denmark presents its powerful take on John Steinbeck's classic. ()t Mice and Men. Snow White Tue 37. Thu 3‘) & in May. 5.30pm & 7.l5pnr. 'l'ra\erse Theatre. Cambridge Street. 338 I404. See lidinburgh. Alice Wed 3S & Thu 3‘) May. l.30pni ck 7.30pm. l‘aintly ticket L'l5. Brunton Theatre. Lady \\ ell Way. Musselburgh. 605 3340. Ages S-pltts. Benchtours and Theatre Sans Frontieres present a take on the classic children's stories. .‘t/lt't’ in ll’inulerluml and Tlll‘tmL'll the Looking (ilun ssith their distinctive blend of \ isuallphy sical theatre. Stars beneath the Sea Thu 2‘) May. Sat 3] & Stiii 1 Jun t'l'hu & Sat 7pm; Sun l3.45pni & 3pm). 'lTluL‘l‘sC Theatre. Cambridge Street. 333 I404. Ages X-plus. Performance. animation. mUsic and puppetry combine in Vanishing Point's tale of the brave vs ho pioneered deep sea diy ing. Cirkus Inferno l‘ri 3t) & Sat 31 .\la_\. 3.30pm at 7pm. Royal Lyceum 'l'heatre. (irindlay Street. 348 4848. Ages 7-pltls. Slapstick adventtrre featuring original cartoon and pyrotechnic effects from Canada's Daredevil Opera Company. The Happy Prince Sat 3| May. l0.30arn & lpm. Traverse Theatre. Cambridge Street. 338 I404. :\ng 3 6. MacRobert 'l‘heatre present this adaptation of Oscar Wilde's beautiful story about a bron/e statue prince who befriends a passing svvallovs alter spilling his sad tears. The Story of the Little Gentleman Sat 3| May. I330er & 3.30pm. (iarage Theatre. (irindlay Street ('oun. (irindlay Street Lane. 33‘) 794]. See (ilasgtm. A Word Is a Word Sat 31 May (C: Sun

1 Jun. Sat 5.30pm; Sun ll.30am & lpm. Traverse 'lheatre. Cambridge Street. 333 I404. Ages 3-6. Denmark's Teatrel l‘airplay make their first appearance at the Festival in this story about two children who open a shop to sell \sords. giving rise to fabulous. fantastic vvord play. Hamlet Sun l-Tue 3 Jun. 7pm. (iarage Theatre. (irindlay Street Court. (irindlay Street Lane. 33‘) 7‘)4|. Ages l3-pIUs. Who better to tell the tale of the most famous Prince of Denmark than Danish theatre company l)et Lille Turneteater'.’ Tun actors and tuo bass players play all parts -- there's method in their madness. be assured. The Flying Babies Mon 3 Jun. 5.30pm. Royal Lyceum Theatre. (irindlay Street. 348 4848. Ages 3-plus. Theatre Dark from the Czech Republic present the surreal and funny tale of three babies who lose their balloon and turn their pram into a flying machine to get it back. The Queen of Colours Tue 3 & Wed 4 Jun. 5.30pm. 'l'raverse Theatre. Cambridge Street. 338 I404 Ages 4-8. Shadow puppetry. live piano and lite painting combine in Uenrtan company Theater Waidspeicher's tale of a little

ueen who lives all alone in her castle.

manzo D’Infanzia (A Childhood

Tale) Tue 3 Jun. 7pm. Traverse Theatre. Cambridge Street. 338 I404. Ages 6-plus. Italian theatre company. Quintarella-Stori- Compagnia .»\bbondan1.a/Bcnoni presents the tale of a brother and sister whose parents are too busy to listen. neglected and disenchanted they try to break free.


I/z '.';:. '2 , .' -’.- 27,". THE LIST 97