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GEORGE MONBIOT, author of the highly acclaimed Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain and the recently published The Age of Consent: A Manifesto for a New World Order reveals the books and authors that have been most influential on his thinking.

1 Thomas Paine: The Rights of Man It's one of the most wonderful pieces of political writing I've ever come across.

2 John Clare I find his poetry incrediny inspiring and sad and brilliant.

3 Tolstoy: Resurrection It made me think very hard about identity politics.

4 Bernard Llotaor: The Future of Money A fascinating book about how we can change the money system to start helping employment and the environment rather than destroying them. Lietaer used to be the world’s biggest currency trader so he knows what he’s talking about.

5 Alastair McIntosh: Soil and Soul Just a brilliant book.


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‘Just another big shitstarn on the internet' are the first words that greet you on mental Ernie's webSite. This is a portal to two separate areas. one ‘humorous' (safe for work). the other an array of fairly innocuous soft-COre porn (not safe for work). The humorous section segues a column by the profane iakey himself with images of smoking monkeys. There are picture links to random sentences pulled Out of the text which are quite hilarious - if you find delirious obscenity and unwarranted insults in the least bit amusing. that is.



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8 THE LIST 5—19 Jun 2003


Last issue we brought you the aches and agonies of bruised boys in showbiz. Now. it‘s the lacerated ladies‘ turn. From broken breastbones to lost legs, our wounded women prove that it‘s not only men who bleed.

Tina Barrett

S Clubber

Two ttlat‘k (axes after falling dovm stairs while sleepy-.alkuxi


Rodeo loving pop star Smashed her (:ollarhone when thrown from a horse

Monica Seles Grunting tennis star Stabbed in the back on c0urt by a Steffi

Gralfanatic ‘. "I


Meg White White Striper Slipped on ice and fractured her wrist

Sarah Greene Mumsy Blue Peter legend Broke two legs and an arm when boyfriend Mike Smith crashed their helicopter

Donna Karan Fashion guru Broke her knee while helicopter skiing

Aishwarya Rai Bollywood beauty

Injured her foot when a Jeep ran over it on set

Emily Student

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LiOSi'Od it and Cheesy. good


Daniella Westbrook Junglist survivor

turn. r 1

Kim Medcalf EastEnders Sam (clearly a cursed character. having previously been played by Daniella Westbrook) Broken l‘reastlx‘iie v‘ .i heart

'v‘Oli var smash.


Gloria Estefan Miami sound-machinist


triar l‘lifr N l\. .i trtittk lris Law

Celebrity offspring of Jude and Sadie

Sore tumrm alter illft‘lilfllllillll, t‘lillllll‘l'ltl 'ill


Elisha Cuthbert 24’s Kim ‘Lucky' Bauer

A boisterous cougar liil

her hand on set

Heather Mills

Macca’s missus

Lost a leg; when hit l)‘,' a polm: motorcycle speedier its way to a false alarri‘. at Diaria Spencer's {latte

Cyndi Lauper Yodelling songstress Spr‘airied her anllr: when she tripped on stage

The Matrix Reloaded UGC. Fountainpark, Edinburgh



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