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Bo'w'LINé' hon cowmame (15) 120mm

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Oil“, the head to head .'.’!th (Iharitoh l lestoh has dated. seerho as the did right ranger has stepped don-.1" as eharrr'iarr of the National ll.t'e Association. Stril. '.'.orrj.rrrt; as all this rs. Moore :;orrtl>:r‘.es hitrhg hurrrour' ‘.'.'|lll serious Illi}lll.",, 'hakrhg; tor a frer that's as errtertarhrhd as rt rs thought [)tt;‘.()l\lll(_). ‘IWI'UE; l reader»

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John ltlttNaudhtoh's reruarkahle. saxagie satzrt- tr :rrr ltlfi-«ftk gets a .'.e%‘; TY‘t“ DVD ahd ‘.ltl(?() H‘ release rrr rtr: ant‘ut lorr'r (Euer‘ rtr: trs'. liege-ht release here r‘ f’lt‘ ear» :‘x‘s rfr‘ariktl

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Ml .fi‘i: {X ){IUMI N lAHY LIVE FOREVER (15) 82min

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(X )Ml [W {)l iAl/rz'x ANITA AND ME rl})/\i91)rhrh rl.)Vl)\/ll8 rental r'etarlr 0..

lrkeahle version of Meera Syal's dehut hovel. lvleeha (Ihahdeeo Uppal. rs a twelve year old girl Irvrrig lll Midlands lll(lll':31l’l£l| village. She hates the fact that she rs Indrarr and soon she (:ornes under the spell of Anita Rutter rArrrra Brewster). a HOW girl who arrives ill town With her (l‘,'§3lllll(1ll()ll£ll fillllll‘,'. lhrs was éll\.'.’ét\,’f; going to he a film made up of hrrllrarrt (:haraeter parts wrth not really a lot hut nostalgia at its core lllk(: the hook». Omrd [)ialrlr, Kathy Burke ahd lyrir‘. Redgrave smooth out the rrrarry bumps and holes ereated l», Metro llt.seyrh's (llr(?(lll()ll and Syal’s adaptation of her own ll()‘.’(}l. lPaul [)alel



rtQAr 91min VHS DVD rer‘talr O

l-rarrklr, dreadful teerr corned; that tries to (:asl‘ In orr the relatrve successes of CHIC/(:53. Legal/y B’o'ide and Drop Dear." Gorgeous. Starla Grad, tJarw; l/le(3'eqo'- rs the most popula' grr! at Spterrdo'ra Hrgh Scl‘oo'. That rs u-"tl gain ".e Perish i')reror‘

siII‘NJUKu TRIAD socuerv 8) 102mm

Takeshi Miike is a filmmaker who pipettes mayhem deep into the degenerate vat of Japanese cinema. In the west he really came to prominence with the one curate‘s egg from his career, Audition, a terrifying, salutary tale of the dangers of dating. On the back of the Ring movies success, Miike’s 1999 film got a European distribution deal and even managed to

garner a few awards.

As the past works of this prolific director began to creep out, it became fairly evident that we’d been hoodwinked. Miike was clearly a visceral, surreal talent whose work, in terms of Japanese cinema in the 19905, was so distinctive few could touch it. So the release of Miike's 1995 Shinjuku Triad Society is indeed a blessing, the first of a Triad trilogy (the other two Rainy Dog and Ley Lines are to be released soon) and proves to be a fascinating template

for his later work.

When a near psychotic ‘lone wolf‘ from the Shinjuku police force sets out to bust the Dragon's Claw gang he gets a lot more than he bargained for. The gang pulls his lawyer brother in as an advisor and a deranged gay sadist boss

shows his true colours.

As an introduction to Miike's work, this may not be the best place to start. For the most part, it’s incoherent and less gleefully assured than his later films but it does exhibit the man's love of sake, sodomy and the lash (of all different sizes). Frenetic, incredibly violent and totally irresponsible, it’s well worth checking out.

(Paul Dale)

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