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THE REAL AMY JOHNSON Channel 4, Thu 5 Jun. 8.15pm 00

Some people Irve lrr.’es that are hrgger than most of our lltlllfflltllr‘ exrstences. Such a person was tenrale avrator An“, Johnson. probably the most farrrous yarorr‘an of her generalron or: the planet. llayrng stunned the world rn ltiilt’) when she became the lrrst woman to fly single handedly' to Austr‘alra desprte neglrgrhle flying experrence. the grrl fron‘ Hull became a ‘.'/or|d\.‘/rde celebrity.

A disastrous rrrarrrage to famous ay'rator‘ .Jrrrr Morlrson la garrrhlrng. phrlanderrng drunkard: followed by a rnysterrous death rn an arr crash during the war rher hody '~.'.'as neyer' toundl only added to the Johnson rr‘ytn. Whrch makes rt strange. then. that thrs documentary on her lrfe rs so utterly pedestrran and n‘undane. Desprte rnteryreyws with people who knew her and some preyrously unseen footage. the show neyer really takes off rsorryr due to unrnsprred narratron and productron. And you get yen. little sense of the drama of thrs extraordrnary woman's Irte. (Doug .Johnstoner


BBC2, Fri 6 Jun, 9pm 0..

Thrs rs a hr'aye. ultrmately srlly' attempt to present the story hehrnd the constructron of the crty of St Petersburg as a prece of mice art. In

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’l‘:(."l‘:‘: °.’,

"rrtress crt, :n the rtr1':%;trrtat.le "artherr‘. ferrrtorref: of hrs count". 351a<t,.o‘.(;-rlrt sectrons ‘.‘.'.‘rere Peter pontrfrcatef; about hrs duty to the Hassran people srt u'reasrly alongside lush rrrterrors. and the overall feel rs often akrn to a comnrunrty arts productron, If you get past the lrar’garn easement productron values thrs actually has a lot of rr‘terestrng thrngs to say' about how Peter '3; utrlrtanan dream predated that of communrsn‘. If you want o know why St Petershurg looks unlrke any other <;rty rn eastern Europe. then thrs rs y'xor’th a glance. rl’aul Dale‘r

Ht )YAt l)( X :t Jth N W W WILLIAM AT 21 Five, Tue 10 Jun, 8pm O

Now that hes on the verge of attaining the key to the palace gates. rs live about to reveal that beneath Prrnce erlram's permanent prnk flush. hrs mother's gauche gaze and rows of teeth lrke polrshed skittles. lurks the heart and lungs. stomach and onrorrs of a krng'? Well. no. but there's a glut of

_ v , THE lMPdR‘l’ANCE OF BEING MORRISSEY .1.” r¢r,.‘.j. , w; Channel 4, Sun 8 Jun. 11.15pm O...

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argermy Legs f're (ltdrfulfill. .'.l‘, (110.20,

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ohseuurous trrhates tr; Sheila take a bow-wow such a fror‘entzi', Allan Radcirtfe For a man whose life‘s work has been pored over to such a bewildering extent, Morrissey's private life remains an enigma to most. His habits, motives and, most interestingly for some, his sexual preferences are shrouded in mystery and this, his first TV interview in 16 years, seemed like the prime opportunity to shatter some oft-made assumptions and right some wrongs. But even after seeing him around his modest, if quirky LA pad, on his world tour among the sweaty, quiffed-up throngs, at his favourite barbers in Mayfair and walking his pet husky in the Hollywood hills, we know precious little new information than when we started. Not even his dog's name.

Bono, Alan Bennett, Will Self, Kathy Burke and even the elusive JK Rowling are among the friends and fans who roll up and lay plaudits at his feet. And some rather hilarious setpieces the rather firm handshakes he dishes out to each band member before their Royal Albert Hall appearance or Nancy Sinatra coming for tea - have Morrissey coming across as equal parts self-deprecating wit and pumped-up egomaniac.

To the cynic, this is a rather insubstantial puff piece for a very, very vain man whose creative zenith was over a decade and a half ago. For the fan (which I admit I still am), it is wonderful to see him chatting, joking and acting up. But it’s also a frustrating tease and a wasted opportunity.

(Mark Robertson)


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