The exclusive zone

Oki-ni is a dream concept for those who like their clothing that little bit different. Established in September 2001. oki-ni works With famous brands such as Adidas. Levr. Evrsu. BeautyzBeast. and Fake London. to produce exclusive and unique Clothing. Its flagship store is in London's Savile Row. but in Scotland you can acquaint yOurselt With its wares at Cruise in Glasgow.

However. you can't actually purchase its Clothes from Crurse it describes the set-up as less of a shop. more of a 'gallery'. You can look. but to buy yOu have to order in-store or online.

The oki-ni website features a highly desirable Adidas collection. ideal for those who take their trainers seriously. The srte also offers a selection of Lew Clothing that far surpasses anything you're likely to spot in high street stOres. As you might expect. this is more than reflected in the prices: 2250 for a denim jacket and $2220 for a denim skirt.

For the ultimate poseur there are the ultra-excluswe Motorola camera phones. which are branded wrth the likes of Adidas and Evisu. These phones scream 'Consumer' louder than any annoying ringtone. With only a handful available (at a purse-pinching $2300 each). you can rest assured that nobody down the pub will be holding the same handset.

The website introduces new products monthly. keeping fashion fiends satisfied with a regular fix of rarities. (Carolyn Aiken)

I wwwokl-nlcom; also available from Crurse. Ingram Street, Glasgow, 0 747 229 0000.


In with the furniture

Second to fashion. hairdressing is probably the next industry most affected by the swmgs and roundab0uts of trends. Hairstyles may change from one whim to the next. but salon interiors must endure the seasons. while still looking cutting edge to entice a picky Client base.

The Uber-Chains can well afford to make a splash with de3ign. but Bishopbnggs salon Exrt Hairdressmg turned to a local company for its refit. Altus Design and Budd was founded by Glasgow- based designer Nic Warrilow and his wsron for the salon was a fluid enwronment which syntheSised tom and function. Utilising a combination of high-tech and traditional materials. he Created an enVironment which blurred the lines between art. architecture and design.

Exit was Warrilow’s first major commission to redeSign an entire interior. In the past he has Created work for Kelvingrove Art Gallery. nva and the BBC. In addition he also accepts private commissions fOr Custom contemporary furniture. While we don't advocate turning your home into a shrine to Cutting It. Warrilow allows the scope to let yOur imagination run amok . . . much like a hairdresser. (Maureen EHIS) I Altus ls based at Glasgow SCulpture Studios, 74 7— 145 Bridgegate. Glasgow, 0747 553 7 788.


$.93? $3919; .5930? :.- .-

I BUCHANAN STREET has beaten competition from European cities to become the home of new store Kindom. Described as a ‘revolution' rather than a shop, the retail concept is the brainchild of a team of international artists. Two stone pillars lead the way into the store which boasts fashion, jewellery, interiors products and stationery amongst its wares. Step inside its mysterious enclosure at 164 Buchanan Street.


I AS FAR AS PET hair-styling hates go. sticky hands following styling gel application has to be up there with drialy mornings. While we can't change the weather. DuWop has launched a new product which could solve the former quandary. Hands2Hair is a dual product which combines a hair gel and hand cream in one. How very groovy. It smells divine (distinctly more hand cream than styling product) and leaves no gummy residue on your hands. The active ingredient is Squalane which. with a silicone base. leaves hands soft and hair shiny and textured. On sale exclusively at Pout. Harvey Nichols. See for mom information.

I INSIDERS KNOW that the way to The List’s heart is through its over-nourished stomach, so imagine our delight when Cake-Girl delivered us our very own confection, complete with List logo. Cake- Girl and Mad-eira have recently moved to Edinburgh and instead of borrowing a cup of sugar, they’ve introduced


themselves in the most calorie-laden way. If you want to have your cake, and perhaps eat it, then go to www.Cake- or call 0131 229 1118.

I MARKS AND Spencer's washable Suit has been awarded the Innovation category in the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2003. The tumbler-friendly creations combine techniques of bespoke tailoring and hardy. yet stylish fabric wrth mass production to create wool surts that don't have to be dry- Cleaned. With prices starting at 53125. the more enVironmentally- friendly option can actually prove to be Cheaper in the long

I LA PERLA, KNOWN for its top of the range risque underwear, is branching out into top of the range hosiery. Expect the same quality and elegance but with a few trimmings of the lingerie world thrown in for good measure. The range borrows heavily from Moulin Rouge, using laces and net interwoven in stylish lattices. For that extra-special evening look there’s the Greta design, which is characterised by an iridescent row of sequins. La Perla accessories are available from Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh.

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