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L The intners

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I THE VINTNERS ROOMS in Leith has been taken over by a pair of French- bom restaurateurs. After working in France and England. this is the first Scottish foray for chef Patrice Ginestiere and business partner Laure Pages, who handles front of house. Pages calls it ‘a new experience in such a relaxed and romantic ambience’. Ginestiere’s a la carte menu includes dishes such as chicken and foie gras terrine, celeriac remoulade (28),

rack of lamb Provencale with olive jus (£18) and apple. pear and

cinnamon aumonieres

Fresh crab soup

Fanny Trollopes go local with unfussy fare. Words: Barry Shelby "it" citrus camme' 53"“ (£5). The Vintners Rooms 0 Abdulla. chef proprietor of the new cafe bistro called fanny Trollopes in Glasgow's Arger Street. is known to many for is at the Vaults, 87 Giles the dozen or so years spent at the infamous Cabin restaurant :n Whiteinch. His new venture emphasises fresh local and Street, Edinburgh; Scottish produce whenever possible. Lamb, for example, comes from the Buccleuch estate rather than England or New telephone 0131 554 5767' Zealand: locally sourced goods make all the difference to him. These two recipes epiton'iise the popular. unfussy fare that Abdulla I ALSO IN LEITH. THE and chef Bill Green specialise in at l'anny Trollopes. Lighthouse Is a new style bar from Albatross Leisure Irish stew the meat and continue to simmer for (30 more minutes. Five “3er council. 1 leg of Scottish lamb minutes before sewing. add the dumplings and some chopped EStap'lShmem)- Formerly the 3 carrots spinach. The dumplings are made from 500g of vegetable fat. Trad'ng pOStl' the prem'ses Half a turnip 500g of plain flour and a pinch of salt and soft herbs (for example. have been 9”?” a complete 1 leek thyme and tarragonl. Knead and form into balls of approxuiiately makeover deSIQned by Albatross boss Robert Orr. 2 potatoes 30cm diameter. Serves; four to six. with “me lack of modesty 1 bunch of spinach he says: ‘This is exactly the 12 dumplings Fresh “'33 soup type of venue the area has Lamb stock 4 live crabs been crying out for to Prepare the stock in advance using roasted lamb bones and root 1 carrot complete the Leith nightlife veg don't use bullion. Chop the lamb leg into large chunks and 1 celery stick scene.’ The moderately brown in a medium oven for one hour. Then add to the stock and Half an onion priced bar menu inc'Udes simmer for an additional hour. Chop the potatoes. carrot. leek and Half a leek (white portion) lela Cheese and Olive salad' turnip coarsely; add the vegetables to the stew 30 minutes after 1 tablespoon of tomato puree Spaghetti Carbonara' and

1 tablespoon of cognac QOUlOFlS Of breaded lemon

sole. 1 tablespoon of chopped parsley cream I CONRAN RESTAURANTS

"Have you bean home a" Place live crabs in pot with cold water lllfil w"! a z'"c’8:r.& .. . covering them. Bring slowly to the boil and 6"" m lasgows "noes Square as well as the

Simmer for half an hour. Then wait till the crabs ( company’s first so-called ‘destination restaurant’

are cool and remove the meat from their shells.

Chop the carrot. celery. leek and onion; sweat in outside of London: main. a mixture of butter and virgin olive ()ll but don't While Zinc has “mg been allow to this brown or burn. When soft. add anticipated, étain .. said of the crab meat and stock made from cooking to offer ‘an intimate and the crabs. Add the cognac and tomato puree elegant setting and cook for a further five minutes. Remove from overlooking urban the heat. liguidise to a smooth consistency and SUWOUNdiNQS' ' l3 3 bit

4i UJGSl: Nicolson Street, Edinburgh add a little cream. Season With salt and pepper more ‘2‘ a su'pfisev

013] (567 7010 and serve garnished with the reserved crab meat 'eamnng mOdem Frencr'

and a Sprinkling of parsley. Sen/es four. fzzgagiéA|iaagzx$zr I Fanny Trollopes Cafe Bistro, 7066 Argyle a p

sawing home cwked Mics in CmtcmPO'OW sumndings Street. Finn/eston. G/asgow. 0747 564 6464. bout

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