The Front


Could Avid Merrion be the sickest man on telly? How could the celebrity- obsessed comic have the nerve to turn Kelly Osbourne from a tortilla- loving, MTV-loathing sweet little girl into a grotesque harridan. closer to Ricky Tomlinson playing the Gruffalo at panto time? She's someone's daughter, for pity‘s sake. But as the new series of 80' Selecta! shows. he‘s not afraid of making any old star look bad. Richard and Judy. Ricky Gervais and Christina Aguilera are among those who will be not be Avid fans. Disturbing but very. very funny.

I 80' Selecta! starts on Channel 4. Fri 6 Jun, 11.15pm. The real Kelly Osbourne plays T on the Fringe in August.