EDINBURGH (continued)

I Bright, spacious single 1nn111 .1‘..11I.1I\II' 111 |11\111}.11c\\ QIn'IIInnm 1|.11 n11 “11111111171111” I\'n.11I In\|1.11v \klIIl .‘ |.111l InnI. 1'11“ \I11\I 1‘11In}.11I1111I..\.1I.111;'I1 !_ {.‘U In 111 111. I111I111j.' I11II\ I."I ‘1 “Ml 3"31111‘... 11‘11‘ "IIII‘II‘R

I Small double room 111 \IMtlHllx. .1111.1111w |i111111\111-III II.II. In xI1.11c \\11|1nIn‘ 111.1I1~ .\ nIn' l1‘111.1|1'\1111I1~111 \\HllIiI \1111 xin 1.1I1I1' 11w x1111I1‘111 1.3-1 i In 111 ~ I11|Ix II‘I H'U-I‘i IN{ \‘I n1 HI ;I .‘_‘I |‘.‘l| .1111'1 IIIIIII IDouble bedroom in

\IMt InIIx I11 111w ()\j.'.111f.'x.

( ‘.11_\xl.111v .111'.1 .74) 1111111110 In 11 m 11 I1} I‘ll\ 11’xI111'II'111'1I \l1.11111;: \x1II1 I).11111_\1.Ti1 !_.‘,lllIn1111('| - I‘lIIx IL'I III II I” “I”

I Double or twin In-1111.~.1 11111111 .1\.11I.1I\|1‘ 111 (11111.11 I,1I111I1111;'I1 | 11H} 1111111xl1c1l \\1II1 \\ \I. \I'Illlll I\ .\ \11I1'n k'It \n I\1II\ bill In In'1 Ik‘lxilll Im

Ipl 11‘ '11) x811 I“)

I Bright double room 111 I1'11|1\\.1|k In \I1.111' \\llIl nIn‘ nIIn'I LIN) In111 o I‘lII\ II‘I

Ill {I \‘I (fell)

I Single room, Morrison \III'cI SIIIIII‘III nIII} \I1.11c \\11I1 \1113:I1'111.1II'\1111I1'111 Inlltln'n’lnlng' 11111111. In1II11nnn1r’xl1nuc1 .\ xt'InunIc \\(’ \\.11I.1I\I1' 111m LIIHI In 111 ' I‘IIIx III II I 1(1‘)“V:

I Morningside. Choice Of .‘ \Inn 11111x 1nn|1h L,‘ '11111 13‘)“ In 111 \\.11I.1I\II'.|1111t' |.\II1 \\nu|1I x1111 IIIUIL'\\IUII.|I. 11.x

II-l 11"11311x11 ‘xx


How to place a Flatshare advert

I Double room available :111I111.-1 I’.1nII;'IIIn11.11.'.; lll 11111111I1'x1111111 I’1111..« \I:..: LVI‘ In111 -( I - I11le Isl 11‘111.‘11\11.:'I

I Clean, bright, spacious IInIII\II‘ 1nnI11 111 \I.II\IIIIIHIII 1I.1I \-.1II1\111111x :‘.111I1‘11\11‘\‘.x \\nIII1I \1111 .1 11 \ IIII'I\'\\||'II.1I nI Iian :'1.1III1.1I.' In \|1.11.-‘~.|.11I1.‘nIIn-1x 27.‘ 1‘ In 111 - ('III'IIII§11"'|11<

I “no double rooms 111 .1 InmchI.InunIvII‘.I..11.'I1nII\c I») I). 13111 I1'1111111.1I.I1‘III1 \I.1xII'1 \‘.IIII c11 x1111.‘ 2. {.‘H In 111 ~ ('I ~I11llx \111;'I.~ \11II1 I111\.1II' I1.11I\111;' LN“ -( I

I\.||\ |.-] 11" ‘16 x1); x1111

I Bright single room 111 % In'1I1nnIII 11.11 \1111.1I\|1~ InI \Illllk'IIL t'IIIIk'I 1'1.11I11.1Ic nI Iian ;'1.11I11.1II‘. 11 x 1111111111111'x \1..1|I\ In I’1111u'x \IICCI .\ .‘U 1111111111'x Ill ( it'UlfJx' \IIIIJII‘ \I‘IMIJIL' |1\111j_' 1nn111. k11.|11'11.\ In1II11nn|11 \\1I|1 Inm c1 \I1n\\.'1 1.7 I“ In111 - I11||x IcI UNI; [\II j‘.

I Single room with.1n111»1.- In‘II III UNI \lin kI‘IIiIt'I’ |I.1l. In \II.II\' \xlIII I\\I| IIIIIt'|\. \‘\\\‘II\‘lII IIn.111nII \\nu|1I\1111_\nIIII;‘ I‘IIII\‘\\IHII.II, .l\.lII.II‘Ik' c.11I} 11111l|1111c LN” In111 11nI111|111;' I\1||x M 11111).“ MI”

I Single room in (‘.11111111111||\l|.11. \xnIIIII \1111 11 x IIIUII‘\\IHII.1I. Ian1.111' \‘.11|1II11I'I' nIIn'Ix LIINI In111 111.11111111}: ( I IV] 11:31.71 “‘1

I Flatmate, age 25+, \\.11111'1IIan1.11c\1'1111.1|1|.11\\11|1 l\\nnlI1I‘I\ Ll " In111 Icl UH‘N -II I 5V1 ll] ll'lil‘) I.\i

I Flat share in \2-

I:..:. '.,:: In »' ..'11':1.' .\ I :.1..'1\1". "."' '.n11. I.'I "I ‘I I.‘1I'\ .:!I.': 1~I.\1:.

I Double room available 111InI.111.1:1. IIIIIIZ'I‘II‘T -' 11:.‘111II‘. :t:.:} ‘.\.1II1n11.'nII1.‘1 1'11‘. nI \ 1'

.' ?\'111.1I.‘ '11x11.:1.'

.'x\.'1111.1l 5*1‘ In 111 1:1. 111111112‘ I11I1\.\( l ~1I.-I\n\11 I51 HI *I .‘,“1\§.‘\..I 11"": I ‘x11_‘\1

I Leopold Place, large .InIII1I.‘1nn11.111\I\.1.11111\ 111.'111H\ x'11.11.‘1111\1I.:I 9.‘ ‘1‘ In111 - I‘III\ .III\I( I \'..11I.1I\I.‘ c1111nI I1111I' I.'I H "\IH \,‘.‘ \ “v I Summer let with cxIcannIInl |.'.1\.‘111.'1I111:.'1I. xI1.11111:' '.‘.11I11~11.'nII1.'1 \1111I.‘111 I nM'II lI.11'.‘.11I1:'.111I.‘11.\ 11c.“ In11k1111'. 111 I111111\ .111'.1, Ill 111111111m 1111111 IcIInIII (‘nIIm'I' If In 111 - I\1|Ix Icl H "I '1

.(1 I.\ I

I Professional person for I111;'|11. \1112'I1'1nnI11111 \I1.n1nI1x( .11111111111IIx1|.1I \I1.11111~,' 1.1.11I1 n1n' nIIn‘I !_.“i* In111 111. I111I111:'( I .\1111I11§ |\1IIx It'I 11"" .\_“l I IN

I Lovely double room 111 Iln kx1~11\11.'1'1 \InnInI IInnI. (i( II. |)(1.\ \.'.11111}1‘1111.111.1‘ \I1.11c1| InIII11nnI11. I1\111§.' 11111111 .\ IxII\IIt'II \\UllI\I \1111 )nIIIIj.‘ IiIUII‘\\lHll.II LN” In 111 11nI111I111;'( I I111I - I\1||x Ik'I ll . ‘(l‘ {\I» ‘III

I Bright, attractive, sunny11.11.1111.-11nu|1|.-1nnn1 .\ «1111' x111:'I1' InnIII. .1\.11I.1I1|1' 11111111‘1I1.1Ic|_\_ I1‘11 1111111111'x 1111111 \M'xl I 111I I‘ll” In111 - I11le II'I III {I H.hIII'

I Large room in \11-1:~::: TI.;‘ \\11..1.I\...1I~11~1. xx1-11..:I ;‘\‘\: I. \ ?_‘IIII:‘\

1.-; 111:1 :z‘ N‘

I archmont. Double room 111 \I\.;.

I‘IHII'xin‘ImI I~n\1;'1.:1111.11.'

11"1;\ .I.11.". I..;I 1111

.1‘..~.11.1I~I.'.':111I1111.' ! In111 - I\III\ [\‘I 11' 11. ;\>‘ I. '1.

I Upmarket 2 room I\.-.1\11 111\I1.'11n'..1I.'.I111.:\I~.:.11111\ I~1nIn'II\ 1111I1c \.".\.111;'1n11.111'.: \.:I11I.‘1III1'1‘I.11.“.‘. 111:1111111.~ .\ 1'. \I1.11.' I.11-,'.' I.11.I1.'111I111111;' 1nnII1 11. 11111119.: I\.11I11nn111.\ \I1n‘.|..~1 InnIII ! " Iw. 111.]111I111jj ."..‘1\II1111;' I.'I H'Ww' I\_‘ “I” I Very large sunny M1111 I311 111-.' \IHIII‘II‘ 1nn111 111 II.:I \111I.1I\|.' InI I‘.'.1~I\.‘11I‘I\‘ \I1.11111:' '.1.1II11'.‘.n.'.1\\ :‘nI11-.' 11.11 111.1ch \\.11|.1I~I.' 111-111 I.‘ I1111c! {INI I1I11x I\1I|\ .1111I I I IcI H' \h 11_‘\ _‘ t‘

I Flatmate wanted for .111 .1111.1.11w 11w In-Il 11.11 «111 l .1x11-1 I\’II.11I (1( I‘.1III. \Il11\\1‘l .IIIII 1111.1nu.1\c In \I1.11c \‘.1II1 11'111.1II' \111111'111 \ x1.111.111-IHI‘II‘III‘II L‘Vl I1111 1 I11II\ Il 11111‘1.‘xIc1I IIIMIu \.11.111 nn 11 'x In x111. xxx nI 111:1 111' I Large double room 111 I\|.n In'iIInnIII \nInI11l11I lI.1I


()111' 1.1173." x111111;' 11111111\\11|1.1I| 111ml .1111x L‘n‘ In111 - I11IIx I\,\‘I\‘Ik‘|l\ \‘\ II'\|llIII'II II I

I Newington. Fabulous double 11111111 111 |\11_~.'I11 IIII‘IIIII} 11x .I1‘.111|I.11 \II1111nI Iiillx III111111\II}.1‘1111.' I1.1\1‘II1'1\ \wltnnn' 2,?" ~ |\1I|\ e(’I('.1II|1IH|<II” II‘III

I Double room in . I.-.-.1. 1:.1n3.‘1111i.11\11.11111:'\\11I1.‘ 1'ZI1.‘1\111,‘In'111nn:111I.11 \\nIII.I x1111\111111z‘I\1nI.'\\1n11.1I\\I1nlx I1‘..'I\ .\ \‘Illi'I‘lli‘,’ \II IIII‘II It‘llx If“ ' I‘lIIx II“’\I l',‘ \11_‘ .11 11] ll It111\l(\h

I Single room with .1 \I1Ic1nI11I \1.'\\ InI.11I111.‘II\n\1 :‘1.11I n1 111.111111w111111‘111 InI1 1InnI \I\.:.1nII\lI.:In11Iil.1. klnnI \‘..'1111.‘ \II 111ml .nIIx 111II\ [111111\I1.'.I \nx111nk1111' 1.‘.‘l lelx \\.11I.1I\I.' I11I\ Icl HI *I 1‘\ ‘.‘.“.111.‘1"§HI\111

I 2 double bedrooms .1\.11I.1I\II'111In\.'l\ ..'1111.1| lI.1I

I nII.'\I I\’1I, In \I1.11.' ‘MIII «1111' II'111.1II' \\.11I.1I\I1'111111I \I.11Inl \111'11\I. lnI I\.111nI uhnl.‘ \Illl.IIIHll 2,\\ Im 11nI11111112' I11le II-l II "I 'i ,‘x 11 'x

I Young professional wanted I111'11-1.1I\I\ 1c111.1lr~ 1111 I.1lj_'.‘1I11llI‘II'11111111 111.1In'.11111111l x111111§ .‘ I‘I'IIIHHIII lI.1I. \1'1} I.'1111.1I In. .111n11. I111\.111' 1'.11I|1'11 \II IlIIHI .nIIx I‘.‘\I1111~I~1|I\ (“1H 11‘ “1| 111x x11

I Couple wanted for 1.11:1.- 1InuI1|v 1nnIII 111 \l1.111'1| Il.11 111 .11\ 11‘11111' INN! 1( I o I11II\ o \Ik'I‘l’\|I III ;I )3“ ‘(l‘l‘ «II II "I\‘I IIWI (I‘.

I Female wanted to 41.11.- 1|.11\\1II1111.1I1‘.\ 11‘111.1I1' (111ml \l/t' Innm \klII111\\ll InIIIIInnIII (.(‘II .\ 111'. Mm . lhllx II-I Il| {I SSI 'KIS

I Female flatmate wanted In \I1.11c \~.11|1 Inn HIIII'lx 111 lI.1I nll |<n_\.1I \IIIK'. 1_,‘|H In 111 111. IIIIII'\ Inllx .\( I \\.11|.1I\|1' 1111111 I11111‘ IR It'I 11I§I**(11.‘l~1\III‘IIIWIIIH

are Hotline 09070 201 610

The List Flatshare service is for people offering a room to rent in a shared flat and is a reliable and successful way of finding a new flatmate. It is simple to use and here’s what to do.

When you telephone the Hotline you will be asked for

1. Your name, address, postcode and daytime number, including dialling code 2. Up to 30 words of description about the room, rent and type of person sought 3. A contact number for would-be-flatmates to ring

The List magazine comes out fortnightly on a Thursday and weekly during the festival. Your Flatshare advert will appear in the next available magazine and will be included for one issue only. Subsequent insertions must be telephoned in again. The deadline for flatshare is 12pm on the Thursday before publication.

Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes.

Calls from non-8T and mobile phones may cost more.

If you need help or are concerned about anything. please call our Helpline on 0870-120 1504.

Please note that Flatshare is only for people seeking a flatmate. If you wish to place any other kind of accommodation advert, such as Rooms Wanted, Property to Let or Property Wanted, you should use the booking form in the back of this magazine.

If you are unable to get through please ensure that your phoneline is not barred from Premium Rate numbers. In the event of barring please contact your service provider or telecom company or use another phone.

Only those


looking for a flatshare should be using this service and as an advertiser you are advised not to give out personal details when recieving enquiries about your flat. Always ensure you have someone with you when showing people your property.