V Attractive creative, professional malt: 34. Ilkcx uhl lllll\lC\. \lllglllg along: In songs and lung \xalkx. Seeks attraclixc. quirk} \uitttan 35— *5 In share good tum-x. (‘all IIIL' on thNfl)514385

' Edinburgh guy, 26, web girl lnr Ialtglh and good times. IlllL'l‘t'\l\ include lixc nitixtc. puhhtng. cinema and Incl} tltxt‘uxxttinx.

('all me (Ill 0906‘) 514294

U Interesting 24yr old male \L't'Ixx intelligent female for lrtcndxhip. \(llIlL'UllL' to talk to and tna_\hc more. (ilaxgtm area. ('all me on 0906‘) 514393

male seeks female

@ female seeks male

V Attractive dark, 5'1 1“. young: 44yro1d male. into (itlltlnnrx, m imtning. L‘)C1lllg. inttxic. cinema. eating out & football. sucks aIIracIixc female for good conipan} & lun times. (Hill [NC (in 0906‘) 514341

V Professional male, 5'1 1 ". loves cinema. beer. the great outdoors. music. cooking & eating out. seeking soulmatc. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514348

9 Bright good looking.

easygoing male. 27. new to

litlinhurgh. likes music. rum in.

drinking, dancing. travelling

and speaking foreign languages.

Sucks attractive and lively lcmalc. (‘all me on 0906‘) 514286

V Kind-hearted caring male sucks a mmpaninnship/ friendship with someone younger. I'm 57 but look about 45. \cr) vcr} genuine. (‘all me on 0906‘) 51-1333

PHONE FREE 08000 682 845

V Attractive smiley, blonde, 390 old female. seeks male lur friendship. relationship. socialising & good times. (‘all IIIL' on 0906‘) 514343

0 Very attractive, intelligent I'L'IIIIIIC 3 I. Until} 5 girls. literature. trawl (K grind mm crxalinn. \L'Ck\ good looking, charismatic male \xith (iSUII. 39—39} rs In \hal‘c interests. litlinhurgh area. ('all lllt' till 0906‘) 51-1343

0 Cute very young aI IlL'IIl'l My old female. singer / sung \\ rilcl‘. looking Iitlf sunlctinc “111] similar interests Int tun. Mtist haw ambitions & not talw III‘C I66 scriuusl}. ('all me (Ill 0906‘) 51-13-14

9 Interesting life loving. professional l‘cmalc. “ants to meet a man to share laughs «Hears. ('all me on 0906‘) 514346

.to respond to an ad Call the number after the ad and listen. You may leave your own reply or stay on the line to listen to other advertisers. Call charged at 75p per min. at all times.

Calls from non BT. mobile and payphones may cost more.

.to colect your messages When you place an advert in Love Line. you will be sent comfirmation of its accep- tance. your own unique PIN number and full instructions on how to listen to your


'safefy gurdeltnes Meet in a public place. Arrange your own transport to and from the meeting place. Tell a friend where you are going & when you will be back. Don't give out yOur address 8. if you're in any doubt don't arrange to meet again.


0 Sultry Siamese sex kitten looking: IUI purrlccl panther In \It.ttt' \aut‘cr ul (IL'JIII ('all “16011090095143-0

V Cranky bored lady MIN. *6 going on l".\\41'l.\l chaptur \tlllt1\\lk'11k'\ .\ takes \0 ‘1 5cm. rtn baggage. lllll\l 1w II.llltI\tilIlC ('all “160009009 51-1 16

C) female seeks female

V 41yr old professional ya} lt-malc. (}S( )l l. Illa-x theatre. t‘lllt'llld. llllhlt'. lixxl .\ \unc, Su'kx \lllllI.II' \uititan, §0_ Int Il'lL‘IIII\IlIP & I'L'1.Illllll\11lp. (i1.l\:_'tl\\ area. (‘all llk‘ on (Hi 16‘) 514 {47

V Gay female, early :0» 11km cinema. theatre. puhx. cluhx & eating: out \\'l.'l‘.\l lctnalc \inIt (38011 In haw a lattin mth. (all im- un 0906‘) 51.1 mt)

It you need assistance at any-time. just call 0870 120 1504 Mon-Fri 8.45am-5.15pm

\i-nlr I [itiixtiIi-rl In Ill\lllll ll '\ l'i \I.tlL 1.r:u~ II’I'II\ 1\_' lil\ Itu‘lhllltlll'l\i‘l\lll‘\l.lII"87"'101104,ii-Iii.ull 'i l'ulillt \lrirt In I ll

126 THE LIST 53—19 June 2003


Live 1-2-1

at only Imin!

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Calls cost £1 per minute. Lines open 24hrs. Fusion-lCS. L82 8JA