How to advertise Booking form

for Lineage & Semi Display adverts

Lineage and Serm Display adverts can be booked by the following methods. Please remember to supply your name. address. contact number. advertising copy and details of how you'd luke to pay.


Email: Fax: 0131 557 8500 Name: Alternatively please drop In during busmess hOurse or post the . attached booking form to: a r: Address Classified Ads or Classified Ads The LISI The LISI Postcode; Tel: 14 High St CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street Edinburgh EH1 1TE Glasgow G2 3JD

Print your ad in BLOCK CAPITALS. one word per box (NB Telephone numbers. email and website addresses count as one word)

For Display advertising please telephone 0131 550 3060

I This is Lineage. (it'ncral lltI\ III [III\ loiinal Cnxl LI: IN 35 \\(il(I\.

I’L'I‘xonal mix t‘osl LIN 1m 35 eiisw-iumoiuuacu “(mix lilt'IlltIllljJ an nhligaloi‘}

in“ number. .'\tI(IlIlUIIiII A ADVERTISEMENT

\\()I'(|\ (“\I SUI) t‘ilt‘Il

This is Semi Display (up) |\ (mun-(l \\ ill] a It has a border all the IIIIL' alxm- and IX'IU“ lIlL' lc\l. way round. (an be mono 0r (icnt'rail ads lli IIll\ lounal cost COIOUI and can 'nCIUde

graphics and logos.

L H) lol‘ 35 \HtltI\. I’t'ixnnal adx uixl £33 loi 35 \\t)l(I\ lilt‘IlltIlllf.‘

an ohliualoi} lxu lllliilIX‘l. Bates start IPOII‘I £12 W Additional words cost single column centimetre. 509 eaCh- Minimum size did see


Lineage/Semi Display Lineage and Semi Display adverts are inclusive of VAT Box number 536 (obligatory in all personal ads)

Standard Display Mono: £12 per single column centimetre. excluding VAT Colour: £14 per single column centimetre. excluding VAT

Recruitment Display Mono: £14 per single column centimetre. excluding VAT Colour: £16 per single column centimetre. excluding VAT

Total cost: 9: Premium Display Premium rates apply to Introduction Agencies and Chatline adverts


: WhICh Section?

Colour: £18 per snngle column centimetre. excluding VAT : A" adverts must be Prepa'd-

Number of words. _| l'Irtk If you want Sent: Display Cost per issue: 5: _I Ile If you want a Box Number

lobll( atorr In )(yrsongfl Number of Issues: J V l l

We accept cheques. postal orders. Mastercard. Visa and Switch Sections

Please note Flatshare and Loveline ads cannot be placed using this form (see further details in Flatshare and Loveline sections)

I enclose cheque postal order for $‘

lChedues and Postal Orders should he made out to [he 1 rs! I rd No cash throth posh

Please debit my: (please tick; _I Mastercard J Vtsa _I Suawtr;h VISA

Arts / Catering / Education / Personal Development / Therapy / Media / Public Sector / Voluntary / Complementary Therapy / Health Retail / Charities & Beauty


University 8. College Courses / Property to Let / Accomodation Evening Classes / Sport & Leisure / Wanted / Flatshare / Backpackers / Private Tuition / Dance Services /‘ Commercnal Property

(lard Number: VIIIKI from [_ “my Dam


Issue NO

Cardholder's name:

P I Signature:

Flights / Outdoor Activities / Short Clubs & Activities / Chatllnes / Breaks Introductions / Loveline / I Saw You / Personal Adverts




Activities / Bands & Music / Wanted / Buy & Sell / General Services / Misc / Projects / Photographers


Aduertrsers must supply full name and address (NOT for publlcatloni.

? The US! reserves the raght to refuse 0r ‘.'.'lthdr{i‘.'.’ any advertisement at Our (itscretlon and mthout explanation.

3. With series bookings. alterations cannot be made and no refunds allowed on cancellatIOns after the flrst IHSQFIIOH.

J. Addresses and telephone numbers are not accepted for DUDIICGIIOD In personal ads


Lineage/Semi Display 3 consectutive insertions for the price of 2 15 consectutive insertions for the price of 10

Post this form enclosing payment to:

Classified Ads or Classified Ads

The List Ltd The List Ltd

14 High Street The CCA Edinburgh 350 Sauchiehall St

Copy for Classified ads must reach us by 12 noon EH1 1TE Glasgow 62 3JD

Thursday, seven days prior to our publication date