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CRAIG FERGUSON has been Bing Hitler, a gay hairdresser and a weed-pulling gardener. Now he’s both an ageing rocker and Charlotte Church’s dad in his directorial debut, I’ll be There.

Why did you set your new film in Wales?

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Do you think you have gone past the age where you can get away with wearing leather trousers?

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If the Love Rats, the rock band in the film, were a real group who would they be?

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Who would you rather be: Travis Bickle or Forrest Gump?

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When you were a teenager which pop star did you want to be?

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How would you feel if you were awarded ‘nul pointes'?

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Where is your favourite beach?

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Is this your favourite film that you have been involved in to date?

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What’s your next film project?

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I I'll be {here opens; on In (S JU/l See review; page J’h‘,

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