WEST Ellll FESTllllll

fri 13 iune - sun 29 iune 2003


City Of Glasgow Chorus and Symphony Orchestra FAURE’S REQUIEM and


Bute Hall, University of Glasgow Sat 14 June Box office: 0141 353 8000 . H.“ .r‘ x)


featuring the


Midsummer Carnival Sun 22 June From Channel 4’s The Sketch Show


Gilmorehill G12, 9 University Ave Sun 22 June

Box office: 0141 330 5522


Botanic Gardens Box office: 0141 334 3995

from 25 June

Plus James Kelman, Don Paterson, Whistler 2003, University Music Day, Julia Donaldson, Julie Bertagna, Walks and Talks, Ashton Lane Events and much more...

26 THE LIST :3- ' E“ JJY‘t" 1X73,

{use THERE (12A) 105mm .0

Rock star dreams

One night millionaire rock star Paul Kerr (formerly of the appallingly dressed 805 band the Love Rats) gets pissed and drives his motorbike through an upstairs window of his mansion. He survives but gets sectioned in a mental home. When an old girlfriend Rebecca (Jemma Redgrave) reads about him in the newspaper she has to confront the truth that her 16-year- old daughter Olivia (Charlotte Church) is his daughter too. Through a series of twists and turns and a lot of help from Olivia’s rockabilly grandfather (Joss Ackland) the family begins to come together.

I’ll be There is the directorial debut of the boy from Cumbernauld. Mr Bing Hitler aka Craig Ferguson, who is now almost as well known in the States as he is here thanks to his tenure on the remarkably unfunny Drew Carey Show. His judgement seems to have been affected by the experience. This once sharp and occasionally acerbic comedian now seems only interested in appealing to the lowest common denominator audience.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with such ambitions (the film has already picked up a handful of audience awards at numerous film festivals) but the clearly compromised script by Ferguson and Philip McGrade is far too conventional to really register as anything particularly special. Still, it's not half as smug and self-satisfied as the other big Britcom released this year, The One and Only, but it does manage to meander its harmless way to being highly forgettable. Perhaps the sole noteworthy fact is that it's the young Welsh diva’s film debut. (Paul Dale)

I General release frorr‘ / r3 lf-J .lzm


DUMB AND DUMBERER: WHEN HARRY MET LLOYD (Cert tbc) 90min (unable to review at time of going to press)

A prequel to the MS! ‘Ilrt‘ l):.rr:r; (we Dumber. thus; one If; set hack .rt the 19805;. Directed h‘, Tro‘, Mrller, It iJeerri; wrth the hrrth of Lloyd E1r.<:()hrz‘;tr;tri OISOH). the role orgrhztr, pla,er1h. .Jttr‘ Garret. who her/mg heert rtti'rrrwt h, hrs; mother. '3; passed about h, people who frhrt ttt'tt trrtheztrehie He (3‘.‘:.".IU£iH‘, ends; up wrth .: hrgh sohooi )Ei'i'l’fl zr‘ter herr‘g grvert (1.2%}, at; a rattre rflr/e. Fro'!‘ there. he 'r‘eetS; Herr, Derek Richardson. plahhg the Jeff Dertreiss part: rrt the Sper;ral-rteerts Ciéififi. ant: they l)(3(£()'t‘€: t'rrertrtss. l)(:{}tl‘.l)tftf) :1 hatte- against the ()rlrt(;t;)étl 'E..§}f:l)(: Lev, t’ reveal hrs; scandalot f3 secret.

The uerrtret from the other sat/tr; ot’ the pond seems to he that mthout the orrgrrtal iearlss the tokes fair ttorrrtpr, fiat. and Er;tenet/when? '.'/ee;<¢.r rtotert Ilféa'. althowg'r: Eugene Les, rs; (iii/(1,8 :y/xt for a laugh. ",otrrtr) actors; (mm; Jl'r‘ Carre', arm Jet't’ Dame 8 "‘a, iose :ts noelt', x'aiue rea. ’th‘k." 8'; he prepared. Sarat‘ LCEE’lW,

I Gerterar release "o'r‘ Fr 7’3 Ju"

Turning back time