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Call it a souvenir, call it an early Christmas present. but we at The List just can't bear to see you. our readers. empty handed. So. we've teamed up with those fine people at T in the Park and Orange to bring our ten musical highlights from the plethora of treats on offer at this year's Balado birthday bonanza. ElT]t)\’.

CELEBRATE I,“ t”: ,"

Who? Feeder

What? ‘Come Back Around“

Why? Kicking off with some emotive power pop bombast from the phoenix-like Inc who were all but over 18 months ago. No strangers to TITP. Feeder celebrate their most successful year yet with some crowd pleasrng rock shapes. Where? From the album Comfort In Sound on Echo Records.

When? Main Stage. Sunday.

Website? wwwteedenNebcom

Who? the Polyphonic Spree

What? ‘Solrtier (Eirl' ilivei

Why? If one live band have caused Yll’fltr 'tntrt. delight among; the public over the last year ’..".f:" it must he those masters; of pop tlttltill|()tlf;lt‘:f»‘». the Polyphonic Spree. This; Il‘.’(: rendition f;tl<)‘.‘.‘, then: as, the perfect festival soundtrack Where? The original versuon l‘, tron~ the étlttllt‘ [he Beginning Stage}; of, or: M") Hecoirlx When? Elf/7E Stage. Saturrfa,

Website? ‘.‘/‘.‘/‘.’/.th(?[)()|’,t)tt()lll(;f3[)t(f(}.(it)_llk

Who? Coldplay

What? ‘Animals'

Why? They (alongside REM) are the daddies here. going from packing them in King Tut '3 Tent in 2000 to topping the bill this year with seemingly effortless ease.

Where? This is the B-side to the single ‘Clocks'. which is taken from the album A Rush of Blood to the Head on Parlophone Records. When? Main Stage, Sunday.

Website? www.coldplay.com

Who? Appleton

What? ‘Supernaturally'

Why? Hawng strutted on the Main Stage prewously as All Saints in 2000. Natalie and Nicole Appleton won't be fa/eo by rtehutmg their pristine pop in Scotland at TI 1 P. look out for Liam and Liam in the .'.’ltl()f3 too.

Where? From the album [:I/cvt‘t/vng'f; Eventua' on Polydor Records.

When? King Tut's Tent. Sunday,

Website? wxwr.nataliearfrtnicolear>pleton,co.ul<

Who? The Grim Northern Social

What? 'Honey'

Why? Casting a nod to the young bucks biting at Coldplay's heels. we bring you Glasgow's GNS. Theirs is a skewed, if expansive take on classic 603 rock - a speciality often attempted but rarely perfected. Show 'em some love. Where? From the single ‘Honey' on One Little Indian Records.

When? King Tut's Tent. Sunday.

Website? www.thegrimnorthernsocial.com

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