THE KILLS King Tut‘s. Glasgow Tue 17 Jun

The Kills have spent the last half year at the epicentre of a media maelstrom. thanks largely to the insatiable press voraciousness for skinny punk bands with names starting with ‘The'. As with all great bands elected to front a scene (thanks again, ‘. 1'! ), The Kills rail against pigeonholing; they have implemented a media control policy that ensures that nothing and no-one infiltrates the precious core of this most powerful rock‘n'roll opus. Alison, aka W, comments on the importance of refusing and choosing the correct interviews: “We‘ve had absolutely no time off in the last four months, and though people listening to the music are really responsive, we've always been very careful to control the number of interviews that we have done.‘

The Kills make the

Dead certs

kind of music that removes them from context, exonerates them from criticism, and even seems to obviate musical history and time. This kind of rock’n’roll has always existed, and column inches matter little to a group whose sole aim is to tap into the dark heart of rock culture. Alison describes the attitude that she and bandmate Jamie share: ‘We don‘t care how our music is received other than when playing a gig, when the experience is truly real. Nothing in the world is better than being at a

late, club-type gig, with a great band just about to come on stage‘

You're always on shaky ground when trying to evince the authenticity of a musical outfit, but the Kills genuinely offer something special, something that has to be heard to be understood. Stop reading this now and go buy a ticket. (Johnny Regan)



Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh. Fri 6 Jun; Rep Theatre, Dundee. Sat 7 Jun

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More busted than Busted

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They have the best double act in music since Chas’n‘Dave. Josh Herhrhe looks; llki} a WORK)“, ’:'>l|ege hot. mth 'tls ginger sule partthg attrt hrs goartert;a(:k goozt looks. Bassist Nick Omen. the other half of the ’llaoollr1al rtoohle act. looks Ilki,‘ the rienll locked at) on some serlotlsuy goo'l shut. mth haltt, heart. sear, heard (Wt a (l(?ll‘()lll(,‘ look Ill hrs; eye lt's nurttrally guaranteed that at f;()tt‘(: poutt w the evertmg Olrver: mil get naked on stage. i€xoect to see run waggle 'tls SatarHXX: at the front few rows aootit halfway through Take that. Gallagher brothers.

They've paid their dues Olwen ahr: Horr‘r'te started oft w: 1990 ur: the Infamous stoner reek hand Kyoss. and user! to stage thelr or.“ generator oartles‘ out llt the C(il'forttlétf‘. desert. which sorttetrrhes went on tor (lays. They've also beer: Il‘. (zowttless other MENUS. HUIY‘IY‘C' playlng gottar th the See rr‘rrtg Trees. Olwerr to the rteltghttully-rtarMerl Rlver Crtt, Rapists.

They are in possession of the finest chorus ever ‘Nrmtrhe. valrurr‘. ‘J'COflIll. rrtarljoarta. ecstasy. alcoho e-c-rrc-c-r;or;auhef they serearr‘ over arvr: oyer agar" 0" "Feel Good Hzt o‘ the S.."""er'. The Bamwar‘rt ml/ gr, lrtto rr‘e‘trtow" at t'fis exact oo'r‘t. Prot'h'se.

We have first hand proof that they walk the walk The last tme they played the Barron-flaw]. The Llst totem/IGHGU Olrvert lrr‘r'edlately after the show. Desorte nawng been, dynamlc and trantlc and onlltant on stage We mrnutes earner he was how so fucked up he COu'dn't speak 0' 0087‘ “:5 eyes. but he Still had a lady On BBC”. a”; a beer to each hand. Pesoect rs due.

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Queens of the Stone Age play Barrow/and, Glasgow, Wed 78 and Thu 79 Jun.