Who? t riho and the Huiiriyiv‘eri

What? 'l ips l ike Sugar ilivei

Why? A ‘.’f:l|t£tt)[(: classu: here. a {we Maui/lint, r' a track how their seinirial 1‘)??? etrnnr‘i‘ .ui, titled album The line up heard here "as all three ‘>ll".’l'.’lll() lllt:lllt)f,‘lf; on lioard and rimpiozea all that aid dogs new tricks; Iark in one tel' ‘3‘.'.’)()[‘ Where? This ‘.(':l.‘;l()ll is; take from the alliiii" [ii/e ill I rye/pool on (looking Viiin

When? Main Stage. Sunday.

Website? ‘.‘.".‘/‘.‘.r.l)iiniiyinenrmri‘

Who? Rdyksopp

What? 'Elpe'

Why? Modestly shuffling out of Norway with a box full of electronic delights in 2001, Royksopp have inadvertently been labelled 'chiIl-out masters' but are so much more. Live electronics that the stiffest of rockers can lounge to. Where? The full version of 'Elpe‘ can be found on the album Melody AM on Wall of 80und. When? Live in the Slam Tent, Sunday. Website? www.royksopp.com

Who? Athlete What? ‘Shake those Windov-rs' Why? 9002's tangy pop smoothie ‘You Got the

N. 1 ~ 49‘ Style' set the stage ‘oi the.' i>li<;i;r;:i‘g. eas. ' pop. It maybealiftepieinaf..ret:uf r\‘.".-I:T€r£l“- . " perfect sunny day llltlSlC. Here’s hoping they ‘1'": . \ . have a Balado skyline to suit. Where? Horn the album Vehic/es and/triima/s ‘17» . on Parlophone Records. ' ~- When? X Tent. Saturday. I Website? www.athlete.inu

Who? The Proclaimers

What? 'Joyful Kilmarnock Blues' (live)

Why? It was in 2001 that this pair of perennial Scottish entertainers (no. not the Krankies) first graced the stage at Balado. Such was the hysteria then that they're back and this induces the same frenzy that ‘500 Miles' always can. Where? Taken from the EP These Arms of Mine on Chrysalis Records.

When? Main Stage. Saturday.

Website? vwvw.proclaimers.co.uk

Who? FC Kahuna

What? ‘Glitterball'

Why? Rounding of this basket of birthday goodies are these cornerstones of l ondon's clubland. who‘ve constructed a beat-fed monster that WI” undoubtedly cause all manner of northern uproar in the Slain Tent, Where? Find the full-length version on the album Mac/tine Says Yes on Skint Records. When? Live in the Slain Tent. Sunday Website? tum-NJ.lckahunaco.uk

A word from the Park

us will . . . - . In W”

." 3’1. I " v‘: :vtr];.yr‘liiy« II. t“ ’r; Irtryrw} ‘il" 'i Term/""3; '. a’le' {i"?‘;‘:ll'. f3” ta" 1"

twine“?! "Flirt. : art, this figurine: mm" T H We ~’7i'k r e'el Nit-“M ‘-:'i°." .‘:£ll or: '/ s". tl .. ..'t"

.1”- NE M. {:()|’tt)t{t‘.. the "l."."l‘.iti~ tithziew.

fl"""’} '. r: l’l‘“.'.il’l. Tl'l’l fl‘e Maisir‘. a record 'w‘s-

stages, "I '"r- ":35 'ie's.’ X lent, and tie l€:(l‘:'l’tét". Rala/lr

[Sa' k r 1’20? mm ‘t-}.lT-v’)“) irrusir; tans came together a? SSt'at'“

' ‘f'wv ,-/~;t."<1, l is; sure t'\ be the pes‘ /,et

-. ,. ’ttrt)ii'r?,"'-:

"71'. igural T' in the Park. The Balado site l‘as been home to l since 199/, and this year ml see over 55,00“) T in the Parkers attend the testinal"; tentl‘. birthday event. HINT dyer 't‘:,i’;"", choosing to camp. Since I began and b. the Ill"f: the piper plays at the ’:lo‘,i- ,t This year's event. al'nt st 1000 bands .‘JIH have played S';ot:aiid's original and ultin tT',’

ii" l‘3"' ‘estival. and the thirsty Balado crowd .‘.’|H have drunk over 2.5) TTTIHl’ITl pints of

Sr": art/l"; favourite Tennent's Lager.

As another birthday present for T fans to unwrap. T in the Park have teamed 'ir, .2!le Orange. the Official Communications Partner of the event. and The l. is! to Liz'vi ,m-ii Ttl". speria (it)

Orange s prowling a dedicated inforinatIOn SONIC?) to ensure T in the Vitlrfzt‘, Hill‘ rely-tr

..r. 1', lat»:- t"‘ the latest festival news. Just dia 177’ from your Orany: ‘ia'i'iuet "iii l ' ‘-r 'r‘. other networks) to hear everything from lineup in t'rltfi' '.i.-.-.i, it .',:.'re a" ()'£i"<li: '...‘3T()lll€r and you've get tickets to T. you’ll be able tr, H:'.e .e ‘iee fwt

updates t"">ur;l‘“:i! the weekend. Just by texting ‘T in the Park‘ tr, .’/-2 .' lf [.mrr Niche low o" trafte'fi. IV”! [.012 need time out from the festzva: to recharge gouv'ieit. cheer out "l‘: Orange Recharge /'o"e ’)l‘.‘3|t€‘. A free mobile recharge service in a.aiwi:,fe fur all net .'.',rk users ’It‘fE’Tk xn ,r:-..r han'lset \‘JITTT the Orange team and r;'iil| out Maurie”, ll .r' ::r Recharge 'otinge area

Mr T ii‘ the Park"; fail tenth year line—up. all the up to date lltf,'l".:’. I," tl‘e eye'il, 5tTi’} tr: bziy tickets i*‘_:r'r\,. f'te‘, re selling faster than everi. simrfi‘, log onto t'i‘fherzark./;r)iri, Alternativr-aly you can rtal' “Rf” ‘W! ’l'” Tickets are priced $38.50 for dai, tickets. S‘ W ">r .‘Jeekend trekets. and 5:82 for

unreekend ‘.'.'=t" "!!"‘t7i"(;.

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Don't forget tr: log onto the T yrebsne to access the exclusive (Wine content for List readers with this CD. featuring something soeCial from every artist featured. Simply type in WNW.tintheoarkcomthelistrri into your t"oi.-.iser, and enter the webSite using the urtidue six- digit number located on your T in the Park CD. Once there you have your chance to Wt" ; smorgasbord of top prizes. read exclusive intenuiexxs and se'i'l e-cards.

'Ca/ls to the 77/ inforrriatior ‘inc- cost .Jflr) oer "rim/re.

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